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Model: GP-ASG-50032

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by Bryan P. on 2016-05-18 09:59:01
"Love this gun. Very high powered and extremely accurate. I would definitely recommend this gun to anyone looking for a high power long range accurate gun. I have had zero problems with this gun.
by Peter H. on 2016-02-28 11:02:54
"This gun is cool and fires super fast and hard. I am a responsible air-soft player and take care of my weapons very well but the problem I encountered with this gun is the hammer did not cock the gun after a while of playing. The gun still worked when I slightly pulled back the trigger and simultaneously the hammer. I later made an "autopsy" and found out that the piece that was cocked from pulling back the hammer had worn off. I do not know how to fix this, maybe some welding or part replacement but I guess my gun was just flawed. I would have rated it 5/5 if it were not for this problem. If I were you, I would get it because I probably just got a flawed model. All in all cool gun, I might get a scope for it.
by stephen e. on 2015-12-18 23:30:18
"If you want to beat everyone you ever play against but you want to do it in a epic unique way I highly recommend this gun for you.

Very accurate
High FPS , which I guess could be a con, but I really like it :)
Long range
It makes all my friends want to be on my team when we play

-It only comes with six shells, I recommend buying extra shells
-The handle in which the co2 is inserted doesn't lock into place very well
-I had to return the first one I bought because the cylinder wouldn't spin on it's own, I returned it for a new one, which worked beyond
-You don't have it
by stephen e. on 2015-12-05 09:32:23
"I love this gun. It shoots very hard, not to hard to use in a fight of course, nothing wrong with giving your opponents a little sting. I wouldn't want to play against this gun though.

Shoots very accurately.
Good fps.
Very good range.
Looks and sounds amazing.
Rather unique. I love the huge barrel.
Very realistic, the shells are metal.

The handle in which the co2 is inserted doesn't lock in place.
Only six shots. I recommend buying extra shells.

I highly recommend anyone to buy this gun! It shoots just as far and accurate as almost any AEG.
by Aidan S. on 2015-10-30 12:35:07
"A while ago I bought this gun just to have a different kind of sidearm for the engagement distances at my field because I run a DMR as my primary and cant shoot people within 15 feet of myself. Little did I know that the gun would shoot 540 fps with a .20g bb right out of the box.

The Dan Wesson is very well built and very easy to use. The only bad things are that you NEED to buy extra shells with it. The 6 shells that it comes with typically are not enough to last an entire match if you have to draw your sidearm frequently. You also need to have the gun holstered as a cross draw. The barrel is too long, even for someone who is 6 foot 6 inches tall, to draw quickly and comfortably on the same side as your shooting hand.

I definitely recommend this gun to anyone who is looking to shoot hard with a sidearm and scare any opponent into running.
by Michael M. on 2015-10-05 05:15:28
"Pretty simple. Feels almost exactly like the real thing, good weight, nice metal construction. The plastic grip doesn't feel bad at all. Would prefer a wood grip myself, or a hard rubber grip. Only one tiny snag, for me: When I got mine, the cylinder doesn't turn when starting from the properly aligned position. Can't cock the hammer, or pull back the trigger, and have to turn the cylinder itself just a bit to get it to turn. Maybe there's a fix for this that I'm not aware of, but I would still recommend anyway. If you're more talented than me, which you more than likely are, you can probably get a little trick going where you turn the cylinder yourself between shots.

Worth the buy.
by anthony d. on 2015-07-06 18:29:21
"I just got this gun in the mail, the gun looks and feels awsome.
The only issue i had was the package was open when i got it and the cylinder would not cycle to another round I have to manually open the cylinder and rotate a new roit nd. Hopefully the issue can be fixed before other buys deside to buy it.
by Trey T. on 2014-12-10 14:57:44
"This is a great gun. What it lacks in ammo capacity it makes up for in accuracy so you know every shot will count. I have had no problems with it but I do have a list of things that I believe could be problems in the future:

-The black finish on the revolver may start to chip off due to heavy use
-The integrated key that screws in the co2 may break if twisted too hard
-The sliding part of the grip that houses the co2 may become loose and start to slide on its own
-As mentioned in another review, the pins holding the barrel could start bending resulting in a loose barrel

The items listed above are just things to be wary of. They have not happened to me and I would not let them deter you from buying this revolver. I give the gun a strong 9/10 because although everything is great the iron sights are terrible.
by Carlos M. on 2014-10-28 20:31:40
"I have this gun and use it as my primary gun in a cowboy style loadout and i have been able to win against high end AEG. This was the best purchase i could made. The only thing is that it can be tricky to find a holster for it so i have to made it (which is fun to do) And i wonder if it could fit into a tornado holster could fit and be used in a combat belt without being an obtruction for a vest or plate carrier.
by Ben W. on 2014-04-14 20:50:23
"This gun FAR exceeded my expectations. When I first got it, it pulled to the right a bit. I was using .20 bb's so when i switched to .25's it was dead on accurate. The minimum ammo isn't an issue with me at all. I keep an extra hand full of bb's in my shirt pocket so when I run out of shells i can just load them really quick (make sure you are in a secure cover). But i have pegged people from very far away. In instances where you would fire multiple shots with a regular gbb pistol, I have been able to quickly draw and fire one shot and get the kill. Another bonus is because it shoots so hard, people definitely feel that single shot. In one game i saw a guy running from one building to another out of the corner of my eye. I lifted my gun quickly and shot it gangster style and hit him right in the knee causing him to stumble and run right into a wall. Simply put, you will dominate with this thing.
by Thomas B. on 2013-12-30 01:20:16
"I am so impressed with this revolver, it is by far my favorite sidearm I've ever owned. I used it all day at a game a few days ago, and am extremely happy with my purchase. I managed to tag about 6 people without missing them once, and one guy I scared the crap out of from surrendering him with an 8 inch revolver in his face.

- Extremely good accuracy and range, shoots about the same, if not more, than my stock combat machine
- Strong full metal construction
- Realistic design, as a lover of revolvers, this was important to me
- Included rail is very nice, I slapped an RDS on mine and it was wonderful
- High FPS more than makes up for the low ammo count in my opinion
- The use of well-made shells is a great touch
- Double and Single action (cannot be fanned, however)

- The ironsights suck... really bad. I painted dots on my rear ironsight to help me align it with the front post, but it only works so well
- The barrel may become very wobbly, since a long 8 inch full metal barrel is being held by only 2 pins, the smaller one might bend. I fixed this by putting 2 - 3 small pieces of electrical tape in between the two pins located between the rail and back iron sight. Fixed it perfectly and have 0 wobble
- The cylinder, as well as the speed loaders, can get caught on the fat grip, and get in the way. This is only really an issue if you're a big-time speed reloader like I am.
- There is no form of latch to hold on the part of the grip that pops out for the Co2 cartridge, so it has to be taped closed otherwise it comes loose

Despite the cons (which are mostly nitpicking), I give this wheel gun a solid 9/10. I wouldn't want any other revolver as my sidearm, and highly recommend it to anyone who wants an accurate, strong, and terrifying looking handgun. I would suggest getting 1 or 2 more sets of shells, just in case. I only ever had to reload once during a game, but its nice to have them as back up.
by kevin b. on 2013-10-19 15:45:39
"Gun came in yesterday. very impressive revolver. Nothing on this gun feels cheap or clunky. shot around 450 on my chrono. I'm a CQB player, so I modded the hammer spring to drop the gun down to 300fps. The gun was very easy to take apart and work on, and putting it back together was a breeze.

Before I did the mod, the gun is very loud which is nice. I big intimidating revolver like this should be loud. The weight is spot on to the real thing. Compared to my real .357, the weight is close so it feels very comfortable.

The gun doesnt have a hop up, if it does, I havent found it yet, But I don't think it does.

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