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Double Bell Advanced Trigger Guard for M4/M16 Airsoft AEG Rifles

7 Customer Reviews

by Kyle W. on 10/30/2016
"In my years of airsofting there are a few things with brand new that are a must purchase for me. Ambi mag release, ambi charging handle, flash hider and this product. This product is a staple for me when I build an m4/m16. Even if i make it a point no to use this I end up buying one of these because it comfortable and allows the use of gloves really well. Absolutely this on my m4/m16 platforms

can use thick gloves with this


by Ethan W. on 02/10/2015
"Very well built, fit my G&P metal body perfectly, took about 30 seconds to install. Looks cool, feels nice.

easy install
feels secure
slightly different look to the billions of other m4/m16s

can't really think of any... kinda wish i found one in tan, but, it'll do.
by Kyle W. on 04/08/2009
"I have 2 of these trigger guards one on my ICS M4, and the other one on my KWA M16. It took some filing to get this to fit right but took about 15 minutes to install. I looks really good, an easy way to customize your gun under 15 bucks.
by Alex L. on 10/02/2008
"So sick looking, and it's made out of high quality zinc-alloy. Adds an awesome cool, tactical look to my KWA M4A1. Just make sure you have a punch tool handy to get the back pin out.
by eli d. on 12/20/2016
"Little bit of wobble in my stock JG M4-S system.

Could totally fix it if I cared enough but it's really no big issue it fits in fine, not going to come out unless you make it.

Main reason I got it is because I really liked the way it looked.

Will work well with thick winter gloves, however if that is your main reason for getting this you can just take your original trigger guard off, it is something the military does themselves.

Worth the price in my opinion.
by Joseph D. on 07/03/2015
"Looked nice, Thought it would make a good addition to my rifle. Tried to install it, holes did not line up on my G&G raider lower. Also while trying to get the set pin out, it broke in half at the point really easily.
by Brandon S. on 11/25/2014
"Looked good. Tried installing. Pin holes did not line up with any of my receivers. Thought they might be close enough. Was proven wrong when the back of the rear pin hole disintegrated. Made an excellent weight for the bottom of a trash bag.