Reviews: Condor Hard Shell Fast Draw Tactical Leg Holster - Multicam

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Model: H-CD-TLH-MC
Location: U9-028 U7-M07 U10-T11 VN1-M02 V2-M03 Y6-M08

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by george b. on 2012-03-06 00:06:01
"Great quality holster and multicam. I have an M9 that I use but I also have a few buddies I airsoft with that have the same holster with USP compacts, 1911, Glocks, etc. So it can holster many sidearms. It is very sturdy but does not keep durt out. The bottom is open so you can put a silencer on your sidearm and still be able to holster it.

-great quality
-holsters almost all sidearms

-straps might come slightly loose after a lot of running so in between games you might have to re tighten it a little.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)