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Angel Custom MAX Loading Nozzle Set for Airsoft GBB Pistols (Type: Tokyo Marui 1911 / Hi-Capa Series)

23 Customer Reviews

by Kody n. on 10/30/2019
"Works in my elite force 1911 Tac 3rd gen.
by Larry D. on 08/16/2019
"This nozzle works awesome and as expected. Material looks more durable than stock and overall quality feels great, will write back with more reviews after a few months of stress testing.
by Matt B. on 06/15/2019
"Worked perfectly on my WE G19. It made my FPS go up by about 20. It makes the pistol more gas efficient too. I noticed gas blowing out the back of my slide onto my hand with the stock nozzle, and this new nozzle directs it all forward with no leakage out the back. Easy to install if you are comfortable with taking apart your pistol. It comes with all of the little parts pictured. Would recommend if you’ve got leakage problems or an itch to upgrade your pistol.
by Braedon J. on 06/11/2019
"From what I can tell so far, this product is very durable and preforms well! This was paired with my standard, Elite Force 1911 and the installation was a very simple and easy, just as easy as the standard. I noticed a degree of increase in my pistol's power output as well as gas efficiency, (3 Mags on 1 CO2 12g). It comes with few to no instructions so I would like to alleviate any confusion here:
1. Use silicone based lube to oil the components , especially the O-Ring to prevent it drying out, use of other types of lube not advised.
2. The included hex screw is Indeed intended as a replacement to the stock silver Phillips head holding on the stock piston head.

All in all this product appears much more durable and ascetically appealing than the stock version and on top of that, is a rather easy install. It pairs especially well with the new 1911 Angel Custom Fluted Barrel kit, I can confirm.
by Vaughn H. on 07/29/2016
"Excellent replacement/upgrade part for the W.E Glock 18C. It is a drop in part. Far more durable than the standard Loading nozzle.
Would recommend immediately replacing the original loading nozzle with this part.
by Jordan M. on 04/02/2016
"have only given it light use but over all a much more durable than the we oem housing, added note this will not fit in a tm as well the nozzle is meant for a we-tech gasket as it is flat vs marui is radiused.
by Eric S. on 09/22/2015
"Easy to install, Functions flawlessly in my WE G-17.
by christian c. on 07/13/2015
"this thing is pretty beast not gonna lie. after two nozzles exploding i went with this and i havent looked back. great buy, very cheap, much reccomend
by Lee B. on 01/28/2015
"When first trying this nozzle, I was disappointed by the pistol double loading, and re-fitted a standard WE one. After a while, the standard one did the same. Found the BBs to be popping out of my mags when the valve went back to allow the next one up. Cut tiny circles in the top of the mags, problem solved.
Went back to the Angel loading nozzle, love it. Also with Angel rocket valve, my fps went from 275 (UK winter, 5 degrees C in an unheated CQB club) to 310 using WE green gas. Fired about 4-500 rounds so far, no problems (as long as I keep mags warm in my pocket).
by Sean M. on 10/15/2014
"This Angel nozzle fit perfectly in my WE 18C and I instantly noticed an increase in power when compared to the original. I will order these nozzles again when they become available for my other airsoft guns.
by Taylor P. on 04/04/2014
"I took a gamble and I have to admit, this nozzle isn't bad. My crappy old WE nozzle was a horrible excuse for polycarb. This is much more reinforced. Feeds great and smoothly. I'll update this review later for the overall long term durability.
by Christopher K. on 03/06/2019
"Works very well with the m92 cutlass from WE, put my fps with green gas with .20s to 350-360 with the occasional highs and lows, and in they 400s with c02 mags, it will make your gun be able to handle the c02 but it is still succeptable to cold and will stick back and catch on the injection port with the O ring on the cylinder, so minus that it’s a great drop in, if you could pair this with an ice resistance piston it would be amazing. I will definitely buy another when mine breaks, so far I’ve used over 30 c02 mags through it.
by Vaughn H. on 01/20/2017
"A fair loading nozzle for the price.
Bought it as a replacement part to a generation one Tokyo Marui Beretta M92F.
Drop in part. No modification needed.
See through Material makes this easier to install the floating vlave.

If you need a cheap replacement loading, or you want a little better FPS from a W.E M9, this angel customs Loading nozzle is a reasonable choice
by Vaughn H. on 01/04/2017
"A fair replacement to a W.E Hi Capa/1911 over a stock W.E loading nozzle.
Had to give slight modification to help seat screw head flat when installing floating valve parts

Fair price.
Harder wearing than a standard W.E loading nozzle.
Almost completely drop in part, little modification needed

Does not include the floating valve parts.
Not better than a stock Tokyo Marui loading nozzle.

I rate it well because of the price and what it is, but if you are after something to give serious performance, i suggest to look at another brand, perhaps Guarder, Airsoft Surgeon, or UAC
by Michael K. on 08/06/2016
"I had to sand down the bottom of the loading nozzle to get it to work, since the loader was getting stuck on the gas nozzle from the magazine. After that I chrono'ed about 280-290 shooting 20's, and no problems emptying a full mag on auto.