Reviews: Classic Army M14 Match Airsoft AEG Rifle - Spartan Version


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Model: AEG-CA-S003M-SV

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by Corey T. on 2012-12-11 23:25:08
"This gun is by far the BEST gun i have ever owned. It is accurate, strong, and has good range.

I was playing with it in the woods one day and i spotted 5 of 6 of my friends about 100 feet away through some bushes. I fire for about 3 seconds until they run away, i leter learn that i got 3 of them.

you will not regret this buy, the only problem is that the battery compartment is a little small :P

still, 5 stars
by Jarad A. on 2012-10-08 14:11:47
"So I've had this gun for a little while now....amazing quality and performance, just as you would find in any other Classic Army except their sport lines.

High FPS around 390-400(perfect for a DMR set up)
ROF is good enough around 16-17 bbs per sec (not a big deal)
Build is solid and does not rattle
HOP-UP is superb i can easily get 200 ft out of this gun
470 high cap
Stock is large can hold a 9.6v large
V7 gearbox

Bolt catch wont work some times
Preprietery Mags only G&G and CA mags work, G&P, CYMA, King Arms will NOT work
Weight(Not to me but maybe to other players)
Large battery plug(Just get it deansed)

This gun is well worth the price to a G&P M14 $100 cheaper and has almost the same quality...Perfect for a DMR, large Mag size, amazing HOP-UP, Long barrel, 390 FPS. For me I see this being well worth the money and very easy to use. Only real thing that I dont like is the preprietery magazines hard to find mid caps. Other than that this gun is perfect for outdoors.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)