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by William L. on 2016-02-23 00:13:52
each is one o a kind
each is handcrafted
breaks easily
expensive but you get exactly what is advertised
no hopup
maintenance is hard

overall its more of a showpiece than anything
by Omega C. on 2015-01-09 21:12:06
"So upon landing on Matt's review of the Systema Ultralight, I didn't really know what to make of the gun itself. I could't quite find the pocket change to make up the exorbitant price to the gun, but after auctioning off my assets and the family dog, I finally managed to raise the money to afford this beauty. I immediately placed my order knowing the extreme limitation on quantity.

I received my ultralight 18 hours after ordering. Wow! That's a ship time to be proud of. I removed the cardboard from my package to see a beautiful tungsten carbide case surrounding my jem. Upon opening the DNA encoded locks I stumbled back onto my floor when my eyes caught sight of the majestic gun within my eyeline.

Retrieving my newly purchased angel, I immediately loaded up a magazine with .8s since the ~1000fps estimates were a bit high for my field. The gun chronoed in at a comfortable 550 fps average with the.8's, varying only once to 551 fps. The compression job was superb. Time to test the rate of fire. Man oh man, was I shocked when it cranked out 9500 rpm! Thank goodness Systema was kind enough to throw in the 1000rd high cap!

Overall I would just like to thank evike for such an awesome opportunity!
Incredible bat/gas life
Feeds well
Often penetrates walls and planetary crusts
by steven s. on 2014-12-16 11:40:57
"Great gun I love it, mine chronos in around 3500fps so when I shot someone they called the hit. Its so durable that I can slam it on a huge rock and it won't break you all should get it, its amazing
by Trent W. on 2013-11-11 11:25:51
"Really good gun, only a few downsides... I was moving around a really 'hilly' field with it and it flew up in the air and got caught in the wind. I found it later in a tree next to a kite and was able to retrieve it. Also because of the 990+ fps I might have committed a third degree felony on about 31 guys at an airsofting event. ....they didn't even have enough time to call hit...

Other than that its a decent gun.
by Collin A. on 2013-08-02 19:08:59
"This gun is amazing, it works in both field and CQB, so its really worth the money.

Works in both CQB+Field

Awesome gas/electric gearbox

Eotech sight already sighted in

Epic light-weight but durable recievers

You don"t have this gun!
by Richard D. on 2013-06-20 18:34:53
"amazing, just wish I could afford one. If I get one, you all better be afraid
by David H. on 2013-04-15 13:08:38
"I am not into the black and duct tape. I am going to wait for the more expensive North Korean knock off with scott tape and construction paper frame. I hear it has a three miles shoot range and comes with Green laser designed to locate stars in space. It comes with every attachment knew to man and more. I just have one problem with it. It was designed for a short person. I am 6 feet tall not 4' 9".
by Arthur N. on 2013-04-13 08:57:04
"This has got to be one of the best guns out there. Its made of a very sturdy material and shoots at a very high FPS, but the feature that is best about this gun has got to be the eotech sight. It makes the gun look AWESOME and also works very well. Since it is a real eotech, and not one of those knockoff versions, it also has NV (night vision mode).

- Sturdy material
- High FPS
- High ROF
- Great for milsim

- The "not a long type" motor seems like it overheats very easily (I guess that makes sense since its ROF is like 3000 rpm)
by John D. on 2013-04-05 00:05:31
"Got this gun today and it was working well! Just like any other Systema gun this gun outperforms pretty much any AEG, GBB Rifle and it's very compact due to it's foldable rear stock. I also found the gun to be very light with Systema's new technology i could hold it with one hand for an hour and not get sore hands. Also it's fire rate is fantastic! Around 1200 RPM with a 9.6 Volt and a 2000 RPM with a 11.1v Lipo Battery the railing system is also top notch! Fantastic it can even fit my F.O.A.M Brand EOtech that is supposed to be for my M4. Anyway after all that being said this gun is fantastic! Top Notch. Very Light. Great Technology. Truly worth a $999.99 weapon.

Comes with a 1000 Round thin type magazine
Great Gearbox
Good ROF with a 9.6 Volt
GREAT rail system
Comes with a Tightbore Barrel.
Retractable and Foldable Stock (4 Position Stock)
Cons: The Lower Receiver and the Upper Receiver feels like it's made out of Foam but well it's a new tech gun so Dunno!
Easy to lose the screws on this gun especially for the Handguard and the Middle of the two receivers
The Eotech on this thing ran out of Battery fast.

Overall Great Buy and a somewhat "Cheap" Systema but for a good deal.
by youssef o. on 2013-04-03 15:20:00
"Systema really outdid themselves this time. And i really love the eo tech it really comes in handy .
by wei z. on 2013-04-02 21:13:21
"1000 that's the cheapest systems you can buy and looks like is only wight oz's hey for that prices I'm buy 2
by Ben S. on 2013-04-02 17:35:13
"This is one of the best airsoft guns on the market. It has good build material and if you rip or tear anything you can get a new body custom made by yourself for a low cheap price. Now the Iron sight are amazing better than any magpul garbage. And a huge plus is that you can shoot your enemies from around the corner. The rate of fire is amazing, and when you shoot people, they will get out before they can say it. Overall great gun for new airsofters this is even better because of the great price but these will go out of stock very fast so get one you noob.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 22 reviews)

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