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SRU SR Tactical Helmet w/ Integrated Cooling System & Flip-Up Visor (Color: White)

11 Customer Reviews

by Maaz A. on 04/19/2023
"Everyone has different opinions, but I personally LOVE the helmet. It's amazing in many, many ways and can withstand pretty much anything.

-Sturdy and durable (3D printed helmet with an extremely durable lens).

-Fashionable (Received loads of compliments about the helmet).

-The Lens never fogs up (Anti-fog lens).

-Fans inside the helmet (For hot days).

-Visor flips up when pushing switch down at the front of the helmet (Don't worry, it won't flip up if shot).

-Lots of SPACE inside the helmet (You can easily fit a pair of glasses inside).

-The helmet is HEAVY, but you'll get used to it eventually. Not suitable for kids.

-You WILL need a 30mm Sight Riser for your airsoft gun, as it becomes near impossible to Aim Down Sights without one.

-DO NOT leave the helmet out in blazing hot weather. IT WILL MELT.

Conclusion: Overall, this helmet is outright fantastic! 9.5/10 would recommend.

Sidenote: The fans need to be powered by a power bank. Since both USB cords protrude from the back of the helmet, I attach a small pouch to the back of my vest for the power bank.
by Madison M. on 03/22/2022
"Love this helmet had it for about 2 years. Really comfortable fits well and the cooling function is nice although I rarely use it as antifog spray works just as well.

I did have 1 problem and that's the spring loaded face plate, not the most useful feature as rarely will you NOT want face protection but it has a very strong spring that presses on the helmet and the top plastic holder for the visor itself. I found this caused a stress fracture around the set screws that hold the top of visor in place. I removed the spring to disable the feature (can still unlock and manually lift it if you wish) but some damage had been done to the frame.

I contacted SRunion directly and although communication took time (they're in Taiwan) they were super accommodating and sent out a set of two extra frames very soon at a very fair price per frame. Got to NY from Taiwan in a few days, not weeks, days, and even came with a few free extras that frankly made the experience far more worthwhile.

I will highly recommend the helmet, love it and it always turns heads at my local field, and SRUnion as a company gets equal praise as they have fantastic customer service.
by Juan B. on 02/09/2021
"Ordered it for my 11 year old son. Very heavy but he manages. Fits him big but I put extra padding inside to make it more comfortable. One of the fans turns off randomly. Sometimes will turn back on after a few seconds but when you can't wait you have to turn the battery pack back on. He gets lots of compliments. Overall happy with the helmet.
by Cory M. on 09/29/2020
"LOVE this helmet. Our team of 6 guys all bought this helmet for indoor CQB and the internal fans. Provides great protection and NEVER fogs. Looks like something out of Halo or Clone Wars which matches our aesthetic pretty well on our team.

- 2 Fans (Can't emphasize them enough, game changer and better than any other fanned goggles we've tried because it has 2 fans)
- Good visibility
- Very Durable
- Flip up visor is great for being back in staging area without having to take off the whole helmet
- Easy to paint

- Works best if you have a long neck (I have a very short neck so it can be difficult to aim)
- Can get heavy after a while (I also have multiple power banks and GoPro attached)
- HOT ENVIRONMENTS (My friend left his helmet in his car for a week in Arizona where it gets up to 140 degrees inside of cars and it literally melted. He had to order a new one but lesson learned, do NOT leave this or any batteries in a hot car. This is easily avoidable though)

I've modded the inside of mine with new padding and added foam around the visor so it's fully sealed. Works great!
by Alex D. on 04/29/2021
"Just like most have already said: This Helmet Looks Amazing! The fans actually work quite well & the field of view is great.

The Biggest Downside of this helmet is the Weight. It's really heavy and the included padding is simply not enough to keep this helmet from getting really

uncomfortable after a short while. I added padding from an old Bolle ski helmet and it made it much more comfortable but the weight is still an issue and all

that added padding might make it a tight fit for some with bigger noggins. The fans absolutely work to keep it from fogging up. Even with the fans running, the

helmet tends to get hot at times. While the flip-up visor helps tremendously with heat build-up, sometimes the visor jams. Also flipping up the visor will expose

your face and eyes, so flipping up the visor during matches can be risky.

If you have a strong fit neck and are used to wearing heavy helmets the weight will likely not be a problem, but a young or slight person might find this helmet

way too heavy and painful to wear.

I decided to keep it because it's simply way too cool to send back and I have a strong enough neck for it. However, I will mostly just display

it and instead use something lighter and more comfortable during matches.
by Ricardo D. on 09/16/2020
"I am very impressed with this helmet. I've been through many helmets ranging from regular fast helmets and goggles, the wosport helmet, the WarQ helmet and finally the SRU helmet.

1. I was very impressed with the quality of material they 3d printed. It's very solid and doesn't feel cheap.
2. All the 3D pieces are easily removable with a hex screw
3. The fit is very comfortable
4. The flip up visor is very convenient
5. Fans are pleasant and not just defogs but also keeps the top part of my face cool
6. Field of view is better than what it appears in pictures.
7. This helmet looks fantastic and will be a conversation starter.

1. The lever to open the helmet doesn't always work and sometimes you really have to push it down, maybe it has to wear in over time
2. If you're using a gopro with the the brainexploder 3d printed mount, the gopro will be angled slightly upward which will render footage unusable in most cases. You would need to buy the new brainexploder adjustable gopro mount to fix the angle of the gopro.
3. From outside the helmet the fans run relatively low, but if your wearing it, depending on the wearer it may be audible.
4. I wish there was a single USB to connect both fans instead of one but I see why they did that.
by Andrew A. on 06/30/2020
"Pros and cons of this helmet. It's aesthetically pleasing different and unique. Built in fans definitely an A+ and you can switch them out for communication devices making it modular to your liking. Downsides are that these helmets arent meant for smaller audiences preferably bigger individuals(you can switch the internal helmet out if I'm not mistaken)and I'm a small asian guy. It's very uncomfortable for long periods of time wearing it. Yes it has groves to aim down sights but it can be very difficult to cheek weld if your using anything with a buttstock. I find it more compatible if your using a sidearm only build. And it will scratch you up if not properly padded!
by Wes L. on 06/10/2020
"I just got this helmet in so I haven’t been able to play a game with it yet so my review will focus on the unknowns of this helmet since there are no reviews here and very little info out there... The base helmet underneath all the sci-fi 3D printed stuff is a standard Matrix by Emerson helmet. It comes with all the little attachments if for some crazy reason you wanted a plain black tactical helmet (that you can get for $40). The size is also a mystery, I freaked out when first trying to put it on, after a fairly straight forward assembly, because I could not fit my XL head inside without cutting and hurting myself. I completely unassembled every piece down to even the head and chin straps... I adjusted the the head straps so they are as open as possible and made sure the hardened chin guard was pushed up as far as it could go, which it can wiggle a little and now I can put this really cool looking helmet on. There are also two usb cords coming out the back of the helmet that will need a power bank for the air flow over the ears to function. This is needed to keep the mask from fogging up, it seems like it will do a good job but not field tested yet. Overall this does look as good as the pictures, you can tell it was 3D printed though, I had a moment of regret when it wasn’t smooth and realized it was basically screw on parts... but that passed and I really like this helmet. I’m not giving a 5 because of the price.
by Garret B. on 03/20/2023
"Really enjoyed this helmet at first, but over time the quality has failed me. Had a scratch happen on the lens within the first few weeks of having it, but a few years now have definitely shown it's wear and tear. Recently found the spring to open the faceplate has completely snapped out of the 3D printed material, showing it's turning brittle and unsafe. I have another product from SRU which is also showing the material is failing. Mounting spots cracking, BBs leaving holes in the material, overall just disappointed with the longevity of the products given the cost and how much I WANT to enjoy them.
by Daniel H. on 02/03/2021
"They keep removing my fair and honest review so here's the third time

Pros. Looks amazing, field of view is great.

Cons. Way too heavy for anyone young or weak. Check weld is absolutely garbage and I need to put a riser on my riser to aim down sight. The fans broke as soon as I plug them in.

I returned them for these reason. Even being a fit 30 year old player the weight and cheek weld was why I wouldn't reccomend them to anyone
by Ryan S. on 12/18/2021
"do not buy poorly made. two screws up top literally have the helmet cracked in half. you cannot aim whatsoever with this helmet waste of money .