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Pre-Order ETA August 2024 EMG Helios Staccato Licensed P 2011 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Model: Pro Grip / CNC / CO2 / Reload Package)

7 Customer Reviews

by Zen K. on 04/29/2024
"Thing is an absolute beast out of the box. I swapped the springs (hammer & guide rod) and its ROF was so impressive! Great feedback and follow up shots were very easy. Only con is that the nozzle broke pretty quick, which was more than likely my fault with the high stress of the springs. At the time of this review there is no aftermarket support unless I go to a Hong Kong based company for a $10 part and that comes with $90 shipping. Nozzle is proprietary btw so no Cow Cow pink or Edge blue will work on it. Overall it’s a great collectors piece and fun to use when it works. Not super TM friendly but most parts will work on it. Evike, please put aftermarket parts on the website!
by Howard S. on 03/20/2024
"High quality 2011 / hi-capa model I would recommend. Had mine for a week or so now and loving it.

I got the pro grip model with the 3M tape applied. If you are like me looking for a collectible piece instead of a race-looking gun, this I recommend for any Staccato fans.
by Ian K. on 03/18/2024
"Absolutely beautiful. Great finish and performance.
by Terence L. on 03/17/2024
"This is an amazing replica of the Staccato handgun! The performance is superb and the look and feel is superb. Takes all hicapa magazines I own and the RMR cut is amazing. Would highly recommend anyone looking for a great Airsoft gun or a Staccato!
by Adrian M. on 03/01/2024
"It’s a nice pistol the grips are nice good slide great shooting and durability but ya pretty nice
by Nicholas S. on 08/22/2023
"It takes Hi-Capa mags, unexpected plus considering their venture into new mags with the CS.

It is NOT a 1:1 scale with the P (slightly smaller but still fits safariland duty holster w RDS)

The PRO grip is amazing imo. Super rough texture.

Out of the box, shoots straight and consistent, although I have not played competitively with it yet.

Biggest complaint is not 1:1 size and no extended magwell.

For the price, it's stolid for training, although I can't speak on compatibility with TM parts.
by Kai S. on 07/13/2023
"Good gun so far. CO2 kicks real nice and very accurate. Only gripe would be slide seems to be brittle around slide release point. Especially on full cartridge