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Matrix "Calico Jack" Polymer M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ M-LOK Handguard & MOSFET (Model: PDW / Polymer Handguard / Tanker Stock / Black)

37 Customer Reviews

by Chadd P. on 09/17/2022
"Very good gun for the money. The black cap that covers the end of the stock comes off easy, but just don't use it. Much easier just to tape a battery (or two for a quick swap) to the side of the stock. Mine had pretty low fps out of the box, but adding a new spring was very simple...Remove the stock with 1 screw.
by lukas h. on 06/04/2022
"AMAZING!!!! Love it..... Its just what i need as a starter in airsoft. Its so much fun and hasn't broken down on me yet... thanks so muck evike!!!!
by victor c. on 05/19/2022
"So we have 2 of these with the m4 stock, and double eagle m904h which is the same exact gearbox, longer barrel/handguard. We can fit 11.1s 1450mah batteries in them just fine.. Out of the box, we really liked these, the MOSFETs handle 11.1s just fine, and have a nice fire rate and the sensitivity on the trigger is very nice...
They shoot straight and are light weight
The MOSFETs are like a gate titan clone with optical sensors and have held up fine after 4-5 months with outdoor use almost every Sunday

Both calico jacks have experienced the same issues:
-Trigger spring both snapped and were replaced
-After upgrading to g&g m120 springs the piston o rings blew out.
- we've replaced the cylinder and piston assembly because the o rings on the piston get flat on the sides too fast losing compression
-one got a broken nozzle
-one had a motor burn out...
- the motors get hot so consider upgrading
by Shahireh Y. on 04/13/2022
"Got the tanker stock sbr 350 FPS version about 8 months ago, honestly a great beginner/ intermediate gun. Feeds great with .20 and .25 bbs, did have a little trouble with .28s but I rarely see people using .28s in aegs anyways. The tanker stock is really easy to adjust and has no problems sliding at all. My one and only complaint is that the battery compartment is quite small so all I can fit is a 7.4 1000 mah battery in it. The electronics are amazing. The burst and binary trigger settings are amazing. One thing I should also mention is that the spring takes some time to wear in. Your FPS will start at around 320 when you first get it but goes down to 300 over time

Pros: easy to maintain, many cool features, compact but still accurate, balanced weight

Cons: low FPS even for cqb, small battery compartment, hop-up is hard to make precise adjustments
by Trisha M. on 01/20/2022
"just put a gate titan v2 expert in this beast and it runs very good the only thing i had to replace when getting the titan was the piston so if you put a gate titan in this switch out the piston
by Chuanzhou Z. on 01/16/2022
"Amazing quality at this price. It makes me feel bad that I had spent 200 dollars more on a Krytac. I would swap a new hop-up, nozzle, and piston head for better performance. Motor sometimes gets hot quickly.
by Jeffrey C. on 01/15/2022
"Might I just say damn… this build quality feels fantastic and shoots to match. No wobble at all too. My only complaint is the battery size. Make sure your battery fits in the compartment. For example a titan 7.4 3000mhz lipo is like 3/4s inches too long. Learned that from experience
by Jeremiah J M. on 12/29/2021
"best gun I've ever owned stock.
fast trigger response
binary is fun asf
groupings are good
aesthetics muah
none so far
by Calvin W. on 12/25/2021
"Fantastic gun, This gun is amazing for the price I picked it up on sale and I am very happy with it I would have payed normal price if needed this gun is truly amazing. The only thing I can gripe about is the hop up, It is a not the best but it is rotary so you can replace it with other good hop units. And more thing that is just more annoying then a hindrance is the battery compartment it is just small. The largest battery i could fit in the tanker stock was a 11.1v lipo 1450Mah
But once its in there, there is no rattle and fits snuggly. All together this gun is very good and presents alot of good features that is worth every dollar I'd say.
by Frederico V. on 12/09/2021
"I bought it for the lowest weight AEG I ever found on sale.
The battery compartment is the main drawback. The largest battery was I could fit a 11.1V 1450mAH.
I changed the bucking and nub to a maple leaf. It improved the hop significantly, but grouping is still not the best.
Other than what I described above it is all pro:
Quick spring change, takes less than 5 minutes to go from 420 to 320 fps with the right spring;
rotary hop chamber.
All my mid caps magazines (the one that comes with the gun is pretty good) fit.
by Max T. on 11/21/2021
"This is a really great gun especially for beginners or even intermediate players as it's very strong and high quality with great range and okay accuracy. It has some very premium things like a programable trigger. But buyer be warned I purchased the 350 fps model and when I cronod it in it came out to only about 300 fps. Which was very annoying, luckily though it has a quick change spring which should make it easy to upgrade it for only about $10.
great quality
great shooting
great trigger
super fun
Comes with Deans to Tamiya adapter
Comes with great mag
Comes in way under expected fps and will need upgrade
Stock wiggles slightly
by Mark W. on 11/20/2021
"This gun is very good for the price. I highly recommend. I got the PDW with polymer hand guard.

Decent range and accuracy
The firing modes are amazing. I love the different semi option. It's all I use now. :)
The polymer hand guard is perfectly fine. Makes it lighter (not that it's already super light)
Even though it runs a small battery, I haven't had the battery die. I could tell it was getting close though, so buy two batteries
The flash hider is easy to take off

I put my auto on round burst and now I can't get auto back. Or maybe it didn't have auto in the first place...
The trigger is flat... sigh....

Overall, a super nicely built weapon for a low price that has cool burst functions. I again highly recommend.
by Michael F. on 11/09/2021
"This gun it’s actually good. I got the pdw/tanquer stock version,and it’s absolutely good at the range. Metal M lok rail hand guard, mosfet, a variety of fire mods, and very snappy trigger response with a 11.1 Lipo battery. Just make sure use heavy bbs, 23 or 25 can make the job done.
by Jeremy L. on 11/09/2021
"I got the SBR/M4 stock and the PDW/Tanker stock for me and my son. It was our first airsoft guns and what a blast! The binary function is VERY impressive and both guns seems quick and snappy when shooting. I haven't shot too many other aeg's, but I have absolutely no complaints for these. Great guns!
by Ronnie G. on 11/09/2021
"Gun is amazing very light weight and easy to put attachments on 100% recommend