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by Byron N. on 2014-10-26 13:05:35
"WE M14 rifle
I bought this air soft rifle back about March of 2014. I saw one in an air soft store and nearly bought it right there. However I decided to do some internet checking first. It became obvious there were some things that would need upgrading even on a new rifle. The store one had been operated with no lubrication and was essentially worn out.

So I bought a new one. I actually carried the real one almost identical to the AS one. The weight and balance is astoundingly close. I outfitted mine with a 3-9 x 40 illuminated scope due to problems with my eye sight.

There is enough already written about the box and lack of instructions so I'm going to leave that as well as visual descriptions. It is very close to the RS so enjoy it for what it is.

This rifle is just so much fun to shoot. I've got well over 9000 rnds through so far.

Now this being a gas blow back rifle means there are lots of moving parts. Most of these are metal but die cast aluminum or zinc alloy. For the most part they hold up pretty well. I broke the bearing off the bolt cover so I now have several spares. Also broke the plastic nozzle lit up as a result. Haha. These were replaced with the RA-Tech aluminum ones. The stock nozzle broke so i got a couple stock ones and a couple 500 fps ones.

I saw there were a number of issues with the trigger assembly. In looking at it, lubrication and keeping the pins tight seemed to be a good fix. Eventually at about 6000 rnds the trigger assembly suffered a catastrophiuc failure. I was a little disappointed but I got about 2 1/2 times as many rnds as most out of the stock one so I just bit down hard on the bullet and bought the RA-Tech steel trigger assembly. This is the best improvement you can make so either pony up at the start or save for the day. You will destroy the stock trigger,no doubt. I thought I could beat it by carefully maintaining it but I had to give in. The steel trigger box is so smooth that it is hard to believe.

The rifle is very easy to take apart. There is a video for this.

Because I use the 500 fps nozzle I can only use semi auto at the fields I go to. It's easy to disable full auto by just removing the selector bar.
The full auto feature is cool but as on the RS we found that accuracy was golden and tactics were adjusted for this. Close in the M 4 and variants work pretty well. I will say that if you get hit by this rifle as I have it at 110 feet you will know it!! It hits hard and I can triple tap pretty well.

I also added the Ra-Tech 6.01 barrel and bucking. This puts accuracy out to well over 220 feet. Now it does take some tuning to do this but it's what makes GBBR fun. I shoot enough that I know the spread of bb's so I don't need to see them. I use green or tan bb most of the time so it is hard to spot me by bb path. It make a fearsome sound as it cycles so it carries a fear factor.

My final mod has been the R Hop. I'm still testing but it works well in this rifle.

As a side note mag gassing is usually caused by improper seating of the mag or over filling the mag.

Very realistic good looking
Great for milsim
Cool sound
Nice 'fear factor'
Very accurate
Very good range
Easy to work on
Great DM rifle
Handles well for a big rifle
Lots of good upgrades are available
Just plane fun to shoot
Possible to convert to HPA

This rifle is heavy, plus mags weigh 1 1/4 pounds each. Not for wimps.
You need a substantial pack to carry mags and extra ammo.
This rifle needs maintenance often but is easy to service.
Lots of spare parts are required
Steel trigger box required
This is not a cheap rifle to purchase or maintain
Not really a beginner rifle unless you have very good mechanical skills.
Requires a special mag speed loader. This is not really a con as the WE loader for this works well and is inexpensive.

Over all I'll give this rifle 4 1/2 stars or 9 out of 10. Mostly because of the trigger box expense and maintenance that could be fixed by better materials.

As a final note Evike is the place to get all the parts and accessories. I didn't get paid for that either...just a fact.
by Erik F. on 2013-12-13 21:59:47
"I bought this gun at the super store, been to the field twice with it and holy cow is this the best airsoft gun i have ever owned. Ive been playing for 8+ years and now getting out of the AEG's and into the GBBR's. My favorite rifle is the M14 (M1A) and i have the G&G v7 AEG. I decided to get away from my GBB G&G shorty M4 and go for a nice long range rifle. I knew about WE tech and the cheap materials they use to dub down the price of the guns but i couldnt pass up a GBB M14....i just couldnt. I bought it and fell in love. Many many videos i have seen have the gun sound like a high pitch kind of punch to it.....but no, this thing is terrifying to be on the other end, it makes such a vicious noise, its scary. Stock barrel, .20g, green gas.....388, not bad for out of the box. But i got the RA tech steel 540mm inner barrel, NOTE! If you are going to get the RA tech inner barrel, you HAVE to get the RA tech hop up bucking, the stock WE bucking is too big so your hop up unit cant slide back into the tube and back onto your gun. With the new inner barrel, shooting propane and .28g, its at around 380-390 fps, perfect for fields and perfect for being an effective DMR. I wish they made black .28g because you cant see them and to see the sudden surprise is priceless. So far so good, about 1000 rounds have been shot and not a single problem. THIS GUN IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS, i was having trouble understanding the break down process so i can take care of the gun properly, and for someone who is new to GBBR's or airsoft in general, it would've been a black abyss. Best part by a mile, more better than the price, price for mags and the nice accuracy is the......kick back. This thing has some pretty substantial kick back for a 12 lb rifle. I would have to say other people have said this thing is about the same kick as a .22 LR, but i say its more like a .9mm. All in all, this gun is pretty amazing, i love it. Im never going to buy another rifle ever again. But i must say to any new person to airsoft / GBBR's, this gun is NOT for you, unless you're the kinda person who takes it to a shop to get it fixed.
by tyler l. on 2013-11-13 07:27:08
"So, realistic wise, this gun is amazing. it looks, feels, and kicks like the real thing. But design wise, its terrible. When I first shot it, i was not impressed at all by the fps and range. It was horrible. But luckily i bought the nozzle upgrade, installed it, and it was extremely accurate and fast. Then, I encountered the gas problem. Every now anthen, gas would spew out and empty out of the magazine. This is extremely frustrating when you are trying to snipe or in a firefight. This problem seemed to sort itself out. Then, the trigger assembly nightmare. The trigger assembly makes the Ford Pinto look like a engineering marvel. The two-part trigger assembly literally tears itself in two when fired. It takes about 2000 rounds to get the full effect, but eventually you will not be firing this gun, UNLESS you buy the A.) whole RA Tech trigger assembly, or B.) buy the trigger box made from one piece of steel. Either way, its no cheap fix. But If you are willing to make some upgrades, this rifle will not let you down.

Pros: Extremely accurate weight and feel
Very accurate with nozzle upgrade
Plenty of upgrades
Nice kick to it.
All the problems can be fixed.
Cons: Runs out of ammo very quickly on Full. I suggest use semi only or buy mags.
Heavy. Its a pro and a con. This gun is not for small people.
Has slight gas problem. Keep the mags very clean and out of dirt.
The trigger assembly is horrible. Buy the RA Tech trigger assembly.

Nuff said.
by Rodrigo L. on 2013-11-05 13:28:02
"This review is in spanish to help spanish people buying this airsoft rifle.

La replica es muy solida, bien construida, tiene un golpe muy realista al disparar, aunque como cualquier replica a gas tiene sus peros.

Estos peros son que necesita un set de gatillo nuevo o bien revisar como viene el de fabrica, puesto que es muy duro disparar el gatillo en caso que el set esté muy partido.

Las guias del nozzle son de plastico por ende comprar las guias de metal de ra-tech es bastante necesario, junto con otras piezas reforzadas de metal, para que su resistencia sea mejor.

Al comprar esta replica le instalé una goma y cañon ratech, lo que me dio una distancia efectiva de unos 80 metros si no mas.

La replica viene con un resorte extra para aumentar la cantidad de balines del cargador de 20 a 30, viene escondido en el compartimiento de la culata.

El peso de la replica es bastante grande, dejandote bien cansado si no estas acostumbrado a llevar mucho peso en las manos.

El fps de esta replica cronada con 0,20 y gas guarder del negro me da un promedio de 530fps.

El desarmado basico de la replica es bastante simple y no demora nada en realizarse. Si bien para actualizaciones mas profundas se requiere sacar varios pasadores y tornillos.

Yo le doy un 4 de 5, ya que la replica venia con el plastico del mag que sujeta los balines, roto, además de que las guias del nozzle se rompieron a la primera partida. De todas maneras Evike me dio de manera gratuita ambos productos como cortesia por el inconveniente.

En resumen, es una exelente replica, pero que necesita si o si, upgrades de ra-tech, no es una replica para depender si está de fabrica.
by Justin M. on 2013-07-25 13:43:56
"Decided to go the Milsim route and saw things GBB. Just received it today and was immediately impressed. The build quality of this guns is just amazing. I have had between 30-40 different airsoft guns in my time and 8 years of playing and this by far is the best most solid one I have ever seen. We-Tech GBB series is the route to go if you want Milsim.

Pros- Solid Build
Great kick
Realistic feel
Weight Balance
trigger pull
Break down
The List goes On and On

Flash Hider was damaged upon delivery not even a big deal already have talked to Evike. So not even really a issue or Con.

I never really review things I buy but I was very Impressed with this. Also a Big thank you to Evike and there sales team. I was on the phone with them last week and early this week ordering alot of stuff to get back in the sport and they were very resourceful and helpful when it came to questions I had. Haven't changed in the years I have been out and that's good to see. Have earned my business again and will continue in the feature.
by Evan G. on 2012-12-13 14:05:18
"So first of all this gun is about the coolest thing ive ever seen. Right out of the box it just amazed me the only problem with it is that it is not a wood stock you can get one on evike though for a 100 dollars.

built to last unless you screw around with it
if you put a sniper scope on it you can still use the iron sights
shoots really hard
good fps
recoil is insane

to be honest it was a lot heavier than i expected but hey, thats what makes it just that much cooler.
by Jason F. on 2012-11-21 04:48:27
"This is a beautiful airsoft rifle. Very accurate to the real rifle. Only missing manufacturer markings on the receiver heel. Gun is heavy and extremely close to actual rifle weight. I bought this rifle for my collection and I'm very happy with it. The barrel/receiver/trigger group does shift in the stock slightly. And my trigger group came slightly tweaked from the factory. But even those things considered its still a great airsoft rifle. Shoots very well. Quite accurate, and the blow back action is super cool. It makes the whole expierence of shooting the rifle so much cooler. To me anyway. Mags are proprietary, fake stock is a little lame but durable. Overall still a good deal. For those who complain about the hand guard. That's how they look on the real rifle. The only difference being on the real rifle they are made from fiberglass, and WE made it out of plastic.
by Daniel V. on 2012-06-21 11:39:05
"I bought this rifle for my collection. It looks wonderful and the attention to detail is outstanding. It is heavy but so is the real M14. I pretty much am leaving mine bone stock except for a leather sling and M2 bipod. My only issue was a tight trigger but fixed that pretty easily. One thing, the trigger group is very much like the real M14. It is so close that the only BIG difference is the hammer for the gas system was added. That is just cool.
by Ryan W. on 2012-06-03 13:52:29
"After a fewmonths of enjoying this beauty, it was nothing more than an exaggerated toy. It is very much like the real gun but there is so many quality and technical problems with it that its not even worth $330 (or $500+ for the EBR), aftermarket parts are very expensive and a ridiculous $40 for a 20 round magazine, as well as not being able to get most parts replaced due to poor metal quality. The trigger assembly I had to replace a few times over a few months and its gulping down gas in 80% weather (I get about 6 shots when I usually get about 50 when I first got it). As a very experienced player, I advised all readers to be sure you have a solid job to pay for this gun.

Easy to clean
Easy to use
Accurate up to 250 feet with scope, upgrade nozzle, and .30g bb's
Reasonable weight
Excellent in any weather (Can withstand rain and snow, use Mapp-Gas "Yellow Cylinder Propane" for cold winter, Propane for average and hot weather)

Expensive Magazines
Sub-Par Replacement Parts Selection
Lots of pins and parts then perferred
Very Poor Metal Quality
Trigger Mechanise is unsecured (Trigger assembley often becomes loose, held together by one screw and a very small pin)
No engraved M14 tradmarks
Poorly made O-Rings (Had to replace the nozzle O-Ring over a dozen times in a few months)
Poor Manufacturer Customer Support for this rifle

NOTE: I advise you to spend money on another gas rifle, wait for a newer release, or assist in making a new brand of the Gas M14 Airsoft Rifle, this rifle is not worth it in this economy.
by Chrissa S. on 2012-05-15 21:16:31
"Love this gun! When taken out of the box I was overwhelmed at the realism and the kick is awesome!
8/10 cause mags are pricey but worth it don't be scared to buy extra mags you will need them!

All metal
Faux wood is good

30 round mags
Pricey for only 30 rounds
some pot metal
by Jerry S. on 2012-05-02 06:34:55
"This gun is amazing the mag had a leak in it but it can be fixed take of the bottom plate and tighten the two biggest screws and it should stop any leaks the rest is the best I've had ever I installed the 500 fps upgrade and didn't get to shoot it yet so hope it works.
by Joseph N. on 2012-04-24 12:32:31
"Got this a couple of weeks ago and thought I would put in my two cents.

_Recoil was way more than I was expecting...VERY impressive
_Heavy - but in a good way
_Build quality is rock solid

_Faux wood stock is quite underwhelming, I would advise getting a real wood replacement and painting the stock "stock" white (assuming WE ever comes through on the M14 CO2 Mag)
_Not exactly a straight shooter out of the box. Veers to the left (even after barrel cleaning). You might need new bucking, barrel, etc...

Conclusion: quite happy but will take may take a bit of work to get it up to speed

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