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Matrix CYMA AK SVD Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle by CYMA - Metal Receiver / Real Wood (Package: Gun Only)

20 Customer Reviews

by Jason C. on 11/26/2016
"This is a beautiful replica of the dragonov SVD. The gun simply looks AMAZING!

CYMA AK have always been a top choice for me with it's reliable gearbox, finish and price-tag value. For those that didn't know CYMA makes all of Echo1's and Lancer's high end AK!
by Philip A. on 11/06/2015
"So, I've had this gun for a few months now and been absolutely blown away with how effective this thing is in the field. Out of the box performance is everything I was looking for out of a DMR setup. Real wood and metal give it a good heavy feel backed up with a better look. My fps readings were about 430 with .20, 400 with .25, and 360 with .30's !!! Strap on that rail for any sight or optic you prefer. I personally went with an AIM reflex red dot and basically...if I can see it, I can hit it! On top of that the head turning I receive is pretty awesome, it really stands out.


Real wood & metal, sturdy design
Higher fps for range and accuracy with heavier bbs
Doesn't rob battery due to higher power
Adjustable hop-up
Adjustable front and rear sights
Just performs at a 5 star level for an out of the box DMR


Only had one issue after using first time, kept cutting off, just found loose connection with fuse. Resoldered connections and good to go.
A little heavy so after a full day kinda sore but I got used to it no problem
Absolutely no cons with this gun after several weekend and thousands of rounds through it!

by Dennis N. on 04/22/2015
"Had this rifle for maybe a month or so. I haven't brought it out for any skirmishes, but I feel in its prior, stock state, it would perform on par to slightly upgraded AEGs. As stated in earlier reviews, my barrel was filthy. I cleaned and polished it. There are no known hop-up chamber replacements, though I figure if the A&K uses a similar gearbox and magazine, it must line up a bit. I'll purchase the aftermarket A&K hop later to see if it can be easily MacGyver'd in. Externally, it's not the best. You got that by now. The KA version is not the prettiest. Oh well. I personally never cared about 1:1 replica as long as it looks the same at a glance and is sleek and clean. It looks like an SVD to me. Moving along... The stock box is fitted with a short motor, standard gears, 15-tooth stock piston and piston head, a weird extension between the piston and piston head to make up for the longer v2.5 cylinder, stock V7 cylinder head (inverted), odd tappet plate, V3-ish switch, plastic QD spring guide that will eventually break, 120 spring, and AK nozzle.

For the spring guide, I purchased an all-metal, bearing, QD spring guide. QD guides are a feature that make box upgrades loads easier. This becomes a must-have for boxes with high power springs. The new guide slips right in, but the original piece that screwed into the rear of the guide to stabilize it wasn't able to screw into the new guide. I remedied this with a regular screw and washers.

Alternatively, this could fit v3 spring guides well enough. You would still need to use a screw and washers to stabilize the new guide, as the gearbox lacks the cutouts that the guide wings would slip into.

The spring is a spring. Upgrade it. PSG-1 springs, AEG springs. I put a 140 AEG spring into mine,

With the included piston extension, It can use a standard 15 tooth piston/gear set in the long cylinder. This; however, doesn't utilize the full length of the cylinder. I've changed mine out for a 19-tooth piston/gear set combo. These 19-tooth parts can be found as upgrade parts for the L85 or SR25 which use the same long set-up.

Piston head is a piston head, Everyone has their preferences. Buy what would suit your goal for the gun.

The cylinder head can be swapped out for an upside-down v7 (M14) cylinder head.

The cylinder is from the v2.5 gearbox. Slightly longer. Again, may be labelled as L85/SR25/PSG-1 upgrade parts.

This rifle can use AK nozzles.

Haven't had a hand at replacing the tappet plate or wiring. Tappet looks vaguely like v7? (This is a guess) and the switch is v3 in form, though the way the trigger pushes it is slightly different. Again, I haven't fiddled with them.

The motor is a short type, commonly used in v3 (AK, G36, UMP, whatever).

Do your usual AoE correction, new o-rings, flat hop, sorbo, etc.

If it doesn't need to move, bolt it down.
If it could probably have an air leak, seal that sucker up.

Overall, the gun at its $120 deal was the best on the web at the time (I checked) and I don't regret my purchase. The rifle wasn't impressive stock, but what stock gun is? Every gun can be upgraded to outperform the others. It's a wonderful project for a cheap starting price that is lightweight, sleek, unique, and still intimidating. It has the option of semi and full. How could you go wrong with more rounds down range? About the only thing I dislike about the gun is the 50rd midcap (I prefer mids) and the difficulty of mag removal when the mag is loaded.

Additionally, I shaved the dust cover somewhat because it blocked the safety lever from clicking into place in "Safe." I slapped on the bipod made for the SVD. The clamp loosens periodically, especially with heavy movement. I dislike the lock. But I'm dealing because the only other bipod options are to get a rail or stud on this rifle somewhere or use a barrel-mounted bipod. I think the SVD bipod suits it, anyway. I opted for an AK side rail mount and a 3-9x40 scope. I knocked out the pin so I could push the mount further forward, as in its original position, the scope was all up in my business despite being mounted as far forward as possible on the rail mount. I did this because the POSP scope is left-offset and doesn't suit my south paw ways.
by dylan k. on 04/01/2015
"Hello I just got this gun one week ago. When I first pulled it out the gun was as it describes full metal besides the Palmer stock and hand grip. When I got mine the stock was a Lil bet lose but that's a easy fix. I shot a couple of times and it was on/in the right area. But that maybe because of me using .25g BBS in it the first time. I strongly suggest cleaning out the barrel before hand I did it before I shot it for the second time. The barrel was dirty. All in all very good for the money.
by Thomas G. on 02/20/2015
"I ordered one of these a few weeks ago and received it 3 days ago - and I was INITIALLY disappointed! It was hooking shots like crazy at close range and the hop up was not helping at all. So I am fortunate enough to live within driving range of EVIKE and I drove over to do an exchange. HOWEVER - the sales fellow asked me some questions - and started carefully checking it over. In short order He sat down and cleaned my barrel 4-5x with silicon and the cleaning rod that came with it - pausing and showing me how dirty the barrel was. Then we took it into their shooting range and BAM! It was shooting near straight and true! Finessing the hop up a bit more and it was spot on accurate in the range. He then suggested I try 0.32 ammo for better results. He added if I had any trouble getting reasonable accuracy when I got home and shot it over longer range then just bring it back so they could swap it for another. SO.... My point - what FABULOUS service support!?! The SVD itself is a LONG gun and nicely finished. I am totally satisfied with it! I already have a Russian PSOP scope which I bought directly Belarious for an SKS not realizing I could not mount the mounting plate. The hardness of the SKS receiver was such that a couple of gunsmiths told me they could not drill it. So I will soon sit down to mount my Russian PSOP sniper scope to this airsoft King Arms SVD!
by skyler h. on 12/09/2014
"this is a very nice gun i love it so far.
pros: it fires around 200ft accurately
feels great and looks great.
actually loading it is really easy when you get used to it

cons: it had one clip that is supposed to be used to get the battery out that wasn't attached. but actually i think it makes it easier to get the battery out.

I recommend this gun. It's great.
by John V. on 04/02/2014
"I received this SVD in a mystery box this spring. I was not sure about it because it is so long and only semi-auto. After using it one time I fell completely in love. The stock weapon out performs my SR-25 and the newest M14 prototype from G&P. I have upgraded both of them with inners and outers and they still do not feel as solid or shoot as well as this SVD. I have always been set on using full auto in a fire fight but this weapon is amazingly fast on semi auto and incredibly accurate. I do use an 11.1v lipo but the rest is stock. It shoots around 470 fps with .20s out of the box and with .28s can easily hit a man size target at 220 + feet with no upgrades.

I am extremely excited to add this to my collection and find myself using it almost every time I go out onto the field. You will be happy about the 4 gear system and the durability plus reliability it offers.
by Timothy D. on 03/02/2014
"I love king arms this is a great gun highly suggested
by Shaman M. on 10/01/2013
"This is possibly the best sniper i have ever bought stock! Although all stock sniper platforms needs or should be upgraded this thing is awesome!. Also it's easy to upgrade. It's Semi-Auto which is much better and more fun than a bolt action! (My Opinion) And the details are very professional. This is all of you should know is a clone of the Real Sword SVD which is the highest standard for a SVD AEG, which if you have the money should buy right now, but just because it's a clone doesn't mean it's worse as many people think. CYMA literally cloned the Real Sword with this gun, the detail is unmatched and just just like the RS is just like the real thing. It's uses a custom 4 gear t3 gearbox which i took apart and has everything steel except for the piston and some parts that don't need to be, so i think you could run a 11.1 LIPO out of the box. It's what i did after installing a MOSFET. It's also has a CYMA high-torque motor which is so much better than standard AEG motors and has Neoplothetic Magnets which could pull a m150-m170 stock with the right adjustments. I use it all the time in battles and it performs like a boss! If you don't have enough money for the Real Sword but want the second best SVD AEG (The King Arms and A&K Suck!) then you should buy this baby. P.S. The 4 gears are so it doesn't lock up like most full and semi AEGs do.

br />
Performance: It's shoot very nice and smooth with a incredibly large stock range of 150-200 feet which i have hit a person with in battle stock. It shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger which with a LIPO is basically full-auto. It's a little bit heavy but not over 10 pounds. I think about 8. The bolt makes a very satisfying metallic CLANK with you pull it back. Although must of the gun but the gas tube, bolt, and bolt are steel, it turns out so it the barrel with many people said wasn't the case and though it was crappy pot-metal. I used one of my steel magnet motors which said it was steel so I'm really happy about that. The wood is good for CYMA but i suggest restrained and polishing it. Here is a list of PROS and CONS

1. Realistic
2. Accurate as Ballz (Yes, .......Yes it is)
3. Shoots Hard (I chronoed 450 fps with .20)
4. Sleek Design
5. Upgradeable
6. Long Stock Range (150-200 feet max)
7. Great Feel
8. Mostly Steel or Full metal
9. Strong Stock Motor
10. 4 Gear T3 Full Metal Gearbox
11. Spare Parts Available
12. A Total Beast And Pleasure To Use!
13. Good Finish On Wood And Easily Re-stained
15. Good Working Hop-up

1. High-Cap Mag not Mid-Cap (Good but rattles gives away position)
2. Unknow Metal Other Than Steel
3. Heavy After A Lot Of Running/Playing
4. Not A Real Sword :(
5. Needs Upgrades Stock (Don't All Airsoft Guns)
6. Doesn't Make Me Bacon Pancakes or Waffles
7. Doesn't Clean My Room or Do Chores Like My Robot Slave
8. Yep.............

Overall this is a amazing gun that you have to get if you like russian guns or want an SVD. 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ben Z. on 05/16/2013
"This is an amazing gun. I suggest this to anyone looking to buy an airsoft gun.
by Julie S. on 05/19/2017
"Ok so I've had this SVD for around 3 months now and believe I can form an honest review of it. First off the gun is sexy, the wood looks nice the metal is amazing it's a nice shape (as svds are sleek). The charging Handel makes a nice sound when released.
Performance: this is my 3rd serious airsoft gun so I'm no expert at performance but originally it's nice. First thing you want to do is clean out the barrel with some silicon oil. When I first got it, mine shot accurate to 200 and could tag someone to 250 with compensation of wind and elevation. First thing I installed was a h-nub and the g&g green hop up bucking which added about 30 feet to my accurate range. DO NOT INATALL AN M140 SPRING WUTHOUT DOING AOE CORRECTIONS. I put one in without even knowing what aoe was and shredded the piston. As a note the cyma and echo 1 csr use the same piston (about a $30) fix. I use 7.4 stick lipos as it speed up the very slow trigger response due to the 4 years in the gearbox (alias for heavier springs). The battery compartment is very small and I believe it will only fit 8.4 stick types (other than lipos)

After a couple months of use the plywood on the hand guard started peeling and the stock would become loose after a day playing (easy to tighten)
I will warn you about the wood (this is where I'm taking off some of a star) during a milsim I brought this to the wood stock split in to during an intense fight with a nato sniper. There are replacement polymer stocks for sale for about $30
Overall it's a fine gun
It shoots well out of the box and shouldn't have any problems other than a dirty barrel
Upgraded springs will destroy the expensive and hard to find piston
The wood peels and eventually may break

I would say buy it, it has some flaws but if you want a gun that will out preform others out of the box this is it.
by Andrew R. on 01/11/2016
"This gun is a solid and reasonably affordable pick for any player who likes the Dragov SVD. I absolutely love the style and was quite saddened by the large price tag of the other leading brand (*cough real sword cough*). However, the Matrix A&K SVD bridged this price gap nicely. $229 is a good price for such a well-performing and rather uncommon rifle. There are several spring SVD's on the market, but I was looking for a semi-auto sniper as my field isn't fit for spring rifle play. I haven't fielded this gun as much as I would have liked to but I'm comfortable giving an initial review after a few weeks of play and several months of ownership.
Build Quality:
The overall build of the rifle is quite impressive. The metal is of good quality, though it scratches easily. Not a huge problem, but if you like your guns &#34;factory new&#34; (:D) you may not want to field the rifle. I haven't really gotten at the wiring or gearbox yet simply because I haven't needed to. The stock components are extremely high quality and I have little to complain about. The wood furniture is acceptable, but mine wasn't as high quality as I feel it should have been. The ridges were especially splintery and tended to peel off. Weight-wise the wood furniture is very light, almost as light as plywood (to my dismay). I would gladly take extra weight for more security as I live in constant fear of snapping the front piece. Overall the rifle was very well put together with no major complaints.
This rifle performs like a beast! I use .32's and still get a good 360-380 fps. With the right adjustments and a basic 3x zoom scope I can accurately hit targets at 200 ft. With a bipod, high ground, and the right compensation I can manage shots up to 250 ft! You will easily out range almost all AEG's and many other DMR's/snipers. Semi-auto is of course your only method of firing, and let me tell you, you have a HUGE advantage over every spring sniper. More bb's down range= better chance of survival. Even if you're a sneaky sniper, you'll often get into situations where you need to fire more than once every 2-3 seconds. The only complaint I have so far is the slight trigger delay. I've heard that this can be remedied by an 11.1v lipo (which the SVD can supposedly run stock) although I have yet to confirm this. You'll learn to play around the delay, often half squeezing the trigger to ready a quick shot. Other than that, no complaints!

In no particular order, the pros and cons:

-Very accurate, tight groupings
-Good range, 200 ft. easily, 250+ max
-Good build quality
-Amazing stock parts, high fps right out of the box
-Unique! Very few people have this rifle, and as everyone knows half of airsoft is showing off your guns :D
-Very intimidating. No one wants to be on the team opposite to the guy with the giant semi-auto SVD and ghillie suit

-Very heavy. I'm decently sized 18 year old guy and this even gets tiring after a few hours. Try staying scoped in on a corner for more than 30 seconds while standing. Not so easy. On the bright side, you're getting a free workout. If you're under 16 I would really not recommend it at all. Pro tip, get a sling. I use a two point
-Very long. Great for range mind you, but not for travel. Don't even try to clear a building with this sucker, let your team do that kind of stuff. The best way to manage buildings is to sling it over your shoulder and go in with a sidearm
-Metal scratching/wood quality. Not that big of a deal. However the safety weirdly scratches the metal it's adjacent to, if you don't want a scratch there, consider filing down the back of the safety. I'm too lazy to take it apart
-Tight battery compartment. Very little space at all, the battery is always a chore. Only stick batteries will fit
-No scope included (duh). Apart from that I would highly recommend buying the scope mount platform for $16 and using a regular 3x scope instead of buying the pso-1 replica. Unless you're a collector I see no reason to buy that overpriced scope while you can get a decent one for $30.
-Lack of aftermarket parts. Since the rifle is fairly unique, it may be difficult to find upgrade parts. Certainly more difficult than upgrading an M4
-Lastly, I had an infuriating time getting the battery compartment to open when I first unboxed the rifle. There's a little metal piece that holds the wood furniture in place near the barrel side of the gun that you have to push forward to open the battery compartment. I took a chisel and wd40 to that for a good half hour before I could make it open and lock without sticking. I heard of no one else with this problem so my best guess is that the metal was slightly warped. In the process I somehow broke or un-alligned the locking latch so that's wonderful. Apart from that issue I haven't had anymore major problems (I'm guessing no one else will have my issue).

In conclusion I can say that the Matrix A&K SVD is a unique, fun, and field ready sniper rifle. Although one can probably build a DMR with better performance for $229, the unique nature of the gun more than justifies the cost. If I have more to add to the review when I've gotten more field time and/or run into any major issues, I'll post a followup. Sorry for the long read but I hope it helped!
by Glendon C. on 04/15/2015
"I've had this gone for about a month or so now, fielded it twice at my local field for fairly nice results. Gun shipped nicely, no damage upon arrival. Out of the box, it fired absolutely terrible. The inner barrel took about eight cleanings before all the gunk got removed and it started to shoot significantly more consistent. Parts that are metal include the out and inner barrel, gearbox, magazine, and receiver. Polymer furniture on the stock and hand guard. Polymer doesn't feel the best, but it does hold up well and feels very sturdy albeit rather ugly. Default iron sights on the gun are useless, but chances are that if you are getting this gun, you're either getting the PSO scope or the matrix rail mount.

Onto the more meaty stuff, gun comes stock with a TBB. Uses SR25 gears. Internal gearbox seemed fine with me, trigger response was crisp out of the box. Firing 0.28g Elite Force BB's at ~330 fps which is a little bit low for a DMR, but the trade off for accuracy is worth it to me. 5-7/10 hits at ~200 feet on a human sized target. Stock hop up unit is remarkably consistent. V style bucking, but the unit itself is proprietary and plastic. If the unit breaks, there are no replacements, only DIY fixes or buying a new gun. Other notes for the hop up unit, despite its consistency, there is a significant amount of play in the hopup arm, commonly resulting in a right curve to the bb flight path. I fixed this with a pretty serious shimming job on the hop up unit to keep the arm from wiggling around and pressing improperly on the bucking. Finally, the dial for the hop up unit is extremely stiff to adjust. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you want to look at it. I certainly do prefer it to be difficult to adjust rather than loose to the point where it changes randomly.

Perhaps the gun's biggest downfall comes in the magazine. The loading nozzle has a unique slant to it which makes this gun only compatible with other KA magazines (50 round mid cap and 200 round hi cap) Do not make the same mistake I did and order the A&K or Matrix or CYMA magazines. They will not work no matter how much you modify them. Believe me, I tried. Aside from that, it is extremely difficult to &#34;tactical reload&#34; the gun. Because of the shape of the loading nozzle, the magazine is extremely hard to remove from the mag well while there are still BB's in the track. There is no fix for this other than to empty the mag or use a good amount of force to pull the magazine out of the gun. Forcefully removing the magazine will leave some dents in the plastic portion of the magazine. Thankfully the receiver section of the gun is a high quality metal and shows no visible wear on my gun after a month of fairly solid use.

Very consistent out of the box up to a range of 200 feet
Nice weight and accuracy
Crisp trigger response
$120 is a steal (get it while you can)

Proprietary parts

Somewhere in between:
really really stiff hopup dial
Hop up arm needs serious shimming

End notes: If the gun was at its original $270 price, I would have a hard time recommending the rifle. However, at $120, this is simply a steal. A few DIY mods to the hop up unit and it will be shooting far nicer than just about any other $120 gun out on the market. The gun would have a 5/5 from me except for the proprietary plastic hop up unit and the magazine removal issues.
by Geoff G. on 04/10/2015
"Just got it this last week and have only had time to test shoot in my backyard. Gun has a good weight and feel to is. After reading other reviews I made sure to clean my barrel before test firing and boy was it dirty, but the gun shot straight. Needed ti remove the check guard/pad to be able to see down the sights. I know I will eventually need to add a rail attachment for optics before taking it to an outdoor game.

Only problem I've had with the gun is removing the magazine. After pressing the release button it will not disengage. You really have to pull on the magazine to take it out, and if get afraid I'm going to break the gun when removing the magazine. Guessing a better quality magazine will remedy this problem.

I got this on an epic deal, but over all I am very satisfied with my purchase.
by Scott A. on 04/01/2015
"The CYMA Dragunov that I Received was DOA. &#34;Dead on Arrival&#34;
After 3 Shots it Completely Stopped Working.
Very Disappointed.
Especially Since, I Now Have 2 CYMA AK's and Plan on Getting More.

The Wood was Nothing Special, Overall Build Quality was Nice.

If you Looking for Get a Dragunov I Would Suggest Getting the REAL Sword Version!
Better Wood Quality, Better Build, Best Dragunov SVD on the Market!

The Price for this Gun is Kinda High for Being a CYMA, And Overall Quality.
With a Scope, Case, Extra Magazines I Was Well Over $500.

After my Gun was DOA, I Decided it Would be Best to Exchange for a Better Quality AEG.
I Went with a VFC HK 416 CQB.
Same Price as the CYMA SVD with Accessories!

I Appreciate EVIKE For Allowing Me to Return/Exchange for a Better Option!

I Really Wish the SVD Would've Worked Out, But I Would Rather Not Have Issues Down the Road.
So I Think my Exchange was The Right Decision.

The Only Reason I Don't Rate this Review 1 Star.
Is Because of EVIKE's OUTSTANDING Customer Service!
They Go Beyond Reason to Make Sure their Customers are Satisfied.

IM A Life Time Customer for This Reason!