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FN Herstal Licensed Full Metal SCAR CQB Airsoft AEG Rifle by G&G (Package: Black / Gun Only)

15 Customer Reviews

by Cheney W. on 04/06/2017
"this gun is great out of the box everything works great. I love the grip/bipod this is a reliable gun I recommend this gun to everyone. and the sights are great and are accurate right out of the box. BUY THIS GUN!!!!!
by Thomas M. on 10/22/2016
"A decent, robust gun. The metal body makes a nice difference. I set mine up with the same red dot scope as shown in Evike's picture and added a tracer unit.

Just had one problem arise with the electrical system after a while. The gun would quit firing once in a while. After some troubleshooting, I found the motor leads, under the grip plate, had worked loose. I crimped them lightly and slid them back on. Problem solved.

Definitely a worth while purchase.
by Julian K. on 11/27/2013
"The g&g scar is probably the best gun i have ever owned. ive had 20+ airsoft guns in the past few years and this is by far the best. the build quality is fantastic. the internals are also very good. its accuracy and range is better than anyof my other guns(stock). even though the gun is a little pricey, its totally worth the money.
by Andrew K. on 08/17/2013
"This gun is just plain awesome. The look, the performance, the reliability. The only con to this gun is the battery compartment which takes a while to open, but with some practice you can do it can do it alot faster over time. My bolt catch does not lock back, but it sounds cool when its pulled back and released by hand. Great gun.
by John K. on 05/13/2013
"Just got this gun and it is a beast! it sounds amazing when you shoot it, Smooth and crisp. In my opinion it is better than the VFC scar, there might be few externals that the G and G scar doesn't have but makes up with quality internals.

great fps and range
Good color receivers
decent ROF
takes pretty much all m4 magazines
Compact and light, perfect for all types of battle ground

A pain battery compartment ( takes 5 mins to get the darn thing in)
Bolt catch semi works for me at least, I have to pull the bolt back then press down, hard to explain
exposed wires which doesn't really bother me.
by micah B. on 01/11/2013
"I got this gun maybe 3 years ago its an amazing gun and i would suggest to anyone who wants to buy a gun

shoots great never skips
you can use m4 mags
folding stock worked great
dead accurate
range is like 40m
great sturdy metal and Polymer build
shoots like 850 to 900 rpms with a 9.6v

if your hop-up or gearbox break or you want to upgrade your gun the G&G SCAR Ls internals are not compatible with M4/M16 or other scar l parts
by Jason A. on 01/08/2013
"I LOVE THIS GUN!!! Before I bought this gun, I relied on many reviews and comments to prove if it was good or not. I can now say that all the work I did looking up reviews paid off because this gun is awesome. The gun is mostly metal and the spots that are plastic are pretty durable. It is a bit pricy but I think it was worth it. I would recommend this gun to anyone and everyone!

Pros: Durable, Awesome, Very Customizable(rails), and sexy.

Cons: Wires are exposed when stock is folded to the side, no other cons.
by Felix H. on 05/23/2012
"SIMPLE...THIS gun is amazing. i love G&G and would recommend this to anyone. great realistic weight and just plan awsome. but be cautiose to the wire exposed on folding stock.....but if you care for you gun, you shouldnt have to worry
by Francisco S. on 04/17/2012
"Iīve recently bought one of these just for the looks... and compared to my M4īs is way better, I explain:
out of the box shoots 400fps with .25gr bbs, itīs lighter than a M4 (full metal) and is CQB/Field ready! Iīve change the metal folding sights and replace with a good set of Magpul MBUS, a Magpul AFG and i get rid of the ugly vertical pod that comes with.

My experience with this AEG is that is superb right out of the box, nice quality, very well made.. looks very pro with the stuff I put on it and itīs a "headturner" everybody at the club ask for it and itīs FPS in stock form. they get surprised when we chrono it and it shows 400 fps after several matches! you can fold the stock and work in tight spaces very effectively! the full auto selector is not very good but you can live with!

ligth, good looking very effective AEG at a little high price (?), upper metal composite, M4 compatible mags. upper and side rails! shoots 400FPS + stock with 0.25gr bbīs... maybe more with 0.20gr.. you stand away from the M4 crowded fields...

Cons: plastics (lower Rx, stock, vertical hand grip)not good enough for a 340.00 dls AEG, battery system in the stock, you need to remove all in order to insert a battery! pricey compared to other mid level AEGīs, Tamiya style battery plugs!.....
by Susan S. on 01/11/2012
"This gun is AMAZING! It came out of the box at 430 fps. Just by picking up this gun you can tell it will last a very long time, simply by the build quality. Comes with a 450 round highcap, but it uses all m4 style magazines so most players will be all set.

Full Metal
Fully Licensed by FN Herstal
Great build quality
Uses m4 style magazines
Fully ambidextrous
Functioning bolt catch
The most realistic feeling AEG i have ever seen
Shoots hard and accurate out of the box

When stock is folded there are wires showing that connect the body of the gun and the stock
Doesn't include battery/ charger
by Ben L. on 01/04/2012
"This gun is amazing i my dd currently owns this and i am going to buy one as soon as they come in stock. it shoots like a sniper for its such short barrel and it has great internals. this gun shoots amazing with king arms .25 they are good bbs and have NO AIR BUBBLES!!!!! i highly recommend this gun to anyone

everything about it to much to list

by Tyler S. on 04/23/2013
"Great gun for a price... I got this with the 20% off coupon so i only paid about 275 for the gun, I got it out on the field and it Chrono'd in at around 372-377 with .25g bb's. During the day, about 85 degrees in the woods. the gun performed immaculately with out a jam or misfire, the included fore-grip is a great addition and the iron sights were tuned in perfectly. All in all a great buy

Anodized Metal Upper
Hard Polymer Lower & Stock
Great FPS
Great RPM
Completely Ambidextrous
5 Sling Points
Adjustable Iron Sights tuned in easily

Battery Compartment is small and a little hard to get to
Folding stock crushed hand (right Handed)
by matthew b. on 04/07/2014
"OK so out of the box the gun sucked, really bad. I contacted the G&G Tech Department in the USA, and they said I had received a “lemon" and that I could pay to ship it back or keep it. So I kept it. The problems I had was that a 9.6v 2300mAh couldn't turn the motor for a good ROF, I'm talking 1 BB per second slow. Then the hop-up rubber was too long causing the gun to jam, double feed, or not feed at all. So I replaced the rubber with a spare one I had lying around. Lastly the stock, holy crap, the stock is the worst design ever. The locking mechanism can't withstand a lot of force (ie. Shouldering the rifle) I have figured out that it will stick kinda firmly in position 3 and that's about it.

External build materials are strong
Fully licenced
Comes with Grip-pod
Bolt catch
Realistic coloration of the gun
Decent range and accuracy

Motor was crap
Weak stock
Bad hop-up
Must use an 11.1v lipo
Over-priced for what you pay for

All in all get the VFC one I've used a friends as Well and it performs just as well on a 9.6 as the G&G does on the 11.1
by Felix H. on 10/24/2012
"okay i have had this gun now for 5 months(which is also 5 months since i made a review).
this is a great gun but its had some flaws,
1) the rail system where a forgrip goes has loose bolts and they fell off, so now the rail is off also
2) the back sight on the top rails is crap and broke apart
3) the selector switch is 100% loose, very very loose i can flick it and have the swith rotate about 12 times in a 360degree rotation
4) my biggest issue, when u take the stock out to put the battery in, there are two goldish metal prongs that connect the gun to stock(in the simpliest of words) that whole goldish metal pronged internals have broken and have been bent, i will take 2% blame but 98% is the gun its self, why make a gun that has such foreign ways. the internals where ripped out.
====== the good thing is that al u have to do is buy a $55 stock replacement which evike sells.
i ran a 9.6 1600mah battery in here and use .20 or .25 bb (depends on the weather) and it worked good, but i recently started running a 11.1 1600 mah lipo and oh my god this is such a good gun. ill be 100% honest and when i run a lipo i can not see the bbs fly out, i have tested with diffrent colors and sizes and have had friends test also, this is truly a good gun if u can look away from the bads...then again with that theory in mind wouldnt any gun be a good one?????
by Ryder H. on 11/30/2016
"This is a bad gun I dropped on a tree branch and it BROKE its fps was about 360 when I got it and is not a very good gun I rat this a one!