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Pre-Order ETA November 2021 Angel Custom HIVE Airsoft Suppressor Barrel Extension (Model: 130mm / 14mm Neg. / Red)

50 Customer Reviews

by Kevin J. on 04/29/2021
"I just got my Hive 37mm x130mm “fauxpressor” and this thing is awesome. It arrived in a well packaged box with bubble wrap and foam protecting it.I did wait almost six weeks to get it but it was worth it. I got the 14mm counter clockwise threaded option which all of my airsoft guns are. It looks like it is all made out of aluminum. The honey comb shroud Can be removed if you want, but that’s not why anyone would buy this one. It looks good on all of my guns, but I bought this to put on my Echo-1 XCR-C that I have recently rebuilt into a cool CQB style airsoft gun.
by Walker B. on 01/16/2021
"Very happy with the fit and finish of the "supressor".
Looks great on the gun, and, I swear, actually quiets down the pop of the rifle.
Highly recomend, would buy again.
by Connor M. on 01/05/2021
"Beautiful suppressor, have had it on many guns and it looks amazing. I highly recommend it, however beware the power up for a high fps increase, don't get it if you a scrapping field limit by 10 or less fps, maybe even 15-20.
by Shane T. on 08/18/2020
"Great looking addition to the rifle, installed easy with no issues, just remember you have to twist CCW to take it apart. Not too heavy but still feels like it's quality made. Recommend if you are looking to protect an extended inner barrel.
by Enzo S. on 07/24/2020
"Looks amazing on my ARP 9 and ads a more realistic feel, including how it fits perfectly into the barrel of the handguard. Makes the gun overall look amazing.
by Mary Jane I. on 07/18/2020
"Great suppressor imitator, I love the design. Here are some pros vs cons, note that I'm pretty picky when it comes to any air soft part.

Looks great
very solid construction
screw to prevent it coming loose.
works well to hide inner barrel extensions
you can't take it apart
Hard to clean
by Aaron P. on 06/03/2020
"Does your inner barrel have to be 6.01 as well for the Power up? Or can you use a 6.03 inner barrel with the 6.01 power up?
by Zach S. on 04/06/2020
"I got the 160mm and it looks great. For anyone wondering, it will fit on a G&G predator rail though it scrapes ever so slightly on the hex pattern.
by John M. on 01/23/2020
"If youre having issues with the inner barrel fitment theres a way to set it to push into the outer barrel, by flipping the outer case of the extension and putting the inner stop block on the opposite side it pushes toward the Outer barrel instead of pushing towards the muzzle. Worked great no issues so far...
by John M. on 01/22/2020
"This thing is Awsm... Got the 160mm Power Up, my Echo1 M7 is Hitting harder than ever.. Make sure you have a tightbore inner barrel the 6.01 on my AEG mated perfectly!! Looks amazing with Hexmags and the Troy TRX Handguard... Will def buy again on my next build...
by Andrew R. on 12/30/2019
"I bought the Hive mock suppressor to hide my longer inner barrel for my VFC Avalon Calibur Carbine. To my surprise (I guess I didn't fully comprehend the product description) it came with an integrated inner barrel, which indeed is removable. The build quality is excellent. The styling is sleek yet aggressive. My favorite design feature is the hexagonal pattern on the mock heat shield. Installation is quick and easy. Just remove your stock flash hider/ orange tip, screw the suppressor on, and tighten the provided set screw. If you're going to hide your extended inner barrel be sure to remove the inner barrel that is in the suppressor itself. I highly recommend the Angel Custom Hive Airsoft Suppressor Barrel Extension.
by Velvet D. on 09/02/2019
"Brought my second one of these, can't fault it in any way.

Adds 36 FPS on my g&g mp5 a5 - 0.2g

I have learnt though that you need to be careful in the UK with these, as if you have the slightest bit of joule creep, it'll dramatically shoot the fps up depending on what your hopup is set to.

Full hop on my ICS cxp ape short barrel = 40 FPS
Half hop = 70 FPS
(flat hopped).
by Velvet D. on 07/05/2019
"This is an amazing product.
Ordered this for my G&G MP5 and it boosted my FPS by 36!! Went from 334 to 370.
Also from constant testing it seems like it has actually also increased the accuracy too!
by Matthew D. on 06/05/2019
"Really awesome and good looking but I bought this and my bbs cannot pass through this without hitting the top of the exit hole resulting in bbs getting stuck inside the suppressor and bbs shattering.
by Matthew D. on 06/05/2019
"Really awesome and good looking but I bought this and my bbs cannot pass through this without hitting the top of the exit hole resulting in bbs getting stuck inside the suppressor and bbs shattering.