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Matrix Pro-Line Lipo Ready 8mm Gearbox Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG (330 FPS / 23 RPS!)

42 Customer Reviews

by Simon F L. on 02/11/2011
"Got this a cuple days ago and test it alittle. What I can say so far is that it looks exactly like it does in the picture. Frontsight along with the front assembly wobbles alitte, but is easly fixed with some superglue in the front. The rate of fire is quite high with a 9.6v battery, but not extreme. The adjustable stock wobbles alittle aswell, but you can tighten the adjustment screw, so it's fixed in less than a minute.

I run it with Matrix Tenergy High Output 9.6V 2300mAh Ni-MH Custom Type Battery (For PEQ box, M4, AK47 and AUG), and it fits in realy easly. It's easy to do a quick field battery swap.

Only bad thing I could dig up was that the screws seem to be weak. I tryed to unscrew the screw that holds the mag release in place, but the screw broke, even when I had used the right screwdriver.

Also, like someone said before me, some rails dont fit on the handguard. My handguard seem to be abit shorter than other handguards and the holes are places diffrently, yet I managed to fit the rails on it after adjusting it.

I recommend buying this weapon.
by mason h. on 12/22/2010
"i just got this gun last weekend along with the holy cow deal and two extra mags. the holy cow mags do not fit in the gun period i couldnt even get them to start to go in.
there are two things wrong with this gun.

1. after only putting a mag in and taking it out twice the paint begins to scratch off the gun and the mag itself
2. i HATE that on my gun i cannot unscrew the two barrel pieces at the end of the gun.

other than that its a great gun and i cant wait to go out and shoot something
by alex h. on 11/14/2010
"My friend got this gun as his first because it is a good starter AEG.
The first 100 rounds on his lipo poured out at around 26bps, and it had pretty good range for a stock weapon- but the accuracy could use some work (probably just a new bucking).

Anyway, after almost emptying a single MAG 120 round midcap there was a terrible grinding noise and the gun's fuse blew. Uh-oh.

Turns out the piston jammed back because the gearbox was poorly lubricated, and the steel teeth shredded the gears (and ended up cracking the guiderail on the piston as well). Well, luckily as my teams tech I had an extra set of gears lying around and lots of spare pistons- after an hour I had it working like clockwork again.

If you get this gun, before you shoot it you should re-lubricate the gearbox and get a full polymer piston (no metal teeth). Otherwise it could self-destruct ($70 to fix at minimum, or deal with Evike’s hassle they call customer service)

Cheap Full Metal M4
Nice internals (mostly)
High rof and fps

Poorly lubricated gearbox and a piston with metal teeth
Pathetic “Matrix Tactical System” etched in bright white on the receiver… yuck…
Sketchy packaging
Magwell is stupidly tight; my Magpul E-mag wouldn’t even fit…
It’s another M4 (personal opinion, but you know I’m right *wink*)

And just wondering where people get this information, but magazines don’t just fall out of Chinese clones- I own an AGM M4 and have worked on several Dboys ones. No problems.
by peggy g. on 09/09/2010
"the packaging on this gun was extremely bad everything was just thrown in a box, the only thing tied down was the gun itself. the magwell is very tight so it is hard to do a quick reload. but other than that this gun is amazing. it shoots hard an accurate, its very cheap for a gun of this quality. i highly recomend this gun to anyone!
by karen k. on 05/13/2010
"This is a great gun buy it got 6outs in 10/11 match first time i used it
you get 2 super high qualty high caps

under 400fps
Amazing rof
good paint jop
gearbox is beast
tightbor accurcy good

windage agustment fell of but easy fix with hex screw driver
front end wobels a little bit
Stock wobels a littlebit easy fix put electical tap around stock tube
externals are not high qualty
the uper reciver i think may be plasic

But over all great buy for $200
thanks evike for lowering price to 200 from 230
i know my speeling is bad lol
by MARC V. on 04/19/2010
"All i can say is "wow"
This gun has an amazing rof with a 9.6v battery.
Fps is strong and perfect for courses.
Gun looks good, feels good and shoots very smoothly

Ultra fast Rate Of Fire with 9.6v
Great accuracy and FPS
Beautiful internals and upgrades (what made me buy this gun)
Lipo Ready

Packaging was HORRIBLE, the gun was zip tied and everything was banging around inside the box.
Plastic stock and handguard are wobbly
Gun is very loud shrieks like a banshee ( i guess this could be a good thing)

Despite the horrible packaging and other cons this gun is amazing i am VERY happy with this buy and its better than the M120 version cause you get a faster rof and if you really want the fps you can buy the spring for $10
Reason for 4 stars is because of the careless packaging.
by Michael S. on 03/20/2010
"Webmaster: We will make a note for shipping to package the free mag given nicer / wrapped separately.<br>

I got this gun yesterday and when I opened the box I was not impressed at all. The gun was not strapped in. The magazine was bouncing around everywhere during shipping. Also, due to the mag bouncing everywhere, there were chips in the gun. First impressions were not good at all!!. pretty much everything but the stock and hand guard are metal. The stock and the hand guard are made out of sturdy nylon. The mag is kinda hard to get in but once you find out how to get it in, it gets easier with some practise. I don't have a battery for the yet so I don't know how it performs. Also, the mag is steel or iron ( not sure). I also got the holy cow special for two free mags. These mags that I got are amazing! No wobble, holds 300 rounds, and you get two!!

eligible for holy cow special (highly recommended)
looks awesome

very poor packaging
doesn't come with battery
wobbly stock (not very noticable at all)
very slight mag wobble.
price went up after I bought this gun (use to be 195)
by Derek s. on 03/01/2017
"Gun has great look and feel, but poor fit and finish. I ordered 3 of these guns and each one has had a problem with the slip ring spring for the battery compartment or the magazine receiver not accepting the stock magazine. Be prepared to have to return the gun or break out a Dremel to modify the gun. There's a reason this gun is heavily discounted.
by jonathan b. on 11/07/2011
"so first of all the gun is well build except the wiring and the gear box on mine was complete messed up in the first place cause i got mine 5 days ago and i just opened it for my b-day and it didn't work.took it to my local army navy they said the gear box locked itself...

-good looking
-very light weight(like maybe at the most 10 lbs)
-really good accuracy
-high rate of fire(R.O.F)
-good gun over all
-good hand guard

-very bad wiring
-bad gear box(on mine at least)
-didn't come with a battery

if your looking for a good battery try the small type 9.6v 1600 MaH nun-chuck the place you put the battery is in the hand guard so its hard to fit batters but just buy two if ur looking to go plaay airsoft for like 8 hours.

overall the gun is good except the internal of mine(gear box and wiring)
by Jonathan w. on 04/07/2010
"Giving this product three stars for some very good reasons.

Yes, this is a VERY good gun for 200 INTERNALLY!
But external lacks quality....

The front grip and butt stock wobbles...not just a slight wobble...I am talkin major wobble.
The metal body is cheap as well as the pistol grip and "iron" sights...swapping it out ASAP!

Internally, however...this is a beast.
Clocked in at 370fps with 1200 RPM (tested at local store)
It has great internals..and can't beat it for the price.
by Jeremy P. on 08/17/2011
"My friend and I own 3 of these.

All in all, most of these reviews tell the truth about the gun.
The stock internals a great...

All except for one part.

The wiring/trigger parts on this gun are bad.

On all three of our guns, these parts have either failed, broken, or no longer do their job.

*The trigger contacts will die immediately if you use them.
*The clamps from the wiring to the motor will be loose and if you clamp them down, then they will separate from the wiring itself.
*The trigger trolleys on two of the three guns have already broken with hardly any use with the third gun suspected to have the same issue (haven't taken a look to prove it yet).

All in all I would not suggest buying these guns unless you are willing to dish out a little more cash to upgrade these parts. For this reason I cannot give it more than two stars even though most of the internals are solid.

I suggest getting the JG wiring set with the included mosfet while it is still available. This should fix all the problem I have listed above which were found in ALL three of these that we own.

8mm gearbox
mostly great stock internals

Wiring and trigger unit need to be replaced
Externals are not up to standard sizing:
*buffer tube is slightly too large for most stocks
*barrel is slightly too small for some front units (Tested to not fit a Magpull carbine length MOE handgaurd)

All in all I would not suggest buying these guns unless you are willing to dish out a little more cash to upgrade these parts. For this reason I cannot give it more than two stars even though most of the internals are solid.

I suggest getting the JG wiring set with the included mosfet while it is still available. This should fix all the internal problems I have listed above which were found in ALL three of these that we own.
by Andrew S. on 05/26/2017
"I got this gun about 1 month ago and on the 3rd day I was using it fu*ked up. On semi it would be burst fireing then go to full auto. So I sent it back in to Evike and they sent me a new one(as they say). The same exact thing would happen to the gun. but the new gun they sent was worse everything was loose and did the same but it does not do the burst fire. I don't know if its the gun or if its just me but I was not to impressed. I want to send the gun back in for store credit. The gun was front wired. There was little to no room with all the wires in the front. The things I did like though were the weight and the all metal factor. But overall not to impressed Evike not at all.