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Matrix High Output Custom Type Airsoft NiMH Battery (Configuration: 9.6V / 2300mAh / Small Tamiya)

62 Customer Reviews

by May C. on 07/12/2023
"This is a good battery pack for M4 handguard configurations
by Jason S. on 04/29/2022
"Good battery would recommend Matrix !
by Logan R. on 06/14/2020
"I bought this battery for my CAA Licensed Airsoft AEG Rifle by King Arms (Model: M4 Carbine Black). If you are tryinh to buy a battery for the same gun please read. This battery WILL NOT FIT inside of the handguard which is where the battery is on the weapon. If the hand guard was a little larger that would be fine.

If you're buying this battery for another gun, it works well and as described. It also didn't get very hot during charging (I was using a smart charger).
by Justin B. on 04/07/2018
"A little disappointed that I didn�t read the whole item description because the title read 23,000 mah where the actual capacity is 2300 mah. Not a problem but just shame on me. Works well and can get more than a days play depending on how much you actually fire. When I put this battery in my stoner 63 I get about 3/4 of the day with a lot of full auto use. With the 9.6v in my stoner which is a verson 2 gear box it shoots about 18-23 rps with .25�s.
by Kyle K. on 10/30/2017
"2 games in, So Far so good.
by Collin F. on 09/24/2017
Lasts a REALLY long time
Since it's small, it fits in most battery slots
Fast charge up time
Other Thoughts:
I charged this thing once when I got it, and haven't had to recharge since. Now, I don't get to play a whole lot, but this thing has lasted me at least 6 hours of gameplay so far. A great purchase!
by Christopher B. on 07/27/2017
"this battery can just fit in the small rpk stalk, i got two of these and it made it through a 6hr game.
by Peter B. on 06/01/2017
"Works Great! No problems!
by James V. on 04/18/2017
"This is the best battery I have ever seen. All my friends' batteries will die after 3-4 games or 5 minutes of continuous fire, but mine will last all day without recharging. Also, it ramps up the rpm of any 8.4 motor almost 50%! overall, I love this better, and I recommend you get it.
by Wang P. on 01/30/2017
"Fits great in a RPK stock, but won't really fit anywhere else. Stays charged even after months of non-use.
by Tyler S. on 08/08/2016
"Best Battery Ever Never Have to Recharge it During The Day Can Last You all day of playing!
by Mason C. on 06/16/2016
"Great Battery. performs well and lasts long.

has a life span of about 4 hours
only takes 1-3 hours to charge
durable (I accidentally crushed the wires and it still works)
relatively cheap
by Kyle C. on 05/20/2015
"AWESOME BATTERY!! Only complaints I have are the wires are way too long, so adjusting your stock to a shorter setting will be difficult because of all that extra wiring. But, this battery will last a very long time and gives an excellent ROF over an 8.4. Remember to buy a smart charger if you don't already have one, they will charge your battery in a shorter amount of time and more efficiently over your standard wall charger.

Long battery life, good ROF

Wiring is too long
by Marcus N. on 05/20/2015
"awsome battery. increases your rate of fire by a lot. i can fit it in my mp5 a4 stock. the only thing is that they made the battery have way way way too much wire so it is kind of hard to fit it in the stck.
by Howard H. on 05/20/2015
"Great battery, its NIMH so no discharging is necessary. But these batteries have a high discharge rate (30 amps I think) but yeah they are very high quality cells that fit well in most crane stock. The only "problem is that there is a little more wire than is really necessary which means its kind of hard to make it all fit in the stock but still easily do-able.