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Model: AEG-M016-RDL-B

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by Kody R. on 2016-03-27 09:06:07
"Overall, good gun. Great for new and experience players. Good weight! Not too heavy or too light. Construction of the gun is great! I do recommend this gun if you're looking for a nifty m4

- Full Metal Body Construction (For those metal gun lovers out there like me)
- Fire Selector switch is solid. Not lose. Nor too tight.
- Sights are good. Rear sight is replaceable if you don't like it
- Range isn't too bad, shoots roughly 330-360

- The only problem I have with this gun is that it shoots a little weak. The gun is more for CQB, without the short barrel and mobility.

Great gun for the buy though. Don't think any longer. :D
by Angie C. on 2015-11-23 19:20:58
"Great gun Shoots Great and is awesome it is G&G Cant go wrong with it i think it is Great i kick Butt every time i go out.
by Donovan D. on 2015-10-26 00:18:35
"This is by far THE BEST M4 for new players as well as those comfortable enough to do some simple upgrades such as installing a new hopup, bucking, and/or barrel. Not only is it really affordable, but it also comes with an Epic Bonus item (at this time)! M4s are pretty much the "go-to" gun for most airsofters, and because of that, there is a huge amount of aftermarket parts available for them, so you will never have a problem fixing and customizing your weapon. Do yourself a favor and buy this gun. Seriously. Or I will be sad. -----_ : ( And you don't want that.


It's An M4. By G&G.
Full Metal Construction
Performs Well Out Of The Box.
Did I Mention That It's FULL METAL?
This Gun Is The Embodiment Of Sexiness. (Sorry, Roger)


The Rear Sight Isn't Necessarily Wrong (SCAR Sight), But A Flip-Up Would Be Nice.
You're Trying To Convince Yourself That You Don't Want This Gun.
That's All I've Got, And I Thought For Ten Minutes On This,

Recommended Upgrades (Not Necessary, However):

Madbull Ultimate Hopup Unit $38
Prometheus Soft Type Bucking (It's Purple) $20
Mad Bull Black Python 6.03 Tight-Bore Inner Barrel (363mm) $30
Angel Custom Metal "H-Hop" Hopup Spacer $8
Tactical Spork (For When You Need To Eat Jello And A Spoon Just Won't Cut It) $5

I GUARANTEE that you will outperform most other AEGs in the same price range and beyond with these upgrades. GUARANTEED. If you are unsure about how to do these upgrades yourself, there are plenty of online tutorials. Or if you don't feel comfortable tinkering yourself (really basic stuff, I promise), you can take your gun to your local airsoft tech or shop. If such a place/person does not exist, Evike has a convenient service that can do this all for you.

Hopefully you've stopped reading this review by now and picked up one of these guns. I can't possibly stress how great this gun is for beginners and intermediate players. Happy airsofting!
by Andrew N. on 2015-05-27 13:51:30
FPS is averaged 380-390FPS
Amazing ROF
Fully upgradeable
Everything is Full Metal besides the Buttstock and handgrip (Of course)
Range is 100+ feet
Solid selector switch
Comes with a Scar-H sight

Unfunctioning bolt
Comes with a Scar-H rear sight, not a M4 rear sight
by Tanya A. on 2015-05-20 16:29:28
"Well, after having this gun for a year now I think I can finally explain what I think.

This AEG was my first metal and actually good airsoft gun. Before, I had a Crosman UMP that you get from Walmart. Of course, making such a jump in quality would be an improvement ten fold from what I had. However, I do have some prior knowledge of airsoft guns, and what you should expect for their price. I do have to say that for it's price, this gun is remarkable. First of all, the metal is very high-quality, as so are the internals with one -slightly major for me- con. The stock long type motor for it is slow and eats up a 9.6 1600MaH . The ROF isn't what I would want it to be, and that is why it got 4 stars out of 5, but that is probably a personal reference. I would also put a tighter barrel on it but again, personal preference.

Quality metal
Quality internals (for the most part)
Good FPS out of box

by Juan B. on 2015-05-19 18:11:14
"Excellent rifle

Ready to shoot out of the box, chrono'd 361 FPS with .2's.

Externals are really sturdy, no wobble whatsoever and the magazine that came with it is not bad. I also bought 10 BAMF mags and haven't had any misfeeds.
by Ryan S. on 2015-01-31 11:46:44
"overall love this gun it is so accurate and fun to shoot. this was my first airsoft gun and I am very impressed with it.

great shooting
comes with 450 round mag witch is awesome
easy to upgrade

when pulling back charging handle it does not release the dusk cover to adjust the hopup
by cal c. on 2014-04-15 18:43:43
"This gun was a great gun right out of the box. It had no problems. It was good range and fps. All the parts are holding up.
by Elvis H. on 2013-10-07 11:26:35
"i have owned many AEG's and this is overall the best gun i have ever owned!
super accurate, sexy looking, durable, amazing paint job and metal, shoots fast-hard and straight.
worth the price, you will never find one like it.
its is pretty much unbreakable.
and that is if you take care of it!
it can handle strong batteries, and shoots fast! even with a 8.4volt.

its a amazing gun.
i am a very happy airsofter because if it :D
by John R. on 2013-10-07 11:24:55
"I purchased this weapon and Iím glad I did. This weapon is simply amazing. This blows TM and CA and ICS out of the water. These are truly top of the line. You canít go wrong with G&G.
This review will broken down into five parts.

Externals- This M4 has some of the best externals Iíve seen. Definitely the best on a weapon I have owned. The metal is very nice. The gun isnít as heavy as I expected, this can be good and bad. This is a very nice looking weapon. The nylon is very tough and feels very comfortable. The hand guard is of very high quality. G&G also put in a very nice looking logo. G&G defiantly put time into designing and making their externals; they did the same with there internals.

Internals- G&G also put time into designing there internals. The stock gears and motor can take up to an m130 spring. The weapon is pretty loud. The GR16 comes with a stock 6.4mm tight bore barrel. The barrel measurements are 363mm by 6.04mm on the m4 and 509mm by 6.04mm on the m16. The motor is capable of 25000 rpm. It cant shoot 25000 rpm but the motor can turn 25000 times per minute. These internals are the best Iíve seen on a stock gun. I donít have any complaints about the internals.

Performance- This weapon is an amazing performer. The fps is around 370 with .20.
The tight bore makes the weapon have great range and phenomenal accuracy along with the hop up. This weapon can defiantly compete with upgraded guns. The ROF is very high. Itís sometimes faster than the magazine. The range where its accurate is up to 150-160ft. groups were around 1.5 inches at 30ft, 3 inches at 60ft, 5.5 inches at 90ft, and around 11 inches at 120 ft. this is including the bb the furthest from the group.

Upgrades-for you upgrade whores out there. This is a very good platform. The motor and gears can take up to m130 making it a DMR. It is 100% TM compatible inside and out.

Externals- 25/25
Internals- 24/25
Performance- 22/25
I definitely recommend this gun to anyone.
by Chuck M. on 2013-10-07 11:22:55
"First AEG ever. Recommended by an experienced player.
Shot 335fps out of the box, straight and level with no hopup dialed in.
3 evenings of shooting @1000bbs through it so far.

Pros: Good solid feel
Cons: no battery or charger included with it.
by Carson G. on 2013-09-15 10:50:33
"I have had this gun for over a year and put more than 30k rounds through it, and all I can say is that it a performer in the truest sense. Nice durable metal body, and surprisingly light weight. Just recently the stock mag that came with it started to have some trouble so I bought some new ones, but it did last over a year so no complaints there. Good rof with a 9.6 but I extend the stock all the way out and I took off one of the caps in the front of the stock and stuck a 10.8 stick in there and it works great.

Fast rof
Good range 120+ feet
Very nice quality
450 round mags
Overall great gun

A little wobble when you get it, but it's easy to tighten everything up
Can't remove the front sight
Mags are wobbly, easily fixed by putting a little tape in the back of the magwell

Overall an amazing gun, still after a year and 30k rounds works like it did when I first got it and incredible for the price. Couldn't ask for anything better

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