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Matrix Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols (Type: 5.1 / Black)

4 Customer Reviews

by Samuel B. on 10/04/2019
"Won mine from a BoA. Its solid and fires as fast as you pull the trigger, it's a pistol, so range is eh, but an excellent room clearer. Loaned it to a friend, it was dropped aot on various floors and still works fine. This thing does have a threaded inner barrel, but the kind that needs an adapter for suppressors. All in all a solid starter pistol. If aimed down, like shooting nearly straight down, it will occasionally jam, but pulling the slide normally fixes it quite satisfied with it.

Threaded barrel
High RoF
Noce weight
Everything but outer grip is solid steel
Easy to open and clean

Jsometimes james if pointed straight up or down
by NICK D. on 04/12/2019
"just got this in two days ago after some lost postal issues ( btw evike sent me another ASAP without question. and the original ended up showing up later so I sent it back to them). I just used it for the 1st time at my indoor field on 4/11 and THIS THING ROCKS!!! soon as I got it dialed in it shot like a laser. super impressed by the functionality of this hi-capa...we'll see how it holds up after some outdoor play but i'd recommend this pistol for sure. only small drawback was the WE mags tend to stick a little. but buy the JAG arms mag that it recommends and you'll have no issues at all....great gun!!
by brandon k. on 09/04/2019
"received the 5.1 version via a Mystery Box

Fired 6 shots and it would no longer load bbs. (far as i can tell part of the nozzle snapped off causing the barrel to be sealed before the bb could be pushed into the hop-up. Its a 1911 (hate me all you want fan girls)

After a RMA and about 2 weeks later (lovely postal shipping times around a holiday) i received a new replacement (good Evike). After about 60 rounds or so its still shooting. Just taking potshots at a rock about 50m away the pistol did seem to hold relatively true to where my .25s where going, without adjusting the hop-up.

Now i just need some field time to put it to a real test.
by Luke S. on 06/16/2019
"I got this gun in a box of awesomeness, fathers day edition. I got the tan 5.1 version. I recommend the 4.1 version, because it has a tactical rail. The pistol itself is very nice, shoots much more accurate, farther, and faster, and overall better than my elite force 1911. It also works with propane, which will give you about 2500 shots per propane tank. (costs about $3 for a propane tank.). When i got this gun, it was shooting great, enough blowback to make it fun, but still have a laser tight grouping. The sights are easily adjustable, and very nice to use. It also easily overhops .25 bbs. It is also full metal, even though it has a very plasticy feel. The reason it has four stars, is because when I first got it, after about 40 shots, the mag was leaking. I contacted evike and hopefully they will send me a new mag. I have no doubt they will, because they have some of the best customer service.