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Airsoft Grenade Shape Loader Bottle with BBs (Weight: .20g / 800 Rounds)

20 Customer Reviews

by Omar D. on 06/05/2015
"These little grenades are awesome! the bbs it comes with are polished .20g and worked great. it holds 800 bbs and has 2 ways of unloading them into a high cap mag. you can unscrew the top and dump them in, or (the coolest part) you can flip a switch on the very top that opens up a small hole just large enough for 1 bb to come out at a time! it works great for filling up my p90 high cap magazine. Well, needless to say they look like a real pineapple grenade (wish they had the baseball grenades!)

Get one, or get two! You won't be disappointed.
by Andrew G. on 02/08/2015
"Awesome little way to store your extra bb's. I have 2 of these on my load out and I must say they fit absolutely perfect in the MOLLE Multi-Purpose Handheld FRS Radio MOLLE Pouch - OD Green which can be found here at evike. I bought the pouchs after getting some radios but size of radios was too big. So when I was looking for a good use. I stumbled upon these bb holders and they worked out just perfect!
by josh z. on 05/05/2013
"Great bb storage for field use. I only run four mid caps so having this makes reloading in the field easier and a lot more lightweight than carrying a big bag or bottle that you have no good place to put. these will clip onto your gear fit into a pouch but still carry a good amount of bb's so you wont run out
by Trenton B. on 09/23/2011
"its the green one...this grenade is amazing. i use it with my ak47(s)
by Jimmy K. on 03/10/2011
"This little (fake) grenade is awesome! Mine was the green colored one which looked almost real from far away. This is a great product but don't drop it in a bush, you will never find it.
by Gr H. on 12/31/2009
"WOW! I did not expect to actually use the bb's that come with the grenade, but they are actually good ones! I think they are the matrix kind, but dont know for sure. The grenade doesnt look cheap at all, like I kinda exected and they are green not clear like the picture. These will clip easily onto my belt for quicker access to ammo, definately worth $4!!!
by Josh A. on 10/08/2009
"Was hoping they would be sending me the clear one with grey BB's, but it turned out to be the solid one which was filled with pink .12's. Cute, but still a nice product for only 4 bucks.
by Sean H. on 04/07/2009
"there awsome! they work great. i have used them in war. one secound i was out of amo the next hitting people left and right. anyone that wants to reload quick they should buy it. and its at a really cheap price.
by Mark J. on 03/30/2009
"These grenades aren't just "tacti-cool" but are very useful too! No more need to bring the bottle during a match. These grenades are very handy especially if you have high cap magazines. The easy pour switch is accessible and can be easily operated with gloves in the middle of a high stress situation. The best thing I love about these grenades is that they are amazingly affordable, look good, and foremost is that they serve a vital purpose, SAVING YOUR BUTT FROM GETTING LIT UP because you ran out of BB's.
by Laurie t. on 03/06/2009
"These things are beast they arent good speed loaders but for loading rifle mags they make it really easy cus you just un-screw the top and dump haha
by Adam S. on 02/17/2009
"I do not own one of these. But forthe guy that was wondering why he got .12 bb's its because if you look closley in the description it clearly say's .12 bb and your friend probaly got the ones that are clearly marked .2 bb's.
by Rj D. on 12/15/2008
"looks useful' might get but does anyone know how many 6mm bbs will fit in it. if anyone happens to know please write me back

Webmaster: Description says 800 rounds. Might hold a few rounds more or less, but generally around 800 airsoft bb.
by Patrick M. on 10/11/2008
!!!!!!!! Debris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
!!!!!!!! Volacano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
by Thomas B. on 10/01/2008
"well i got mine off a friend with no bb's but theses are great for (in battle loads) its hard to fill my Hi cap mag with a normal speed loader but with these i twist it off and dump and twist back on..... so i dont know if these are the same but they look similer
by Colin P. on 05/02/2008
"I got this, and used it for my high caps and c-mag kind of as a "Emergency" ammo. It works great for fast hi-cap reloads.