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Full size Heavy weight Maruzen Clone Everblast CQB Shotgun

24 Customer Reviews

by Justin S. on 10/25/2011
"BUY THIS SHOTGUN!!! it is amazing! they sell the same exact one at Dick's Sporting Goods but its $40 there when it is $24 on Evike. BUY FROM HERE
by Nick S. on 11/06/2010
"hey guys thamks for all the help on this gun ive decided to get it and i will be putting a review of it on here after i have had it for a couple of weeks thanks again
by gary r. on 09/17/2010
"i have to say i got this gun at a store near my area and i have say i lllooovveee it. except i did a stupid thing of opening the other slot that holds your spring in and it flew out. i fond the spring but didn't find the black part.
by scott k. on 05/08/2010
"This gun is a very good gun but when it arrived it highly passed my expectations... some pros and cons

gun is sturdy abs plastic and metal
great for cqb because of its size
you can slam fire it
has a range of about 150 feet
accurate with a .20 and up
has hop up that is adjustable

the mag jams somewhat easly
and the hop up flies the bb upward after about 100 feet

Overall this gun is good for cqb cause it hurts and leaves pretty good welts, it size makes it convient for close quaters... id reccomend using MATRIX .25 gram bb's for execlent accuracy

by Michael D. on 04/09/2010
"This gun is A-MAZ-ING!!! I bought it a few weeks ago and i love it. It can rapid fire by holding down the trigger and keep cocking it. Out of the collection of shotguns I have, this is the most accurate, strongest, and most waterproof shotgun ever!!
by Scott G. on 03/08/2010
"Best shotgun known to man kind! Well atleast airsoft shotgun that is. But anyway, this is the best shotgun on this website. Screw all the others! Buy this one. It hurts so much that the mark with be swollen in a madder of seconds or minutes! Im using this for holloween because I hate a crapload of people down my street. Buy It!!!! Good shotgun evike. They sell these at dicks sporting goods but I would buy it from here because they are better here. Love your website evike! Scott .G
by Ben T. on 09/05/2009
"Awesome shotty. Hop up works good, easy to pump, and hurts.
by Stanya S. on 03/25/2009
"i bought this a few years ago on sale at a store and it is awesome. even though it has no sights it has amazing accuracy. i hit people at over 100 feet and they were screaming. i use it all the time in backyard and indoor wars . still going strong after 3 years of very very very heavy use. you will not be disappointed.
by Paul K. on 03/24/2009
"I use this shotgun as my main, even in larger events. It shoots hard, fast, and is reliable. And if you get the high cap with it, you will put even a higher end AEG user on thier toes. A great gun, a great price, BUY IT NOW!
by Bryan B. on 01/28/2009
"This shotgun is excellent. It was my first gun. I now have a sniper rifle and wish I still had my shotgun. Piece of advice, If you don't want to pay shipping and don't mind it being clear, buy it at walmart. It is EXACTLY the same. The only reason I don't have it anymore is because I let someone else use it and they broke it. I had even reenforced some of the plastic parts with steel plating. ;)
by James C. on 01/26/2009
"ok hold up evike must have this gun mixed up because i know good and well it aint worth no $150 however it is worth $45 and man is it worth it. it shoots pretty hard (id say 300fps) and its a great cqb gun. the only metal is the tube that the pump slides on (but what do you expect its $25!). the things i love about it is that its pretty heavy and the pump feels exactly and i mean just barely identical to pumping a 12 guage. so in conclusion $25 is killer for this gun BUY IT NOW!!!!!!

Webmaster: Believe it or not. When this shotgun was released in Japan, before UTG/DE cloned it, it was $150. Airsoft guns had gotten A LOT cheaper now.
by Landen O. on 12/17/2008
"This is the best gun i have!

I have had this gun for almost 2 years now and there has been no problems what so ever. buy this gun dont think just buy =)

This gun is relly nice and if u dont like heavy weight its relly easy to take out but seriously buy this gun
by Eddie W. on 11/02/2008
"Brilliant shotgun, excellent range, hits hard with .12s or .2s and very compact and reliable! Had one for 6 months before I broke the pump slam-firing it. My fault, not the gun's. If I hadn't done that, I'm sure I'd still have it to this day.
by Peter S. on 10/19/2008
"yes its the crosman tac 1. i have the stock clear version and i love cod4 i have it for xbox 360. i play live everyday
by tommy k. on 07/24/2008
"tis is great for cqb.
not even the systema ptw feeds the last 2