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ISSC Licensed M-22 Full Metal Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol by WE (Color: Desert / CO2 Magazine)

6 Customer Reviews

by Justin R. on 06/28/2024
"bought this thing nov 2018, my first gas pistol and did no research since i didnt know anything at the time, and its still kickin. I use it as a lender, and was told it shoots straight even tho i never maintained it once. I only wrote this review because mainly cuz I wanted to see how long its been since I bought it and thought I might as well leave a review.
by Lorenzo F. on 11/11/2023
"Out of the box this gun easily needs a couple modifications. Which honestly is great. This is actually my first green gas airsoft. When I bought it I originally thought I'd regret it, but no. This gun is awesome, one thing I adjusted was the slide lock, I had to file a little deeper so the lock mechanism could actually adjust right after. Because the original slide lock without that adjustment would easily wear overtime and it would make the gun worthless.

Another great feature is that it's fully upgradable. I've been taking it with me everywhere practicing ccw and also adding more modifications. I added a laser, extended mag, adaptable barrel which I still have to glue on non permanently. I have a suppresor so when I get home and I'm bored I honestly just play with this like if it's a toy. I don't shoot it all, I just practice with it everyday and it's awesome. I plan on training with all my future airsoft replicas so I can join the military and get a feel on how these guns work. My next one might be a Sig or a DDmka1 Daniel defense. Or a scar with the grenade launcher underbarrel. Literally just to goof around with.
by Luke W. on 11/02/2016
"Well, This pistol is best used if you are using green gas/propane. The co2 magazines aren't that great, but this pistol lasted me a while. It's good for CQB ( some lights don't fit on this weapon though).
Pros: Light

cons: easy to break
Magazines aren't that great.
by Robert W. on 03/17/2015
"I ordered this gun hoping that I would get a good product. I ordered this gun and two extra co2 magazines for it. I have had this gun for 1 hour and 50 minutes. The original magazine is leaking along with one of the extra ones. The third magazine came in broken. I was very disappointed because I waited a week for this gear to show up. I paid about 180 dollars for my order in total, 100 for the gun, 46 for the 2 extra magazines, 20 for a hard holster, and about 11 for 20 co2 canisters. Pretty much a waste of money.

Fun while it works which isn't for long.
Very powerful
Sturdy and reliable
Accurate for a pistol

Magazines don't work for very long, so you have to keep buying and replacing them.
by Lucidious W. on 03/01/2016
"When I got the gun (the CO2 one) I was so excited I bought three extra CO2 mags with it. I absolutely loved it. And that's the problem. Loved it. I hate this weapon. The mags are good. Cap threading should be called crap threading. Absolutely terrible. And after a while the slide goes into a full auto type of firing. It doesn't feed the rounds due to this and I was losing my mind trying to figure out what was wrong. Then I just threw it in the box and cussed a lot. After a HUGE let down by a WE-Tech weapon. I gave it another go and purchased a G-series weapon from over seas. And it's perfect.

Long story short I took that gas mag from the Glock and threw it into the ISSC M-22 and it worked like new.

Kicks hard.
Mean looking.

Co2 sucks.
Co2 Mags are a disgrace.
Paint chips.
Wish I didn't dump $150 into mags.
The recoil spring sucks.
More "in depth" disassembly is incredibly dumb.
by Matthew M. on 07/23/2015
"I loved it for the first 2 weeks I had it but when I was in the middle of a game it just stopped working I took it up to airsoft gi store and they said the gas chamber went out so I was really disappointed