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CYMA Standard M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Model: AOW-C Standard / Black)

53 Customer Reviews

by Mary M. on 06/16/2021
"The best gun for the money it has great spread and is overall a GREAT GUN!!!
by keith c. on 05/27/2021
"it’s actually pretty good.

keeps up range wise with most AEGs
hella accurate
good for any type of game
lightweight and efficient

shell ejection is rather slow due to it being a manual
you don’t have it yet
by Bram B. on 03/06/2021
"Amazing gun! Keeps up with most AEG on range but 3 shots per pull. Had a blast using this in a skirmish today.
by Ian W. on 02/04/2021
"Great gun after running a few shells through it. Run it with heavier BBs than the ones included.

The only thing its missing is a truly satisfying sound and feel when racking it. Otherwise its A+

For this price point, I don't know if you can beat this shotty.
by David or Virginia H. on 01/31/2021
"Great gun, ready for some close range action.
by Colby B. on 01/29/2021
"Feels great. For the price its exactly what I expected. Full metal barrel and folding stock but the pump feels pretty plastic. But its a cheap gun so not complaining.
by Jakob Z. on 01/13/2021
"I've had the folding stock M870 for a year and it's still shooting 50 yards with up to .32 gram bbs. This thing is a literal 3 barrel sniper. I use the aftermarket Evike Zombie Stopper shells instead of the cyma ones, and runs even the cheapest .12 gram bbs. This shotgun is great and as long as you don't excessively dry fire it, it'll last a long time.
by Diego P. on 11/07/2020
"This is for the full stock cqb model

Oh my god. Oh my god. It hops .30s! .20s and .23s go straight to the moon, .25s curl up at distance a bit too much, did not test .28s, but .30s sailed straight for no joke maybe 125ft plus with a 1-2 ft group. I will be using .30s as they have the flattest trajectory and stay together well at range, and they seem to be the correct weight for the fixed hop up. I am so happy with what I paid for. My sad asg trishot shoots about half as far and can't even hop .20s properly. I am very impressed with the internal quality and ease of pumping so far(is noticeably easier than the asg tri shot). I would give the performance a 6/5, though external quality is lacking if you were to compare this to just about anything else on the field. I would give the external quality a 3/5(pretty cheap plastic, though the barrel is metal) but I don't even care at this point I am just so stunned at how well this shoots. Awesome buy for 50ish dollars, just don't bash it against a wall. There is a serious chance this will be used in place of my vfc this weekend. Yeah, I'm not kidding.
by Ashton W. on 08/10/2020
"Throw away the BBs that come with it, or use them for practice racking and rapid fire. I almost returned the gun thinking it was wildly inaccurate. I would fire it and the BBs would arch up (yes UP!) about 20 ft. I weighed the BBs and realized they were .12g, I then loaded it with .20g and there was a noticeable improvement, but still arch up about 4 ft. I then loaded it with .25g and it was almost perfect, nice 8-10 inch pattern about 50ft out.
by Sam W. on 07/21/2020
"Pros about the shotgun:
it's light weight making it esy to run around with
the gun shoots in a rather straight line
it comes with a spring loader that works really well.

Cons about the shotgun:
the shell ejecting system is very slow, as you have to take the shell out manually and the button you press is sort of stiff
you have to buy extra shells unless you want too keep loading one
it comes with no instruction manual, so you have to figure out everything yourself
the cocking system is stiff the first few shots, so you should shoot it a bit in your backyard

this gun is really pretty good with 0.20 gram bb's and i would suggest buying the CYMA 30 Round Shotgun Shell Magazines for 3-round burst Airsoft Shotguns - Pack of 6 Shells for this
by maarqel S. on 06/28/2020
"this thing is a great shotgun especially for the low price !!!!
by Zach S. on 04/06/2020
"One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It’s the most fun in airsoft you can have for $50. It’s light shoots grouping together for about 25’ before it starts to spread though all 3 should hit at 50’ (after that you need to compensate for curve and not expect all three will hit, but it’s a shotgun and that’s not what it’s meant for. Idk what it is about shotguns in CQB that terrify people so much. I can cause more havoc and scare more people with this than with a $300-$600 rifle. Honestly you will not regret this purchase it’s cheap so you don’t lose a lot and it’s great for high speed light weight type of play. I’m sure it would work well as a breacher or a side arm for more MilSim type of events. Only thing about this is it pretty much impossible to get the orange tip off (worries about snapping the stock), and you have to hold down the door latch to get the shells out and have to get a finger on the shell to get it out which can be difficult with gloves. I wish they would pop out. To save yourself some frustration be sure you are depressing the door latch button while removing the shell otherwise you won’t get it out. Happy hunting!!
by John A. on 07/04/2019
"It's a good shotgun for cqb or for rushing on fields it's got decent medium range and it's easy to rack the pump if your at least a little strong it's got a tight group but this might vary from gun to gun over all it's well worth the price also the build although plastic is really solid feeling
by Isaac D. on 06/15/2019
"This gun is great. I’m very happy with it. It shoots very well, and overall it is a great gun. I especially like the shell loading of the gun.
by Zachary C. on 04/09/2019
"shoots like a laser beam and the pump is not too hard