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EMG Wire Cut Steel 3-Piece Gear Set (Model: High-Speed)

7 Customer Reviews

by John B. on 10/05/2023
"Truly excellent gears! These come with the EMG-branded CYMA Platinum rifles which are internally very solid. Similar quality and finish to SHS gears but with the geometry of CYMA gears which is a very good thing. In my experimenting, these gears are compatible with a lot of different gearboxes including Golden Eagle, CYMA, AGM, and ZCI. After my testing, the gears only had minor surface wear after around 6,000 rounds. If you use these in a low-stress setup on a 7.4 lipo, I'm sure these gears will last an incredibly long time. Even on low-stress setups on a 7.4, you get a very good trigger response because of the 13:1 gear ratio and short stroking.

Some tips if you plan on using these gears. These are short-stroked by 4 teeth, 2 from the pickup side and 2 off of the release side. Things you will need to consider are using a piston that has metal teeth (preferably a CYMA full metal rack piston or SHS) as usage of a plastic piston with one metal tooth will inevitably lead to that piston stripping. Among others. take note of how far your piston head travels on a gear stroke of 12 teeth this is important for fully utilizing your air volume. Because you're ditching 4 teeth, you'll need to use a stronger spring to accommodate the drop in FPS from the shorter stroke. Luckily if you're using a ported cylinder on guns that have a length of 300mm or less you won't have to worry as much because the stroke length of the piston will travel past the cylinder's compression point allowing for a more efficient cycle. With that being said if you're going for a DMR setup where you need that extra air volume, I would pass on these gears as you'll lose some of the air volume from short stroking. If that doesn't matter to you then these are still excellent gears in DMRs.

The last and most important thing you'll need to consider is the gear cycle timing and tappet timing. Because your cycle time will be faster you need to test where your sector gear will release on your piston and where your tappet plate will release from your sector gear. As a rule of thumb, your tappet plate should always release sooner than your piston and should be seated completely forward before piston release. Things you can do to remedy this are getting a stronger tappet plate spring or trimming the tappet plate fin to shorten the stroke (Be weary, trimming the tappet too much could prevent it from pulling back enough to load a BB into the hop-up). Not taking these factors into consideration could result in misfeeding or low FPS as the cycle timing will be out of balance. Once you get everything set up right, these gears are some of the best-performing gears you can buy.

Easy 5/5
by Ethan D. on 04/28/2023
"They changed the description. So five stars now. A good set of gears and THERE ARE SHORT-STROKED. I did not pay attention to the images enough.
by Jonathan S. on 06/06/2022
"these gears work great for any ssg build or dsg builds ( apart from the sector gear) they increase your rps a lot and work great with a gate titan and a asg infinity moter
these are my top pick for gears
by Austin R. on 05/05/2022
"Ok, love these gears. Went perfectly in my CYMA V2 gear box with SHS bushings. Make sure you SHIM properly , this is the most important part in replacing gears. I will note, my sector gear came with a tapper plate delayer. This caused feeding problems in my high speed build. Take this off and it will fix any feeding issues. My gun is an absolute machine, 42 rps @ 360 fps with .25g
by Wilson R. on 06/12/2021
"Great affordable and high quality gears, I believe SHS made these for the Helios series, these are my go-to for all my builds.
by Kevin M. on 12/26/2020
"Awesome gears better than any SHS or prommy gears or anything else I've ever used. Used in my mp5 a5 with an shs high speed motor shooting 38 rps with 360 fps consistently. Definitely recommend.
by David Z. on 09/15/2023
"i got these gears to upgrade my aeg and they didn't fit so i had to file them a bit but other than that they are excellent