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WELL / CSI Full Size M16A2 Airsoft Spring Rifle

14 Customer Reviews

by James S. on 02/29/2016
"So I normally play with AEGs but I got 3 of these to be able to cheaply play with friends who dont play airsoft. When I bought these i thought they would be inaccurate low power plastic, but I was wrong. When you first start using these guns the BBs do go strait up after 5 yards, but after shooting them for a week they started shooting very straight and far ( for a spring M16) With 0.2 BBs (I never used 0.12 in them) and after 2 weeks of regular shooting, I was able to use these guns as snipers. As the spring wears out, the gun shoots straighter and with less arc, but keeps a regular range for the most part. As far as battles go ONLY USE IN SPRING OR CHEAP GUN BATTLEs. The reason I say cheap gun is you can effectively fight people with those stupid $20-45 guns that have no range or accuracy. Also, if you want a gun to just target practice or shoot cans, this gun is great for that (although i prefer shooting people=).

good range
holds like 25 BBs plus around 150 in back of mag

cheap plastic
stock breaks of easily
you have to wear down the spring to make it shoot good
by Elias H. on 12/07/2012
"This is the first spring rifle I have purchased through evike and I have to say I love it.

Heavy (not too heavy but feels good)
2 Sight options
Large clip (around 300)
For a spring rifle, decent fps (300-315)
Accessory rail.
Pretty cheap (20 bucks)
Comes with a few extra parts

May be hard to switch the accessory rail with the regular but other than that great gun.
by nick c. on 08/31/2010
"this gun is very good i recommend for starters
this gun is really good i used it in a battle and pwned ALL my friends except for Matt that owned me with his m249 and that's where i said not to use spring guns overall this is a very good gun

kinda strong
light weight
recommended for beginners

not very good
not recommended for battle
good for target training
by Mary M. on 03/30/2010
"this gun is above average for the price. The fps are a little low, but its pretty accurate.
hi cap mag
included goggles and sling
fps a little low
not much else
Use 20. g not 12.gS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Loren K. on 12/19/2008
"my friend had this gun and it lasted a long time until i used it and fell out a tree
by Nik S. on 09/05/2008
"A good gun for can-shooting. And unbeatable if you're in a 20$ or cheaper skirmish since it boasts a metal barrel (unheard of on budget chinese springers in general).

There's no way to go wrong with it as long as you don't bring it to a real skirmish.
by george b. on 09/02/2008
"my friend has one and it is good for a backyard battle and if you do it at night i sugest you get "glow in the dark" bbs and it does have a good range for a spring.
by Christian N. on 07/09/2008
"I got this gun 2 years ago I loved it it is very accurate i think it is better then the ak-47 in every way get it it was the best gun i have ever spent money on!!!
by Patrick S. on 06/25/2008
"no it doesn't, it is a springer and i have one. its very good and accurate. i use it to keep pigions out of the barn, thats how good it is.
there is a model that does come with that soem where but it is a m4
i think if u get a ris rail u can put all that stuff on.
but ya, the mag on this unit is nice, but its one where u have to shake it to top off the mag and it does rattle alot. if you want stealth just do what i do in the barn with the birds, take a bunch of bbs. put them in ur pocket and barrel load it.
quite and leaves the birds confused.
by zack o. on 12/13/2012
"I bought this gun a while back as a starter. performs very well for a springer. At least, it did, until i fell on it and the butt snapped off, although for $20, you get what you pay for.
by Zachary A. on 01/30/2009
"it is a good starting gun and you cock it by using the lever that is behind the handle.
by Jakob M. on 07/08/2014
"My overall opinion on this gun would be that it works great for a backyard skirmish(With .20 BBs, mind you.) and that it is incredibly cheap. Worth the price? It falls just short. I'd have payed 15 bucks for one, but I wouldn't buy another at this price. It's a lot of fun for what it is, however. It's constructed completely out of cheap Chinese plastic. Not awfully cheap, but if you try to test the durability of it in to extreme of a way(Dropping it, or smacking it, or bending it, etc.) it will snap. I've had a few jams, but all I had to do is drop the magazine and pull the charging handle back and shoot the round that was trapped in there. (You MUST drop the magazine or else you will chamber a new BB in there and make the problem worse.) It comes with shooting glasses and some BBs. (Cheapos from our commie friends on the other side of the world. I'd advise against using them.) The instruction paper is the typical cheap instruction manual, but this gun is simple enough to use without it. The accuracy with .20's would be marvelous, but .12's curve too much with the high FPS this thing holds. It's close to 300.

-Is accurate with .20's
-Fun for a small backyard game(Just be careful)
-Full sized
-Easy to operate

-Cheap construction
-Kinda light
-Sells for about 5 bucks too high.

Would I recommend it? Not really. I'd recommend a Double Eagle or something that's better manufactured. The full construction of this rifle is plastic and I think the inner barrel is the only metal thing on it(Maybe)
It falls just short, but if you wanna get it anyhow, be my guest and have fun with it.
by Evan J. on 09/19/2008
"to cock it u use the charging handle. I used to have a clear M4 Spring gun but i switched to AEGs cuz i was tired of my gun being made of plastic and having to cock it after every single shot
by Andy S. on 09/19/2008
"what do you use to cock it? do you use the charging handle or something els?