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Matrix High Performance 7.4V Stick Type Airsoft LiPo Battery (Configuration: 1000mAh / 15C / Deans & Short Wire)

25 Customer Reviews

by shirley S. on 02/02/2021
"I thought it was a great battery. I mean it’s a battery so I don’t have much to say but I would recommend it.
by Bradley W. on 07/27/2020
"Long battery life. Overall champion battery!
by Moon K. on 02/27/2019
"Great battery. Fits nicely into my AK74U's upper receiver.
by Alex S. on 01/24/2019
"Battery works great, more snappy response than a 9.6v NiMh. This battery also fits in an m4 handguard.
by jayanti w. on 07/23/2018
"fit into the stock perfectly and has pretty good charge to it.
by Manuel V. on 11/19/2017
"If you know anything about HK MP5k's you know that the battery compartment is extremely small and there are VERY little battery options for these guns because of the space above the gearbox. And if you want to go lipo that was pretty much out of the question until now! I searched for months looking for a lipo battery that would fit and the only one I found was overseas and I did not want to order it and have it not fit. So I kept looking and found this battery on Evike and it looked good and because of the one review which really did not give me much hope as it did not say what brand of Mp5K it was.

Well anyway, I ordered this battery for my JG HK Mp5k and was hoping it would fit. Well, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt this battery will fit ANY brand HK Mp5k out there, this battery is so thin and small it actually rattles in the space above the gearbox. To give you an idea how thick and thin it is stack two #2 pencils on top of each other and you will see how thick and tall it is as it is exact thickness of two #2 pencils.

This is the only lipo battery you can get in the whole US for a Mp5k that I know of. So if you have an MP5K and want a lipo battery for it go ahead and order this and you will be good to go!!!

So for you Mp5K gun owners you have found your lipo battery!!!

by Ryan A. on 06/05/2017
"With a gearbox-contained MOSFET I was able to fit this inside a Jing Gong LE M4 collapsible stock without the battery protruding into my shoulder at all. It sits perfectly flush, but only because I replaced the mini-tamiya with 2mm bullet connectors that fit along side the battery inside the tube very snug. A new style G&G stock will fit batteries like this perfectly without any modification, specifically the G&G Firehawk as confirmed by my testing.
by JOSEPH MICHAEL D. on 05/15/2017
"This Lipo is small, it fits perfectly on my DBoy RK-08 AK105 Carbine AEG top receiver and there's still more space on it. Very satisfied a must buy and recommend for AK AEG.
by JOSEPH MICHAEL D. on 05/10/2017
"Woow! I cannot believe how tiny is this, it really fit into my DBoy RK-08 AK105 Carbine AEG easily and there's still space in the top receiver. Awesome purchase! I'm gonna buy more of this soon. A must recommended Lipo for AK platform. Thanks Evike!
by micah b. on 05/07/2017
"this battery is amazing i used it for 12 hours in my ak47-u and it didn't even drain a quarter if the battery after what was 1000 rounds of use this battery is high quality, and i definitely recommend it.
by Cryss V. on 03/12/2017
"Bought this for my FN licensed p90 and it runs great especially for full auto. Nice and small in size will definitely buy more of these in the future.
by Chris J. on 08/16/2015
"This battery performs as expected for a 7.4v LIPO. But a big positive vs other 1500mah (or even 1200mah) is the small size. I was able to fit this in the bottom part of the stock that is usually reserved for round butterfly batteries. (APEX m4 stock). Why do I care? The rear wiring in my buffer tube wouldn't let me place the battery there without extending the stock out. But I could place this battery in the lower area with the stock fully retracted. This is a good option for anyone trying to keep the stock retracted as much as possible.
by Dale R. on 11/16/2014
"So far a great battery.
I am running it in an E&L AK74 . Mah says 1600 but i have ran mine for at least 2000 shots on one charge and it didn't show any signs of stopping..
Fits good in AK upper receiver, it wont go into my gas tube, but there is enough room for it to fit on end under the cover and be nice and snug.
Very happy with so far.
by Jason T. on 04/17/2014
"Alright, I ordered this battery because i needed a 7.4 stick type; seeing no previous reviews I was somewhat nervous but after using this in several of my AEGs, I can honestly say it is definitely a fantastic battery. It fits no problem into super small places like SVD handguards but has enough juice to run assault rifles for those who prefer "spray and pray" tactics.

Small and easy to fit anywhere
mAh is pretty solid
More or less is like a 9.6 NiMh performance wise
Li-Po (could be a con)

Wouldn't power SAWs for long (5000 mAh anyone?)
Li-Po (could be a pro)

All in all, a solid battery for the specs and price. I'd reccomend this to anyone who uses Li-Po batteries.
by Samuel P. on 09/13/2013
"Love these little guys, one can provide all day play in my MP5k as a sidearm to my sniper, or I can use both for all day play if I fancy wasting some ammo! They also fit snugly into a CYMA MP5k.