Reviews: Matrix AK SVD Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle by CYMA - Metal Receiver / Real Wood

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Model: AEG-CM057-RW
Location: L3-006 WSO8-T5

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by skyler h. on 2014-12-09 08:32:40
"this is a very nice gun i love it so far.
pros: it fires around 200ft accurately
feels great and looks great.
actually loading it is really easy when you get used to it

cons: it had one clip that is supposed to be used to get the battery out that wasn't attached. but actually i think it makes it easier to get the battery out.

I recommend this gun. It's great.
by John V. on 2014-04-02 16:45:59
"I received this SVD in a mystery box this spring. I was not sure about it because it is so long and only semi-auto. After using it one time I fell completely in love. The stock weapon out performs my SR-25 and the newest M14 prototype from G&P. I have upgraded both of them with inners and outers and they still do not feel as solid or shoot as well as this SVD. I have always been set on using full auto in a fire fight but this weapon is amazingly fast on semi auto and incredibly accurate. I do use an 11.1v lipo but the rest is stock. It shoots around 470 fps with .20s out of the box and with .28s can easily hit a man size target at 220 + feet with no upgrades.

I am extremely excited to add this to my collection and find myself using it almost every time I go out onto the field. You will be happy about the 4 gear system and the durability plus reliability it offers.
by Shaman M. on 2013-10-01 21:26:56
"This is possibly the best sniper i have ever bought stock! Although all stock sniper platforms needs or should be upgraded this thing is awesome!. Also it's easy to upgrade. It's Semi-Auto which is much better and more fun than a bolt action! (My Opinion) And the details are very professional. This is all of you should know is a clone of the Real Sword SVD which is the highest standard for a SVD AEG, which if you have the money should buy right now, but just because it's a clone doesn't mean it's worse as many people think. CYMA literally cloned the Real Sword with this gun, the detail is unmatched and just just like the RS is just like the real thing. It's uses a custom 4 gear t3 gearbox which i took apart and has everything steel except for the piston and some parts that don't need to be, so i think you could run a 11.1 LIPO out of the box. It's what i did after installing a MOSFET. It's also has a CYMA high-torque motor which is so much better than standard AEG motors and has Neoplothetic Magnets which could pull a m150-m170 stock with the right adjustments. I use it all the time in battles and it performs like a boss! If you don't have enough money for the Real Sword but want the second best SVD AEG (The King Arms and A&K Suck!) then you should buy this baby. P.S. The 4 gears are so it doesn't lock up like most full and semi AEGs do.

br />
Performance: It's shoot very nice and smooth with a incredibly large stock range of 150-200 feet which i have hit a person with in battle stock. It shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger which with a LIPO is basically full-auto. It's a little bit heavy but not over 10 pounds. I think about 8. The bolt makes a very satisfying metallic CLANK with you pull it back. Although must of the gun but the gas tube, bolt, and bolt are steel, it turns out so it the barrel with many people said wasn't the case and though it was crappy pot-metal. I used one of my steel magnet motors which said it was steel so I'm really happy about that. The wood is good for CYMA but i suggest restrained and polishing it. Here is a list of PROS and CONS

1. Realistic
2. Accurate as Ballz (Yes, .......Yes it is)
3. Shoots Hard (I chronoed 450 fps with .20)
4. Sleek Design
5. Upgradeable
6. Long Stock Range (150-200 feet max)
7. Great Feel
8. Mostly Steel or Full metal
9. Strong Stock Motor
10. 4 Gear T3 Full Metal Gearbox
11. Spare Parts Available
12. A Total Beast And Pleasure To Use!
13. Good Finish On Wood And Easily Re-stained
15. Good Working Hop-up

1. High-Cap Mag not Mid-Cap (Good but rattles gives away position)
2. Unknow Metal Other Than Steel
3. Heavy After A Lot Of Running/Playing
4. Not A Real Sword :(
5. Needs Upgrades Stock (Don't All Airsoft Guns)
6. Doesn't Make Me Bacon Pancakes or Waffles
7. Doesn't Clean My Room or Do Chores Like My Robot Slave
8. Yep.............

Overall this is a amazing gun that you have to get if you like russian guns or want an SVD. 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)