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G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Black / Gun Only)

138 Customer Reviews

by NathanJo Z. on 07/06/2023
"This gun is worth way more than its listed for!!! I bought the package that came with a 9.6v battery and charger, and they have both served me well!

-High quality polymer
-High FPS
-Crazy fast fire rate
-Plenty of room for accessories
-Fits M4/M16 mags

-Makes my friends not want to play with me anymore, cause its such a sweet gun!
by Noah A. on 08/03/2022
"This gun wrecks on my home field, and has way further range than you'd expect. Totally worth the buy.
by Alec L. on 06/03/2022
"Had the gun for a while, and preforms very well. Very customizable and great for those just getting into airsoft. Had a few issues when I first used the gun, but those issues can be easily fixed. I currently run it with a red dot sight and a laser/light module, and easily competes with other more expensive airsoft guns. I give it a 5/5.
by Collin B. on 05/01/2022
"I am just getting into airsoft and I bought the battery and gun pack and they both work great the butterfly battery is the only type of battery that will fit in the stock I love this gun it’s amazing.
by Tomato S. on 04/24/2022
"Overall amazing aeg for the price. Shoots hot, accurate, feels nice, and has many rails and sling mounts. Must buy
by Brian L. on 03/23/2022
"This gun works great. It shoots pretty accurate and has held up well so far. It shoots pretty accurately. I bought a used black and swapped parts with the tan one that I got from Evike to make a 2 toned gun. It came out great.
by Joshua S. on 01/27/2022
"Great AEG for the price. I have had more than 6 of these for over 6 years and they have held up great. I highly recommend them as a first AEG or even an intermediate. I have used these as a base for a project build and they are generally pretty compatible with other brand parts. FPS for me has been in the 360-380 with the long barrel.
by Matt B. on 01/18/2022
"Got the tan with the battery and smart charger. Works like a charm. Had this gun for about a year now and have encountered no issues with it. It's an amazing piece of machinery and I assure you that it will last you a long time as long as you care for it and be sure to clean it every once in a while.

Comes with a battery and charger
flash hider is removable
stock is easily adjustable
easily customizable
Has a solid weight to it
nice rail system to put all ur accessories on.

Does not come with magazine (Thats to be expected though, so be prepared to buy extra magazines. Mid-caps are recommended)
by Binyomin B. on 07/19/2021
"Really good gun. Not so good delivery speed. Make sure to order at least a week or two before you need it to be safe.
by Zac H. on 03/10/2021
"The second I got this gun in my hands I knew it was an amazing piece of equipment. This thing is built like a sexy sports car. And it's soooooo customizable! I got an m203 grenade launcher for it and it's an absolutely beautiful combo. The gun also performs extremely well too. The only problem I ran into was with the magazine that it comes with. It seems to have the same problem that all my hi cap mags have, a weak spring and feeding issues
by Reuben M. on 11/16/2020
"I've had one of these in it's fully stock form for about 3 years. I've played with it in snow and rain and it doesn't care it just keeps going strong. After tightening the handguard out of the box it has had absolutely no wiggle anywhere. It's sufficiently accurate out to approximately 60 yards. It's helpful that it accepts a wide variety of magazines, without any feeding issues. Out of all the guns I've tried this is the best one for the price.
by Jasper L. on 03/16/2020
"Bought a while ago so ive tried it out a little

-semi-full auto are both fast and powerful
-magwell tight
-metal mag
-easy to put on optics, foregrips

-my outer barrel was lose but 2 zip ties and scissors fixed it
by Chris J. on 08/30/2019
"This gun is one of the best guns I have ever owned. Its tough feels nice and seems even though its called a rookie gun. It doesn't feel like it. All in all buy it no reason not to if you want to get into the sport.
by Viktor K. on 08/19/2019
"Its a great gun. It shoots 120ft like a laser (very consistent), but then weirdly it drops straight to the floor. So if you wanted to shoot a target 150ft away, you would not hit him no matter how many shots you put in. This gun is super light. I would still recommend this gun. 9/10 stars. Btw I was using Evikes .25g bbs.
by Kelly S. on 06/30/2019
"This the best gun I have ever bought