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CYMA Standard M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Model: AOW-C Standard / Black)

38 Customer Reviews

by John A. on 07/04/2019
"It's a good shotgun for cqb or for rushing on fields it's got decent medium range and it's easy to rack the pump if your at least a little strong it's got a tight group but this might vary from gun to gun over all it's well worth the price also the build although plastic is really solid feeling
by Isaac D. on 06/15/2019
"This gun is great. I’m very happy with it. It shoots very well, and overall it is a great gun. I especially like the shell loading of the gun.
by Zachary C. on 04/09/2019
"shoots like a laser beam and the pump is not too hard
by Josť C. on 02/28/2019
"So it took about a month due to the fact that it was out of the USA no problem with that.

It has great range for a spring-powered replica.

The pump is not as smooth as the real steel going backward (which is due to the spring) and if you have sweaty hands your going to need gloves

Definitively lightweight


Don't forget to get a key-chain ring for the rear sling attachment or else you'll have to Mcgiver your sling

Had a little issue with the replica in general when a friend half cocked it but got fixed by taking out the shell and attempting a slam fire
by Chase S. on 12/05/2018
"Gun is amazing! Bought it bout a mouth or two ago and it still works perfectly! It shoots bout 80 yards and shoots 3 bbs at a time. Sometimes the top 2 hit ur target and the other goes down sometimes side or straight! It is totally worth the price!
by Joshua Y. on 11/22/2018
"Great shotgun to get introduced to the gun type or just airsoft in general. The only thing is the spread is slightly inconsistent.
by Logan P. on 11/02/2018
"Honestly, this is one of the most sturdiest airsoft shotguns Iíve ever owned or used. The only downside is that itís grip isnít made for people with big hands.
by Cameron L. on 09/28/2018
"I don't have the cash to shell out for an AEG but I still wanted a gun so I could play w/o renting. For $50 this is great! Metal where necessary but even the polymer doesn't feel too bad. Good accuracy and the barrel fits a snap-on fluorescent bead sight from TruGlo.
by Jason S. on 07/19/2018
"Great gun. I haven't had any feed issues. Best for CQB. The spread is about 6ft at 100ft and about 2ft at 50ft.
by Jeromy K. on 06/12/2018
"I just received the cab full stock I ordered today. Tried it out in the back yard. Has great range and grouping using .25 bb's. Would definitely suggest this to a new player.
The construction is solid for a non metal gun. Decent weight and good action. Very happy with my purchase.
by Skylar G. on 06/11/2018
"It is good when you know what you're getting it's a $50 shotgun and the BB hop very high but if you're close it's really good and if you're far it's still pretty good the triple shot works amazingly and it's a very nice budget shotgun that uses good shells I would recommend this to anyone looking for a shotgun
by Corey S. on 05/31/2018
"Great gun, though you have to use heavier then .20s or you'll have to aim at the ground to hit the guy in front of you. Only con ive noticed is when folded the metal stock kind of smacks the outer barrel. Probably going to pad it to fix that.
by Brian F. on 05/21/2018
"Bought this around the beginning of the year and I have used it quite frequently. I LOVE this little guy (full-stock CQB)! Everyone in my shop wanted to try it out. I think I convinced them that a shotgun in an indoor cqb environment has benefits.

Very light, easily carry with one hand
Great spread with .25s, can go higher

Tricky to reload quickly

Great beginner gun but just an all-around fun gun to have for the indoor players!
by Harrison T. on 11/28/2017
"5 Stars!! the triple shot works really well. I use .20s with it and for a shotgun they have a very impressive range. The shells are easy to load/unload and the pump has never jammed on me. I would definitely recommend this gun!
by Cullen G. on 10/19/2017
"AMAZING little shotgun! I bought the cqb folding stock gun and tested it out immediately. The gun shoots pretty wide and into space with .2s and a little better with .25s. I have found that .3s create a perfect, accurate spread. I am also impressed at the distance that this little springer can achieve. No problems hitting a torso sized target at 100 feet. The overwhelmingly positive reviews are correct. This shotgun is king.