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Elite Force H8R Gen 2 CO2 Powered Airsoft Revolver

22 Customer Reviews

by Sebastian H. on 04/06/2021
"This gun is definitely worth your while. It feels good in the hands, shoots at a respectable CQB FPS, and comes with extra magazines. It is just all around a good sidearm, either for a beginner or for people like me who love impractical guns such as revolvers. My first gun was a shotgun, my second is this, that should tell you how I play the game. Anyway, great gun. Also it cannot be fan fired.

If anyone is looking for a more detailed review, check out Arkynan on YT. There is a review of this gun there.
by Adam O. on 02/26/2021
"I purchased this pistol locally however I want to still leave a review. I am very impressed with this revolver. It comes with 5 discs total and has a built in allen key in the hand grip for changing the co2. It is a very sturdy gun with no wobble or creaking since its all abs injected molded polymer. It DOES have a tdc (top down center) hop up, which hops HPA .32 bbs like its nothing. It is very accurate and overall a very fun gun to shoot and use in games.
by Alexander M. on 10/06/2020
"This thing is amazing! It looks good, aggressive for a sidearm, it fits my personality, and with a lazer attachment it is very successful for a revolver.

Shoots dead straight
Comes with 5 mags
Looks great
Feels great

Goes though co2 fast: ~75shots
After about 30yards the BB drops
You have to make sure the mag is properly loaded, or it will misfire.
by Lynden H. on 08/19/2020
"I love this gun it is great.
by Matthew N. on 06/20/2020
"What can I say this thing is so dope. As soon as I got it I knew it was worth it. Shoots super straight out of the box. Co2 feels great. Amazing weight to it just enough to not be super heavy and not feel light and plasticy at the same time. I love this thing and cant wait to sling some bbs.
by Brady J. on 06/15/2020
"This is a solid gun, real heavy but not heavy enough to be hard to use. Really large and and comes with 5 mags. My hex key broke off when trying to take the co2 out after a few weeks but i think I’m just unlucky because no one else has this issue. I’d suggest getting a spare just in case
by Brandon K. on 05/29/2020
-5 mags
-plastic/polymer body (but very well built)

9.5/10 has everything you want and need. I bought two just to dual wield, works very well.
by Graham C. on 11/08/2019
"Amazing handgun. Simple, reliable, and stylish. The only thing I would change would be to include a threaded muzzle, but they can be found aftermarket so it is not a big deal, especially at the price point.
by Collin C. on 06/18/2019
"This is an excellent co2 pistol. it has many features for any use. The hop up is very functional, and the sights are a major improvement over the gen 1. The co2 is inserted into the handle, and the tool is attached so you wont lose it. The fps is around 350-370 with a new co2, and with the hop up set right, it can shoot over 150 feet. This is well worth the extra 5 dollars over the gen 1.
by Russell M. on 06/07/2019
"Played with it for one day but so far rather impressed. The hop screw is reversed (left is more hop) which is a little strange. Having the hop up fully on .32s are straight to about 125ft at 270-280 fps on a warmer day. For $70 you cant beat this thing, got a couple kills with it at decent range and the spare clips are nice. Feels good, shoots great, great value.
by John M. on 06/04/2019
"This is an amazing pistol, as soon as i got it i went to shoot it and got over 150 rounds theough it on one co2 cartridge. If your looking for a affordable and great pistol. This is your gun.
by stan k. on 06/01/2019
"Usually I'm not big on plastic guns and i was expecting something that was just ok but this thing is actually pretty awesome. It's got a nice feel and weight and is surprisingly structurally solid. The sights are ok not supper visible but very usable and rather cool looking. The hopup is such a nice feature to have and something that really should be in more revolvers. Gas efficiency is superb and I'm getting 200+ shots per co2 cartridge. The little clips are convenient and even though the cylinder doesn't spin which is a shame the gun is probably more skirmish able which is really the point. The rails are nice so you can attach a bipod... maybe two bipods if you're cool enough. Overall the fun per dollar ratio on this thing is fantastic. If you're considering it you should get one you won't be disappointed.
by Chris H. on 05/24/2019
"Bought 2 of the first generation H8R's and have had nothing but good luck with them both and they are used quite a bit. While accuracy beyond 75 feet was tough, inside of that was pretty good and inside of 50 feet was satisfying. Perfect for CQB.

This Gen 2 H8R is just plain amazing. The new hop-up will send a .23 into the 100 foot range now and with more than acceptable accuracy. Inside of that, it is as good several higher priced GBB pistols. The new fiber optic sights are excellent and easy to aquire.

This entire design was well thought out, right from the begining. The use of the full-moon disks instead of cumbersome shells, make their ease of loading with BB's and loading into the revolver, brilliant. For loading the disks, I submerge them in the bag of BB's face up and when I take them out of the bag, all 10 chambers are loaded and all I have to do is press them into the disk. Pretty quick. Get a bunch of spare disks and your good to go. Throw on a red-dot sight and compact flash light for a little of that sci-fi/operator/zombie fighter look. (lol)

All this fun at this price? Life is good.
by Ivan P. on 05/16/2019
"Tengo el Gen1 y es increible, economico, preciso, tiene buen peso y fps legales para cqb, acabo de comprar el gen2 y estoy esperando a que llegue a mi pais, definitivamente una excelente compra !
by Todd J. on 05/15/2019
"This gun is a fantastic buy! Shoots great and accurate. Fiber optic sights are awesome addition. Comes with extra discs, mine came with a total of five discs! Great buy for an gas pistol.