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EMG Barrett Fieldcraft Airsoft Precision Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle with Featherweight Zero Trigger (Color: Black w/ Stainless Barrel)

19 Customer Reviews

by Sean S. on 04/20/2023
"I waited until I got to play a full day with this gun, here is my review:

This is a very good airsoft bolt action rifle:
-It has a good range
-Heavy impact and can lift heavy bb.
-Very lightweight
-Crips and light trigger
-Looks like the ssg24 so you can put the sticker on and pretend it's that (yes I did that).
-It hits very hard and you can visually see players flinch from being shot, which helps confirm a kill

Can jam/get stuck the mag into the well if not careful. (Be gentle)
The rail that it comes with is very small, this caused me issues mounting a scope.
Style of play is affected, only 1 shot per bb as a sniper, so can be out-gunned.
by Cody R. on 01/31/2023
"Genuinely one of, if not THE best rifle I've ever used, the bolt is smooth and easy to prime, the trigger is crisp. The only real down side is the stock and how basic it is.
by Michael R. on 01/29/2023
"Great gun, got it yesterday and it is extremely consistent. Great feel to the gun, nice weight, pretty accurate once sighted in. I recommend a speed loader or you might be spending more time loading it than shooting it. Top notch gun. Definitely a good buy.
by Heather G. on 10/26/2022
"Listen this is very important!!! I've had this sniper for about a year now it's a very good sniper but there are two things that need to be changed or it is crap. If you're buying this get the wood stock the plastic one is crap and broke it two and new stocks for VSR 10s if you can find one that fits your rifle is very expensive. The second thing you need is a new barrel. I've had that barrel for quite a while now and it limits what you can hop. If you get a new barrel, it will be amazing trust me.
If you do those two things, it's an amazing sniper that works very well I would say better than the ssg10.
Here is a list of the things i would get with it
1. Action Army Tight Bore Inner Barrel for VSR Spec Rifles
2. Action Army Hop-up Chamber for Tokyo Marui / Well VSR-10 Sniper Rifles
3. Modify X-Range Hop-Up Bucking for VSR-10 Airsoft Rifles & GBB Airsoft Pistols (Model: 70 Degree)
4. PDI Steel Spring for Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifles
by Ryan M. on 03/10/2022
"Absolutely amazing sniper for the price point. I have been using it heavily for the past year and it is one of my favorite guns to play with. I've got an old gen one fusion engine p* I er-hopped and built up as a dmr and to be honest, I have more fun shooting my bolt then that. On the chrono it was about 525-527fps with .2 (about 2.5j) then with a .32 it was around 2.6j. The only real problem is with the bucking and barrel type. The barrel is amazingly accurate, but because it is a bridged vsr-10 barrel the bucking contact patch is WAY too small for any heavy bbs. Going from a .32g which was 2.6j to a .40g it dropped to 2.0j. To fix this I milled out the bridge to make it like normal vsr 10 barrel (not sure why they went this way in the first place), and put in a vsr-10 mr-hop bucking. After that the .40g were back in the 2.6j range. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. We tested the field craft against a ssg10 and the field craft out preformed the ssg10 in almost everyway with tighter groupings @250ft and the bolt and trigger pull are amazing compared to the ssg10 (field craft actually has a profound wall and break to the trigger). Only thing the ssg10 had over it was the body plastic construction, and parts availability. (The field craft does use some proprietary parts, its not 100% tm compatible)
by John B. on 01/18/2022
"Just getting into airsoft with my boys and bought on a whim. I am so glad I did. I am shooting .43g and easily hitting all targets around yard up to 50 yards. I had some spare good rifle glass Mk4 4-14, bipod and sling for it (overkill) but it is accurate enough to deserve it. My neighbor was laughing when saw it sitting on the tripod. It does take a strong steady pull to recock / reload. Don’t be whimpy! Note: It does really dent / warp the aluminum can poppers they sell if shooting any closer than 35 yards.
by Colin C. on 11/25/2021
"I've had mine for about three months now and this thing is a beast. It caused a massive problem for one of the youtuber guys that participated in the CartCon1 Milsim I was at, and later, I destroyed three platoons when I was in overwatch getting about 30 kills in one sitting. When compared to other beginner rifles (such as the SSG10 or the Amoeba Striker) it performed outstandingly, beating them in range and accuracy with .32g bbs. I have ordered a couple of parts for it and looking forward to using this beauty in more games.


Feather Trigger, (About 1.4 lbs)
Fluted Bolt, (Shiny)
Accuracy is insane, (I can consistently place hits at 100yds from uphill)
Turns Heads, (Multiple people have asked me where I got it)
Hop-up, (The hop-up can really lift! I love the distinct clicks)
It's a Barrett


Horrible trigger guard design, (I tightened it down too much and it completely snapped off. Be careful when taking this gun apart that you don't tighten the back screw too tight and you should be fine!)

Trigger malfunctions, (This doesn't happen unless you take the gun apart and it's easily fixed by loosening the small hex screws that hold together the trigger box)

Bolt grinding, (When you tighten the long screw behind the magazine too much the bolt kinda scrapes on the end of it. Just make sure you don't over tighten)

Magazine compatibility, (Other magazines will work but you will need a pair of pliers to remove them. I recommend only buying the magazine designed for it)


Overall: This is an excellent sniper especially if you don't want to deal with the stupidity of other companies. (EVIKE ROCKS!!)


(I've read a few reviews saying that it jams, but I've only had that happen when you rack the bolt twice... duh)
by Stephan A. on 08/02/2021
"I have had a great experience with mine. We compared it directly with my friends SSG-10 and it is quite a bit more consistent at 100ft (cant really test farther at the moment. Out of the box it runs great. the bolt is super smooth and the finish on the stock looks great (I got dark Multicam).

- amazing for the price
- trigger is super light and has a clean break
- very consistent at range
-Body and receiver look and feel great

- Bolt handle doesn't lock up and down as firmly as I'd like
- the trigger has Zero wall
- I wish the top rail was just picatinny the whole way without a cutout

Other wise this rifle has been awesome!
by Francisco H. on 06/26/2021
"Amazing gun great range and accuracy before i bought it i was hearing that it is just as good as a SSG10 i thought thats was simply ridiculous but to my surprise it does holds it own several guys in my home field play with SSG10 and i have been able to out perform them on many occasions
by WilliamDent D. on 06/22/2021
"Getting into Airsoft Sniping, this thing is the way to go!
This thing preforms Just as well as the SSG10 for a lower price without No upgrades.

I recommend .40gs bbs at the max, anything over decreases the range and accuracy.
by KIMBER LOUIE A. on 05/14/2021
"I am happy with the Gun, and it performs how it was advertised. But i did run in to some issues, and i hope the EMG Barrett will fix it.

-A Little bit quiet
-Easy to upgrade
-Smooth bolt pull
-Great Design

-Mag barely comes out
-Other Mags fit but it get stuck on the mag well.
by Joshua H. on 05/08/2021
"I got one slapped a scope on it right out of the box and I love it. No upgrades needed like most vsr10 type guns.
by Jeremy S. on 05/07/2021
"chrono out the box with .30g bbs 2.5 joules impressive. unfortunately to high for the field I play at had to drop it down. Put in an action army m130 vsr-10 spring chrono again dropped it to 2.2-2.3 right at the mark for the field I play at. The only thing that I have found that definitely needs changed in this bolt action assembly other then the spring to meet your field requirements. would be the spring guide and piston.
by Joshua H. on 10/06/2022
"So far, everything has worked perfectly including the hopup with .40g bbs, the top rail can be replaced with any vsr10 rail, swapped mine out right away with a longer rail for a smaller scope and an optic shield. I don't know where they got the fps but mine out of the box was firing 470fps average with .20g bbs. Kind of a bummer because my local field allows 550fps for bolt action rifles, guess I need to upgrade.
by Nick G. on 09/23/2021
"Good rifle, shoots far and hard, the spare mags that come with the packages do not fit in the gun easily, and you have to get them out with pliers.