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EMG / Strike Industries Licensed Tactical Competition AEG w/ G&P Ver2 - GATE Aster Gearbox (Model: Carbine - 400 FPS / Red)

26 Customer Reviews

by Tom H. on 03/26/2023
I will start by saying this PDW is very loud when shooting.
This PDW is built well from quality parts. The Mosfet is very good indeed. I highly recommend this unit if your in the market for a PDW.
Did I mention it is loud?
by Hoai N. on 01/14/2023
"This gun is pretty much a beast.

First off, it's loud. I'm saying that because the motor it uses makes everything in the machinery section slam against each other and all that cool shit. You'd mistake it for the sounds of a distant gunshot 'cause that's what my neighbors thought it was. We were playing in an undisclosed forest and people got alerted.

Second, it's fast. Either it's the batteries I bought or the gun itself, but it fires so quickly the grip gets pretty hot to the point it scares me. It hasn't exploded to this day - 1/14/23.

Third and lastly, based on my handling of it, it has a recoil feel.
by Ruben A. on 08/28/2022
"Updated review from when I first got the gun (350 fps pdw blue) Gun shoots really well and doesn’t need any upgrades in my opinion. I bought the strike industries mid cap mags for this since the lonex mid cap mags didn’t fit and were too tight. I use the 11.1v lipo stick matrix batteries and they work well. And yes you can add a tracer as long as it has 14mm ccw threads.i use the acetech bifrost tracer with this. Overall 10/10. Only thing was the orange tip was a pain to remove since it has a pin inside the oppressor. Ended up taking it to my local gun range/ military supplies store and they took it off for me.
by Tim G. on 06/05/2022
"Just my opinion on this replica and
This replica is just plain awesome!! I have the carbine 400 FPS and it was performing flawlessly until I noticed some heat coming from the hand grip, didn’t think anything about it at the time just thought it was normal, the second time I used it at a match it completely quit working and throwing codes, me being very curious of what was going on I decided to pull the motor out when I did I seen that the motor was burnt out. contacted tech support and let them know what had happened. They advised me to get a Gate aster USB or Blu-link to troubleshoot in the future. Evike fully warranted the motor and sent me a new one without me sending the replica back to Evike!, I do recommend that if you buy one of these guns with a Gate Aster Mosfit get you a USB or a blue link so you can adjust the adaptive breaking and other functions. I like these replicas so well I ordered the PDW to go along with my Carbine.
by Joshua B. on 05/27/2022
"This is a great gun to install a custom gearbox into and the stock internals are more than perfect for any beginner to airsoft. Orange cap wasn't as hard to remove as people say, you just have to be careful when doing so. It has some nice range and the rate of fire isn't bad either. Gate Aster mosfet was a giant plus. I haven't had any chipping away of the red accents so far. The stock hop-up isn't the best stock hop-up out there but it still got the job done with 0.28g bbs. You just have to be precise when dialing in the hop-up's rotary to get the hop to work correctly. Overall I have had a great time using this AEG system and I don't regret my purchase. I'm very glad that I decided to buy this Carbine.
by Nick W. on 04/15/2022
"After reading everyone’s reviewing saying the orange barrel cap was hard to get off and they had to grind the grub pin down, I got a littler nervous.

ITS TO EASY. I used a small punch and was able to drive the pin out, causing no damage to the compensator. I was able to get the orange cap off with using my hands and no tools. There is some residual glue stuck, but not enough to complain about.

People made it sound like an ominous task to remove the cap, but in the end, it was way easy.

Have yet to fire it, but will update.
by Cody L. on 04/14/2022
"Initial impressions:

MODEL: SBR 400 FPS with red accents

-Amazing look and feel to the rifle. There is no wobble anywhere, and the mag well seats magazines nice and tight (almost too tight), so there is almost no wobble there either.
-Strike Industries parts look and feel amazing. You can find almost every piece on this gun at their real website. Probably not the exact same real steal quality, since it is airsoft, but is outstanding nonetheless.
-Gearbox seems quick and snappy and the trigger provides firm and responsive feel.
-Red accent aesthetics are always a welcome option! :)
-Ordered the gun with free shipping on Thursday and received it on Saturday. Pleasantly surprised!

-Obviously the compensator issue. No idea what I'm going to do about it. At least it looks great!
-Flip up sites feel cheap and are made of plastic. Probably doesn't matter since I'm just gonna put on a red dot, but metal flip ups would have been nice.
-Red anodized accents scratch really easily, so I hope they stay red for longer than a few games of use.
-Worried about the cheap hop up unit they keep putting in these, since it was the same one in the Lantac LASF15 that couldn't even hop .20's. A simple swap to even a Krytac hop up unit will probably remedy this.

The amount of goodies you get for this price far outweighed any doubts I had. Most issues I have seem minor and easy remedies. This is a solid platform that I plan to continue to improve.

I'll be posting a full review with video to the YT hopefully after a game this weekend.
by Casey Z. on 04/09/2022
"Great gun. Mag well sticks a little but it makes a tight fit and no mag wobble. Super satisfied worth the money 100%
by Scuba S. on 04/09/2022
"My thoughts on this thing (detailed review)

I wouldn’t consider this a “competition” aeg just because it has an Aster installed. You do have access to pre-cocking, trigger settings, and some other niceties, but the ROF isn’t very high and internals and externals are a bit more difficult to tech on than even a CYMA. That being said, the externals are nice and I love SI stuff so I’m happy with it. Unless the parts are released separately later, this is the only way you can get the SI aeg receiver and other bits and pieces. I went with the CQB PDW since the short front end isn’t available separately either. I’ve already modded real-steel SI parts for my other aeg’s and TM MWS gbbr so this a great addition to my SI line up!

Specs for CQB PDW w/ 3” outer barrel:

-120mm inner barrel
-Actual readings with Acetech chrono: 270 FPS with 0.20g, very consistent (I installed an ASG M125 spring and 150mm TBB which brought it to 330-350FPS)
-GATE Aster with custom EVIKE firmware (basic with trigger settings and some extras) - USB-Link or BLU-Link not included
-Metal hop unit, sort of TDC
-Bucking patch is standard bulb type with round tube nub
-Plastic nozzle
-Full volume, un-ported cylinder
-Mostly plastic piston teeth w/ 3 metal teeth
-NO quick change spring
-Ball bearings on all gears (no bushings)
-Normal gears (probably steel 18:1 or 16:1)
-G&P M140 “high torque” motor
-Spring loaded PDW stock, can fit stick-type 11.1v lipo (pull off rubber pad for battery access)
-Battery tube extension included
-Orange tip glued on to compensator with roll pin hammered in (see below)

The Good:

-Nice externals with unique SI parts you can’t get elsewhere.
-This SI motor grip isn’t sold separately. It’s slim like the others, but fits a full sized long axle motor! Unlike the weaker slim motors.
-Metal hop unit with long hop arm, nub in the middle. More or less TDC. Loud, positive clicks with hop wheel.
-Mock bolt locks back.
-Consistent FPS.
-AOE was already pretty good for the SHS piston I installed and didn’t need to be fixed. Downside: no room for sorbo. But the cylinder head does have a rubber pad inside.
-Stock gears are shimmed pretty well. Surprisingly, I tried using the same shims on my new SHS 12:1 gears and didn’t have to adjust much. They shimmed them almost perfectly! Only had to add a shim to the bevel gear.
-PDW stock is different from the ones sold separately. I think it’s better. You never have to loosen the locking ring or unscrew the tube, it’s not functional on this version. Just remove the rubber pad for access. The stock is attached the normal way via bolt into the rear of the gearbox. It can fit a Valken stick 1000mah 11.1v Lipo. The mass of wires makes it a bit difficult, so shortening them helps, or you can use the stock extension if you don’t mind it looking ridiculous.
-Nice anodized parts, some not even available for the MWS gbbr.
-GATE Aster (EVIKE custom firmware). You need BLU-Link or USB-Link to fully access settings, diagnostics, etc. Pre-cocking helps with trigger response in semi. Has 2-stage trigger settings (semi and auto or burst).

The Bad:

-Gearbox is difficult to work on and so is removing the compensator (see below).
-Gearbox is very low on lubrication, likely to not interfere with the Aster’s optical sensors…but at least a little more would’ve been nice.
-Normal gears with torque motor. Not very high ROF or trigger response.
-Red anodized parts are very lightly coated, unlike real-steel or even GBBR parts. Silver shows through in some areas and very easy to scratch. Still looks great.
-Somewhat heavy trigger spring and trigger throw not adjustable.
-Some functions I’m used to with Titans are missing from this Aster like ROF display, trigger response, etc. and probably needs a firmware purchase for access.

The Ugly:

-With one pin, they made tons of work for me. The compensator has an orange ring attached to the front which is easy to remove, but looks horrible with the glue residue and roll pin. You also can’t use a tracer or anything else unless you get that thing off. Like the comments said, the compensator itself is attached with a roll pin hammered through into the barrel and a nightmare to remove because it’s so deep. You could dremel around it and try to grab it, but the comp is really thick, and also looks glued on. Because of that one pin, I just decided to cut my outer barrel.

Steps I took: separated upper receiver. Took out inner barrel from outer barrel. Removed rail. Then carefully cut the barrel off in front of the gas block because there’s no way you’ll get the barrel nut or gas block over the comp. I used a dremel cutting wheel, but a hacksaw would work too. Then I could finally remove the gas block, then barrel nut and then had to hunt down a replacement outer barrel. I had to use the modular Tokyo Arms set because 3” barrels are scarce. Then had to get a 1” extension. Bam, 3” barrel! But really expensive! Also slight dremel work was needed to get the outer barrel flush with the receiver since it was hitting the hop unit. Had to also dremel the rail screw groove further back on the barrel nut so the rail would be flush with the receiver. All that because of one roll pin!

-The gearbox is also a pain to work on. I had spare parts lying around (12:1 gears, lightened piston and piston head, MAXX nozzle, 22tpa motor, M125 spring) so I had to break it open. Since there is no quick change spring, it makes things difficult. There is also no opening over the spring so you can hold it down. If you want to upgrade and have the cash, I suggest you save yourself the frustration and get a QC spring gearbox and put the guts from this in that. Otherwise, have fun trying to hold everything down all at the same time when you reassemble.

In Summary:

No regrets. Love this thing. It’s compact and lightweight. It comes with an Aster. Although if you’re going to upgrade it, it’s much, much easier to build a gearbox from scratch or at least replace the shell so you can have a QC spring. But that costs a lot more. If you’re going for bang for the buck, this is great. Externally, it’s gorgeous. Especially if you like SI stuff, which I do. You don't need to add anything to it externally. Love the exclusive parts! The SI Oppressor tracer looks great on this, if you can get the compensator off. I wouldn't consider the internals “competition” level, but pretty great for the price and again, bang for the buck. It doesn’t really need upgrades though, just my personal preference, and I had the parts already. The hop unit seems pretty good, although I haven’t had a chance to test it yet with my new bucking and barrel setup. In it’s stock form, this is an excellent beginner gun, and despite any issues, a great platform for experienced users as well due to the externals and included Aster (you don’t always need a Titan!).
by JOSEPH T. on 04/08/2022
"Great feeling gun. Only downside so far is it's a pain to get the muzzle break off. Mag fits nice.
by JOSEPH T. on 04/06/2022
"Straight out the box it feels solid. Mag is nice and snug also had tippman med cap mags that fit great too. Trigger response is great. Using the 11.1 lipo can definitely tell its shooting strong. Stock is nice. Comes with a 6.05 tight bore Barrel. a bit loud but overall great purchase.
by Corey O. on 05/05/2022
"Initial impressions:
MODEL: SBR 400 FPS with red accents.
Amazing look and feel. It was pretty easy to remove the orange tip and front compensator. I used a small punch and was able to drive the pin out, causing no damage to the compensator. I was able to get the orange cap off with using my hands and no tools. There is some residual glue stuck, but not enough to complain about. I used some Goo Gone to remove it. I was also able to use my Acetech Brighter C with no problems. Did not need a thread adapter even though the website said the Thread Direction: 14mm CCW (Negative) I just wish there was a quick change spring system.
by Ruben A. on 05/03/2022
"Good good, stirdy and is good weight. Shoots nice and smooth. Only downside is you cannot add a tracer unit or mock suppressor since the oppressor has a pin and is attached with the threads. It makes it feel impossible to detach it. Tried getting it off for about 3 hours and got no where. The orange tip is also hard to remove because that too has a pin and makes it a pain to remove. Overall a nice good quality gun. Just wish they made the oppressor unscrewable and simple. Kinda disappointed and have to return the tracer now.
by Alec M. on 04/20/2022
"Ordered the Black/red Carbine

380fps w/ .20g
25rps with 2200mAh 25C 11.1V, Sounds well shimmed.
~440mm brass inner barrel
Included orange plastic is basically a cap over the very end. Punch front pin and peel orange plastic to expose original metal flash hider. Honestly looks good as it is.
To remove flash hider, punch thread pin into the barrel until it pops out inside, threaded ccw and covered in glue.
Remove stock adjustment lever to remove stock and access buffer tube. Fear these screws will strip fast. Wish the buffer cap had an allen key interface to unscrew without removing the stock.
Not a standard G&P V2 gearbox we've been used to. Anodyzed shell and new parts. Uses torx screws to clamp shell.
Hopup chamber is long arm rotary with distinct positions but not numbered.
EMG MAXX hopup chamber fits.
EMG transparent midcaps will not fully seat.
G&P Skullfrog midcaps fit tight, but no feeding issues.
by jacob r. on 04/18/2022
"Great looking and feeling gun. It's got a nice weight to it and the SI furniture is amazing.

It's snappy on semi and decent in full auto.
I am having problems with the aster though. It shoot in full auto every 3rd or 4th shot for about 4 cycles before stopping. Currently working with evike to get the problem fixed, if I can get that worked out I'd give this a 4/5.