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EMG / AW Custom / WE / TM Threaded Adapter for GBB Pistol Outer Barrels (Color: Black)

21 Customer Reviews

by Charles G. on 03/21/2021
"Fits EMG Hudson H9 perfectly! Only con I worry about is it’s long term durability. It’s a very light feeling plastic.
by Dominik R. on 03/03/2021
"i can confirm this does fit an AW custom VX0200
by Cole F. on 01/15/2021
"Works on AW Customs Competitor Black Ace, to put on you should disassemble, take out inner barrel and set orange tip on fire. get pliers and pull out chunks of it while continously setting it on fire. To get the smaller pieces on the threads use needlenose pliers or a screwdriver. Takes a bit but its worth it
by Jack G. on 07/07/2020
"Works great for my application. I am using this with an AW Custom. Just make sure that your barrel diameter is 11mm positive thread and you are good to go.
by Jason T. on 09/12/2019
"I wasn't expecting a full metal piece. But, it is and well worth the price!!!
by jake h. on 12/20/2018
"Amazing for the price. I use it to attach a silencer to my WE m9.


-USE LOCK TIGHT!!! I lost my first one because i didn't.
by Joey P. on 07/15/2017
"It's great, it's exactly what it is and it's exactly what you'd expect.
by Justin W. on 04/05/2014
"Kind of on the cheap side. But works and looks great on my WE Baby Hi Capa 3.8.
by Jake K. on 09/27/2013
"Nice item, some really light metal, but does the job. Threads CW onto the gun itself, and the CCW for a barrel extension. Its not painted on the inside, not really an issue either. I have fitted this tip/ the black one on the following guns, which work:
XDM (Xtreme, whatever they call it)
(All WE Tech, havent had a chance to test on other gas brands)

You should know that if you are replacing the unthreaded one that comes on most WE guns, be really careful when removing it with the boiling trick, etc. The tip will not thread on if there is even the slightest imperfection in the barrel threads. I had to buy a new OEM outer barrel for my SIG P226 since I wasn't careful.
by Andrew N. on 11/17/2011
"Work as expected and is a must have if you want to fit any type of mock silencers on your WE pistol.
by Stephen M. on 01/17/2020
"Worked fine on the new xdm springfield. Orange tip had to be dug out, but there were threads under it. Use locktite. Only issue I can see is it's made of aluminum, so it's not going to be too tough when playing hard.
by Andrew R. on 11/19/2018
"It's good enough to support my 240mm inner barrel & silencer on my 1911, but I wouldn't use it for something like a tracer unit that you'll be putting on and taking off frequently. I could crush this thing very easily with a pair of pliers. But it held up to me dropping my pistol on the ground landing on the silencer (a few times). But, I do feel like this thing will give out any second and at some point i'll draw my pistol and my silencer will be gone.
by Max B. on 04/06/2015
"Decent quality thread adapter for most WE-Tech pistols with stock outer barrels. Make sure to thread carefully, if you don't it's gonna screw up the threads, since this is made of some cheap Chinese pot metal.

Works with WE-Tech: all G-Series, M&P (Big & Little Bird), Hi Capa, 1911, XDM (DM40), M9 & M84, PX4 (Bulldog), Makarov, P226 (F226), Browning Hi-Power, and Luger.
by Jake K. on 09/27/2013
"Good item, made of some lightweight metal. Paint scratches rather easily, no big deal. It isnt painted on the inside, so you just see white, primed metal, which is disappointing. Threads are CW to the end of the barrel, and CCW for a barrel extension. I have tested this on most WE pistols, and fit all of them, they were the following: SIG F226/P226 F228/P228 F229/P229, G17/18 G19 1911 MEU HiCapa M9 XDM40. I havent tried any other brand GBB. If you are replacing a non-threaded tip, be very careful when removing that tip using whatever method. If there are any imperfections in your barrel threading this wont work, I had to buy a new OEM barrel for my SIG P226.
by Austin L. on 06/10/2013
Will work on ANY WE pistol with an internally threaded barrel
Looks cool

Can break due to the weight of the silencer/whatever you put on it