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Hakkotsu High Peripheral X-Eye 260 Degree Wide Angle Goggle Set (Color: OD Green / Goggle and Mask Bundle)

10 Customer Reviews

by Samuel E. on 06/06/2013
"Decent goggles for the price!

The two parts where the rubber connects to the lenses comes off easy, but thats an easy fix (LIQUID CEMENT!) Another thing is the fogging is TERRIBLE! i live in South Florida and generally play in 90 degree weather and DAMN.... its bad! but im gonna cut the holes larger at the top, so nothing that cant be fixed :b

Feel good
No foam (con for some)
Can take a crazy beating
Secure and full protection
secure around your face

Rubber and fogging issues mentioned above
Cant have the strap around a MICH2000 helmet, you have to have the strap around your head

Overall 4.5/5!!
by Casey Teevan c. on 04/04/2012
"Great goggles!!!

I love these goggles because they look and feel great. It really fills the part for a special forces look.
The degree of vision is awesome.

But i will give 9/10 simply because the sides of the goggles dont touch my head (the area just before my ear).
But they act like vents to prevent fogging.

So over all really good.
by Alex K. on 11/01/2016
"These goggles are nice. They have a very large field of view which I like. They are high quality and won't break on you. The adjustable strap is nice. The only problems I've had is the occasional separation of the rubber and the lens and slight discomfort, but that can easily be fixed with some slight adjustments. The biggest problem is fogging. If you are not sprinting 24/7 they will be white with fog, but for newbies or casual airsofters they are great!
by Hunsang L. on 06/07/2014
"These are very reliable and strong goggles that can withstand BB hits from a very close range.

however these goggles are VERY large: if you wear a metal mesh face guard and helmet as I do, these goggles will end up overlapping your with your metal mesh.

This is the only minor problem I have faced using these goggles.

by william a. on 03/20/2012
"these great goggles for the price and they fit the iron face gen. 2 mask perfectly.

260 degree view
fits iron face very well
can withstand 450 fps
don't fog up too much

will eventually fall apart but nothing a little glue cant fix
no foam on frame wich makes them some what uncomfortable

theses are great goggles but will start to come apart after a year or so
by Katie C. on 01/07/2012
"I really, really like these these goggles although i did have to make some modifications. I first bout these googles with the iron face and it would fog up instantly. I couldnt see a damn thing. So i decided to buy a mesh a face mask with is ALOT better but the goggles still fogged. So at the top and bottom of the googles where there are thoses tiny holes for air i cut them with some scissors and a knife and made them bigger. I just got home from playing with them, and man were they great! they only fogged up one at that was during my last match at 8:30 ish when it was very cold. Other then that the goggles (with the help of a little bit of anit fog spray that i put on them before my first battle) got me through the whole day with no fog while all my friends goggles were fogging like crazy! They fit perfectly with my mesh face mask and cause no irritation. I LOVE these goggles but I'm only giving it 4 out of 5 stars because i had to make modifications to it, oither wise they are flawless(: they would be even better though if they came with replace able lenses because i prefer the smoke/tinted lenses over clear
by Patrick V. on 03/09/2010
"Great goggles. Great field of view. Very comfortable.

Fogs easily. Could use more venting or a double lens. Anti-fog treatment (like Fog-Tech) is a must with these.
by Mathias B. on 02/11/2011
"Purchased these goggles and the Ironface to provide myself with full face protection,like Evike said.
The goggles are a little bigger than I expected,not that big of an issue though.The vision with them is good-provides a fair amount of peripheral vision. There are a few cons though. The first one,thats not too big of an issue,is the ability to look down your iron sights.The goggles do get in the way a little and you have to just force your face down a little to look down your sights and allow the gun to scrunch the goggles up on your face a little.

The main con,and its pretty significant,is that these are not anti-fogging. These things can easily fog up on you,even when you're just wearing the goggles.I purchased the Ironface as well,like Evike said,to provide full face protection.Well,when you wear these goggles and the Ironface,man do they fog up. Your breath runs right up the top of the mask and fogs the hell outta these goggles.If you just wear the goggles though,and take your chances of being hit in the bare face,it seems like just the temp of your body will cause these goggles to fog up. I guess buying some anti-fogging solution is the way to make these goggles wear-able.

The fogging issue is why I rated this product 3 stars.If I can get them to not fog,then definitely 4 if not 5 stars
by britton g. on 03/09/2010
- cheap(ish)
- large field of view
- comfortable

- fogs instantly (even after anti-fog treatment)
- uncomfortable when used in conjunction with ironface (maybe just me)

i gave it a 3/5 because i put it on in the staging area, and was completely fogged before i left to play. i JUST bought these and have already moved on to the v-tech (with fan! no fog!)

IMO -- if you're going for the combo--get a better mask. you can definitely do better.
if you're going for just the goggles -- they seem like they might be ok if you're ventilated
by Mitchell R. on 08/18/2014
"These are terrible. I have missed a lot of hits and been hit a lot due to how bad these fog up. They will keep you safe and are strong, but I struggle to enjoy playing in these. I have had a few bad days at events due to how crappy my goggles are and not being able to see but 25feet.

Please don't buy these. They are complete crap.