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Matrix Full Size SR25 Precision Rifle Airsoft AEG (Model: Polymer Receiver / Black)

22 Customer Reviews

by Maxwell R. on 04/07/2021
"Ok if your thinking of buying this gun but aren’t sure I will tell you the answer. BUY IT!!! I bought the full metal version and it is amazing! Shoots incredibly far and has pinpoint accuracy! I can hit 70-80 yards accurately very easy! All around this gun is amazing! The only problem was the dust cover for the gear box wouldn’t open but once you get it open you won’t need to adjust the hop up once you get it. So please if you want to have a good long range gun, buy this!
by Justin O. on 12/15/2017
"Great gun so far.
Accurate within 50 yards.
Hits hard.
Mock silencer is loose
Mag is good
by John B. on 02/04/2021
"Decent gun shoots about 375 FPS. Very heavy. Shoots accurately
by Ian M. on 05/30/2020
"It's the best dmr for the money. Ofcourse it's not the best compared to hpa or fully upgraded guns but this is the best platform to build off of! The one and only problem is the upper receiver is a bit loose and wobbly but other than that it's perfect!!!
by Dustin i. on 05/25/2020
"I. Got this used from a buddy. Never fieled. Use for back yard plincking and i got it and. I did a simple. Complete gearbox check. It was all good and with a little mod to the hopup. And .30gram bbs I get 350 [email protected] fps Accurately. It has become my brothers favorite gun. And has been. Fielded twice a month. Since the begining of the year. And its still good. Its silencer. Will be super hard to. Foam fill. And mag compatablity is a pain. But its very nice long range gun if u take the time
by evan c. on 01/27/2020
"This gun works great. I can pull off 60-65 yard shots consistently. I have two recommendations for this gun. 1-Get the matrix aluminium piston if you are going to run lipo batteries.(mine got chewed up and i got plastic in my gears. 2-bypass the fuse, the PCB board that thew fuse connects to went bad after a week. Apart from those two things, the gun works great and would be a awesome platform for a good dmr build.
by Wyatt K. on 12/08/2019
"Still waiting to do a field test,. But it feels like a solid gun. Only issue I discovered was that the mag well gouged my A&K midcap. Had to do a quick mod and shave down the plastic top of the mag to make it fit, (the mags are the recommended from Evike's algorithm). Beyond that, great gun so far!
by Urs H. on 08/07/2019
"You get what you pay for but here you make a good deal. This Gun is not the best but nice for his price. 400FpS on 0.2g BBs and 335FpS on 0.3g.
Power for his size is bad, but a solid platform for tuning, Body is ok and not much wobble.
by Ian M. on 07/26/2019
"Solid DMR, I bought the full metal version so its really heavy,
Pros: its a solid construction
Hits the target hard
Solid high cap mag

Cons: the charging handle broke after some decent use
The suppresor doesn't stay on the gun
And the barrel shroud makes it kinda front heavy and the stock is hollow plastic so its a bit odd to get used too

I've already put a new inner barrel because mine was kinda off but I'm almost positive I just got a lemon of a barrel, and finding a vest/plate carrier that with comfortable hold the wider magazines is a bit difficult but not horrible, another good part is that technically you can put a single or double drum magazine on it an call it a lmg
by Chimaroke O. on 07/10/2019
"I really like how it looks and it's my first airsoft rifle although I used the bbs in the box to test fire and they weren't coming out, I know for fact it's not the battery. I'm not sure if it's the bbs or the gear box.
by Austin A. on 08/28/2018
"Got the polymer gun since the metal ones where out. Pros
The lower is nice and sturdy. The bbs hit hard its accurate even at longer ranges im hitting guys out to 100 yrds good first dmr or dmr platform for a build

upper is thin and flimsy (replacing it with a metal upper)
Sounds a bit rough at first how ever the noise goes away after its broken in weight as much as my real armalight ar10
by Jonathan C. on 07/29/2018
"After buying this gun and using it for a few games, I can say it is worth it and I recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap DMR. A few things to be said about though:
-There is not a mock suppressor in the box.
-There is full auto.
-It is heavy.
-DO NOT buy the A&K magazines, they do not fit.
Just keep in mind that because you are buying a somewhat cheaper SR25, it is not exactly going to be as good as other, more expensive DMRs.
by Daniel R. on 06/07/2018
"I purchased this gun about 5 months ago. Overall it is a good gun, however I do feel that there are a few things that need to be addressed:
To truly fit the DMR role (For airsoft) the spring needs to be upgraded to a bigger spring. Out of the box it shoots about 400fps with .20s. For a DMR it is recommended to use at least .25 bbs. In addition to that, the trigger response on Semi auto is ok, but don't expect a snappy trigger for rapid follow up shots. The trigger is decent for a DMR, but if you want to really get fast follow up shots you're gonna want to do some upgrades. With the cons out of the way we can focus on the good stuff:
-Excellent build quality for the price. I purchased the full metal version, and the gun is quite heavy at about 11lbs fully loaded. The frame of this gun is quite strong and feels just like the real thing.
Overall I can recommend this gun for a begginer DMR player. More experienced players can run this gun, but will most likely want to throw in a few upgrades to reach this guy's full potential.
by brandon e. on 03/14/2018
"Overall a great gun. Mine shot 390ish with .20 for chrono. Lower than i expected. Handles great.

-accurate with some tuning.
- consistent with smart trigger pulls.
- perfect weight for bigger people. (Full metal receiver)

- 390 fps with .20 out of the box.
- comes full auto. (Little jb weld does the trick)
- needs upgrades (bigger spring, polished barrel or tbb, piston, teflon tape for barrel, air seal adjustments)

Overall, great gun. Couldnt be happier with first airsoft purchase.
by Eric M. on 02/04/2018
"This sniper rifle is an extremely good choice for its price. The polymer construction is extremely durable, the stock and grip are super confortable and the gun looks extremely nice.

-good construction
-good weight
-looks awesome
-excellent price
-comes with foregrip
-comes with high-cap magazine

-charging handle overextended
-sights are hard to see through at lower light levels

An excellent gun for its price, and although the charging handle overextended at first, I returned it and it was fixed in only a few days.