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CYMA Sport Keymod-S Full Metal M4 Airsoft AEG (Color: Black / 14" Barrel / 12.5" RIS)

11 Customer Reviews

by Cj M. on 11/01/2020
"Good purchase!
Had for a little less than a year now and can say it has done me well. Paid $140, shot 400 fps right out of the box. As a matter of fact, it shattered my basketball backboard, which is quite shocking to me.
High power and range
Durable Full metal
Sexy AF

Mag release is very touchy, can say I've lost a few mags by bumping the release to my plate carrier.
Long Trigger pull
Motor gets a little warm when tap firing

Solid gun overall, will not disappoint stock, will impress when upgraded.
by Jared S. on 01/24/2020
"This is my favorite gun right now out of the box it shoots over 400 fps with .20 it shoots very accurately and far the handgaurd is a bit big but its not a problem so no complaints from me i recomend you purchase this gun
by Nate H. on 05/31/2019
"I don't think you can find a better rifle for the money . it was good at 200, now at 150 its awesome . extendaned,abmi mag release . full metal with metal hop up . included fold up sites. shoots a very consistent 374. Amazing quality and great, tight sounding gearbox ! Pretty much the ultimate back up rifle or entry to airsoft rifle .
by Nick F. on 11/28/2018
"Just got the gun and out of the box fills really good, performs well, and has plenty of power. Although, I can't speak for all cymas' m4s' this one is a good buy for the money.
by Anthony F. on 03/25/2018
by Robin M. on 10/16/2020
"As other's mentioned, it's very easy to bump the ambidextrous mag release with your chest, but its also easy to replace it with a right handed release. The trigger response and pull leave something to be desired, but otherwise it's a solid gun. I also recommend getting one of the shorter options. I got it when it was $155, so it was definitely worth the money.
by Zachary H. on 09/18/2019
"I have gotten 2 of these (different models and lengths) one being black and one being tan from BOA's. They both shot very well and powerful, but my black one has stopped working for some odd reason.... wont accept any power from a battery but at least i have another. Overall is a great choice if your just starting airsoft!
by Robin M. on 08/03/2019
"Took this gun out for the first time recently and while it did the job, I do have a few complaints

Decent FPS out of the box, I chronoed a little over 300 FPS with .20's
Great accuracy and the hop up is very easy to adjust
Very cheap

The magazine release is very easy to bump, my mag fell out once or twice every round
The fire select switch is also very easy to bump, I'd find my self in full auto on accident pretty often
The placement of the switches on the body makes it annoying to carry the rifle

Easy to clear the barrel when it jammed
Jammed once after a day of use
Requires a pretty heavy trigger pull
I got the 14" barrel model and its rather clunky, I would recommend one of the shorter barrels. It doesn't have the range to necessitate that long of a barrel.
by Josiah M. on 12/12/2020
"[Long review incoming, but all of this needs to be said.]

I bought this gun about two years ago as an "upgrade" to my previous ~$100 AK-47 (which actually has outlived this one and still works fine). This gun has some... quirks.

For some reason when I bought this I really wanted a metal bodied M4, and if you want that, this is a very very mediocre option. You need to be prepared to replace things on it when they break. When you buy a full metal gun in general, especially at this price point, (this gun has been on the $140 "sale" forever so I think they're just trying to make it seem like you're getting better value than you are) the manufacturer has to put money into making the metal body, money that could be going to improving and giving higher quality internals. That means the gearbox, motor, etc. aren't as robust. In addition to that, the combo of the metal body and extremely weighty hanguard make this one heavy boy--around seven to eight pounds.

This is just a long-winded way of saying buy a polymer gun if you're looking for something around this price point. That way, the manufacturer can put budget into the internals while giving a lighter weight rifle, and still maintaining a pretty robust build. However, I highly recommend saving up a bit more and buying something $200+. The quality gets a bit better when it crosses that threshold.

This gun's gearbox broke within probably 1,000 rounds. It got stuck in full auto and wouldn't feed for crap. I decided after opening it up that I might as well replace it to avoid any other quality issues that are most likely inevitable to occur in the future. In addition to the gearbox breaking, the charging handle and mock bolt system used for opening the dust cover and accessing the hopup are also sub-par. They worked nicely for a while, but after a bit the cheap plastic charging handle and mock bolt components shattered under quite minimal use. Now I have to open the gun in order to change the hopup, which isn't terrible, but kind of annoying. Another note is that the grip is canted forwards a bit making it not the most comfortable in my opinion.

Now this isn't to say this gun doesn't have some good qualities about it. It's pretty accurate out of the box, has good range, the extended (and ambidextrous) mag release is really nice once you get used to it, the metal body doesn't feel like it'll break very easily, and the pins are simple and satisfying to manipulate.

However, I think the cons outweigh the pros here. Unless you're looking for a cheap base gun to build off of or love the handguard, (which you can in fact buy separately here on Evike, so that isn't much of a reason) I'd say look elsewhere. Either save up a little bit more and buy something for $200 or more or buy something at this price point with a polymer build. Believe me.

Thanks for reading my review
by Jimmy S. on 08/20/2018
"I got this gun over 6 weeks ago and have used it ever Saturday since, it is an amazing gun and i would recommend you buying it if your a slow paced player(mil simmer)

Adjustable hop up to make it shoot like a laser
All metal construction

Double mag releases ( when im running since there is a double mag release it hits my plate carrier and the mag falls out)
Hard to get orange tip off
Some mags have a hard time feeding
I use .25g bbs and still have a 25ft AOE(Area. Of. Engagement)

In all if you dont like to be up close and personal this gun is really amazing
by darren m. on 12/25/2020
"Ordered two guns, both guns will drop the mag in the middle of full auto fire. Mag release screw holding everything together is tight but it still wobbles around a little bit. I believe the fix would be a stronger spring or a different mag. With the same issue with two guns, I would think they would all be the same. You get what you pay for. Cheap guns need a little fine tuning. Don’t have high expectations.