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Model: AEG-GG-BB-CM16-BK

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by Sean H. on 2010-10-27 12:53:09
"THIS GUN IS AWSOME!!!!!!!I have had it for little more than i month or two and does egzactly what i want it to do.

Nice ROF
very sturdy
nice trademarks

there or non
by trent b. on 2010-09-28 21:53:46
"this gun is good in battle not great. mine has loading issuses on full auto because the mags are cheap. it could use a smaller barrel or i should using my .28 for it. get this gun it has a pant load of upgrades.
by T.J. P. on 2010-09-24 11:36:36
"The upgrade battery package for $10.00 comes with a 9.6v please make sure you do not buy a 9.6 and a smart charger for $55.00 when you can get a 9.6 here for $10.00 I'm about to get this amazing looking GR16. And the blowback is a nice touch. I would probably in the future upgrade to a lipoly battery ready gearbox for $110.00. If you don't a 9.6 still rips!!! I'll write another review when I actually get the gun.
by Nate B. on 2010-09-23 17:33:54
"i know your not supposed to ask questions but what kind of battery and charger comes in the package? and i rated it based on other reviews
by Jared W. on 2010-06-07 19:33:33
"This gun is amazing! i just got it today and ive already shot about 1000 rounds through it.
i waited a long time but it was worth it.
its my first higher end AEG and my first blowback.
amazing accuracy up to about 200 feet with hopup used correctly
great rate of fire at about 16 bbs a sec with 8.4v
great upper and lower receiver material, very strong plastic, possibly nylon durable and light weight.
the blowback system gives a realistic feeling to the gun and loud sound,
perfect weight and very well balanced throughout the gun,
very sturdy front end assembly,
its the best bang for your buck
wobbly stock, but you dont really notice it unless you stand there and pick at it...........
your reading my review and you have not ordered it yet, get to it you will never regret it.
by Geraldina R. on 2010-06-07 10:42:19
"this gun is really good, about 350-380 fps out of the box. i bought a 9.6 butterfly config battery for it and it works like a charm. the only problem i have with this gun is that after 3 days it misfeeds alot. but overall a really good gun for the price and it HURTS

Pros:fast fps
good recoil for life like feeling
doesnt jam up
good rate of fire
good range

stock is wobbly
mag is wobbly when u put it in
by Edgar O. on 2010-03-23 16:24:34
"First off when people say it comes with a broken flash hider, it doesn't. That's just a style. Here's the Pros and Cons

High quality composite plastic
Metal where it is on the real one
Very light weight
6-position LE stcok
Stock tightbore
450-round high cap (dark gray goes well with the black, and it's engraved 5.56x45
High quality internals
When I tried to remove the flash hider, the birdcage part broke so I just used electrical tape
When pulling the Delta Ring back, a part of the metal inside broke off (probably my fault)

Overall awesome gun for any new or experienced player
by Charles C. on 2010-03-20 17:31:18
"Awesome gun, I love it, shoots great, dead accurate, for the price.. unbelievable! IF you want a great gun under $200, THIS IS IT!

I have nothing negative to say about it.
by shirin f. on 2010-03-14 20:03:31
"this is a great gun. high fps and great accuracy i got the Matrix Tenergy High Output 9.6V 1600mAh Ni-MH Small Type Battery with this gun and now the R.O.F is isane. get this gun its a great deal
by David B. on 2010-03-06 05:43:05
"This Weapon is.... wow. This rifle from G&G is amazing. It easily beats any aeg I've ever used. That includes the Echo1 P90 and JG M16. First I'm going to explain the externals. The external of the weapon are infact plastic. but not just any plastic, I believe it is polymer. The night I got home to get this thing off my door step it was a chilly night. Opened the box to feel that the thing felt like metal. I further examined the gun, It has a nice laser engraved symbol on left hand side of the gun. It has a nice matte black paint job as well. Oh and our little hated friend the orange tip. It is a matte orange no shine on that sucker non whatsoever. And it has no little mini screw like the Chinese models. BTW to loosen it you twist it to the right not the left ;). Now the internals. I'll start from the from of the gun. It comes with a 6.04 tightbore innerbarrel. For those that don't know this a freakin good thing. It improves accuracy a lot and also the hopup chamber is like this shiny plastic. I'm not sure it thats good or bad but the hopup is very sensitive. now the BlowBack. The blowback system is indeed powered by air and is very nice something I found kinda funny the blow back only happens when you are actually shooting bbs out the gun. Otherwise it jsut twitches a little bit. Very solid and crisp movements as well from the blowback. The blowback also gives you a little twitch in your shoulder for those who wanna know. And the motor is a freakin quick one for all I know I've never really looked at it. with a 9.6 I'm getting at least 23 rounds a second. Fps is extremely low around 330. It's perfect for cqb it's ok for field work.

So what can i say the accuracy is grand everything is grand accept the low fps which with this type of gearbox couldnt be helped. Good job G&G and Good job EVIKE. Also I will be getting a review of this gun on my teams youtube name. We will also be getting many more review of other guns in the team.
by Anders B. on 2010-03-04 16:12:24
"Okay, first off, BUY IT!

Realistic trades
Great internals
Great externals
High ROF
Great Accuracy
I own one
Cool blowback

You have not ordered it yet.


Best darn gun i ever owned.
(I have owned close to 13 AEGS now and i love it better than my Tokyo Marui)
by andrea g. on 2010-01-28 20:20:10
"Wow this gun is amazing, got it in the mail 2 days ago and my 9.6V battery today. The rate of fire with the 9.6V battery is unfreakinbeleiveable. It shoots so fast. I love this gun. It comes with a high cap mag and the "holy cow" 1 cent mag deal was amazing. I thought i would just get 2 crappy 30 rnd mags but instead i got 2 300 round high cap mags. It is light in weight but a bungee sling feels really nice on it. For looks i put on a JBU 14mm negative mock suppressor and i have to say it looks bad ass. A few scratches on the dust cover but nothing big. Man for 170 bucks you can't go wrong. Most g&g's are double the price but this one competes with the big boys. Just upgrade to a metal body and a few internals and it'll be the same thing. I called evike wondering when it would arrive and they said 5 days, turns out it came the next day. Same thing happened with my battery. I got dissapointed when they said 5 days but i was really happy when it came in 1 day. Anyways, i love it i highly reccommend this gun.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 35 reviews)

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