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Echo1 Full Metal Airsoft M14 AEG Two Hi-Cap Magazine Package (Imitation Wood Stock)

17 Customer Reviews

by neil anthony m. on 04/11/2017
"I bought this M14 and loved it, i am a designated marksman for my team and the M14 was my first DMR and it shot accurately, i bought a scope mount for it and when i had to take mock stripper clip guide off for the scope mount when i inserted to mount into the little slit where the stripper clip guide went it bent off so i was upset but it does effect the way the gun works and i was going to leave the mount on forever anyways but theres one thing you cannot use this gun on auto for a long time the gears get stripped and it starts to sound really bad but it still works i allowed a friend of mine to use it and he held down the trigger like an idiot and after i taught him the correct way to shoot he continously shot it semi on full auto and he jerked the trigger so he messed it up and i har to fix it but it still shoots amazingly good just sounds like crap overall this gun is a great buy and when you pull the charging handle tge rod my get stripped and separate from the inside but teflone tape or electric tape can fix it, and another thing i bought mibe from my local airsoft store and i wanted to change the motor but u saw that it was soddered together i dont know if the store did that or echo 1 did but its sad because i have to buy the whole gearbox and motor together for $200
by Royce S. on 12/14/2014
"impressed is a good word to describe my feelings about this rifle.

it comes fully assembled so you get to experience it right from the box. nothing loose or wobbly. it's heavy (much more than i expected) especially for the synthetic stock. the factory battery fits easily behind the well-built butt plate, with room to spare. it actually needs some padding to keep it from clunking around. out of curiosity, i tried fitting a 7.2v 3000mAh battery from an RC car into the compartment. it fit like a glove (a tight one) and added some nice balance/weight to the rear. since the 7.2v racks the stock gearbox same as the 8.4v, i think i'll keep it there. i don't plan on needing a RoF faster than my finger.

the imitation wood stock looks pretty convincing but it does have some flex when you grip it and the seams are visible and uneven.

rear peep sight is adjustable up/down and left/right…and it's solid. the moving charging handle is a neat "plus" but kinda unnecessary. sure, it adds to the realism but it is 100% cosmetic—no internals are accessible under it. the spring holding the handle shut is fairly weak (i guess) because it allows the (rather heavy) assembly to slide back and forth as you run or when you quickly rest the butt on the ground.

using my uncalibrated eye-chrono, it shoots 0.25g BBs at around "fast". it also shoots them pretty accurately. i was testing batteries by plinking rocks (~2.5"x1.5") off the top of a fence. they were only 30' away but i was still impressed. i stayed impressed as i stretched the distance out to around 100' at a sheet of paper.

i'm very happy with this purchase. if you're on the fence, i say go for it!
by Kyle P. on 09/17/2014
"Ive had this weapon for 5 years now and still running the same way it did out of the box! Ive used this gun every where from cqb to field to sniping and hasn't failed once on me. This gun is hands down the best m14 you can buy that has reliability and accuracy that goes hand to hand right of the box. Honestly i haven't even had to open up my gun over all these years, which is rare even in high $$$$ aegs. Soon I'm looking forward to putting a miracle barrel in just to tighten the pattern a little, but you really dont even need it.

Durable as a rock
Accurate as a $1000 aeg
Smooth shooting
Authentic look and feel
Rate of fire is true to the real steel

none what so ever!

Overall opinion: ......why are you still looking at the reviews? Go buy one to see yourself! It wont disappoint!!!

Also get a rail system over the bolt so you can use optics/scopes, because youll need them if youre sniping
by Alaric H. on 07/19/2013
"I've had this rifle for about 6 months and I must say it is an excellent DMR for me. I got this in a trade and because I'm the repair man for everybody when they have a broken gun or gear, so they gave me this to fix and keep. This thing is a work horse, with everything I've put it through I'm surprised it still running. I drilled holes and adapted some rails to the front and it's pretty sweet. (no $ for aftermarket rails) You may also want to upgrade to a better battery. The one it comes with dies a little early and has a slower ROF than other batteries.

-Very' accurate
-Customizable (for creative minds)
-Not a very common gun (around me anyway)
-Sweet looking
-Durable (internally) been through rain and mud, everything else

-One side if the stock broke...fixed it...broke again (for a good reason)
-It's longer than other guns, even some snipers, you may hit it on some trees n' stuff when running.
-You may want to be tough to have this. It's front heavy. I'm perfectly fine with it, but others are uncomfortable using it.
by Andrew E. on 04/15/2013
"I bought this rifle some 2 years ago, and even with all the other rifles I've bought, this one, is still my work horse.

It has never once failed me. The entire two years I've owned it, I have never had to have any work done on it. Shoots ~340 fps with 0.20g which is good, because it's just on the limit for CQB rules, so I have a powerful hitter in close quarters. Motor runs beautifully, never jammed, never broken shot, hell, I'm still using the 8.4 that came with it and it lasts for ~3000 rounds. it has really, REALLY good range and accuracy.

Equipment isn't the easiest to find, but it isn't the hardest either. There are box sets for mid cap mags to order, and you can find hi-caps at any airsoft retailer. They aren't as cheap as say an M4, but nothing compared to my PPSH or my BAR. Because this one is a vintage style, customization is limited, but you can find rail kits and other mounting equipment here on evike.

My only beef with it is the battery compartment. It is woefully under-sized which forces you to bend and strain the wires, connectors, and fuse to get everything to fit. The wires to my fuse are fraying and are about to go out, but that's a simple replacement. Nothing major.

I strongly recommend this rifle to anyone looking for a low maintenance rifle with high performance that everyone and their grandma doesn't own. It really is a head-turner.
by Brandon W. on 10/02/2011
"I received this gun just the other day, and it's so beautiful. After a few adjustments to the gun it shoots like a beast (war tested). The 2 mags that come with it are really the only ones you need. Of course the "Holly cow" deal of 2 more for $5 isn't always a bad idea either. I still plan on getting a rail or 2 for a scope and maybe a bi-pod.

-The Fps is around 390-425 (9.6 volt)
-The rate of fire is good for a gun that was only a semi auto back in the day.
-The gun is incredibly realistic.
-The spread is incredibly small. Almost perfect accuracy. (9/10 shots hit)
-Using .23gram i can shoot and hit targets at 160 feet with little effort.

-The battery is a little tricky to get in and out, but the battery casing is the best I've seen.
-Can be a little heavy(8.5 lbs.) if you do not have a strap, or are a weak person(me).

Overall it is a great air soft weapon. If you like to snipe, or are just someone who enjoys holding ground in a war, This gun is for you.
by Armando L. on 09/22/2011


Amazing Accuracy!!!!!
High fps 380-420
Good quality
Easy to handle
Really reliable as well


Battery is hard to put in
A little heavy
other than that..... ITS AWESOME!!!!!!
by ian w. on 03/25/2011
"This gun overall is pretty awesome! It has a pretty good rate of fire, excellent range, and good accuracy. So my friends with their M4's get pinned down when i'm out of their range. And one of my favorite things about this gun is that it's quiet! After firing some of my friend's weapons, this gun seems REALLY quiet.

However, it is fairly heavy just like a real M14, and the battery is a pain to get in and out.
by Gregory C. on 12/13/2010
"great gun. has a good rof with the stock battery shoots 370 out of the box. the included mags suck reccomend mid caps. first upgrade should be a madbull 6.01 tightbore and metal hopup

good range
very realistic(the functional charging handle scared my friend the first time i pulled it back)
outstanding gearbox and motor, once the barrel and hopup are upgrade it will pwn

took mr 20 minutes to fit the battery in the compartment
crappy hopup and mags
no rails
by ian w. on 10/14/2010
"Great gun! It Has really good range and accuracy. It outperforms any other gun i have encountered! It shoots hard, and is very easy to use. My only problem with the gun is the battery. The battery is a HUGE pain to get in and out of the gun. I am always worried i will break a wire trying to get the battery into my gun.

2 Mags

No rails
A little heavy

But if those doesn't bother you, then this gun is near perfect!
by Jim G. on 10/05/2010
"I got this gun a few months ago and over all i am pleased, its mostly metal except for the stock and heat shield.The accuracy is good i hit a can from about 125-150 feet away and it will put a hole in the bottom of the can. Now im hoping to get some rials.
by Joseph P. on 06/04/2010
"Quick review on the M14 Echo
Not the prettiest of guns by far, for me though this gun is really effective. With the extra long barrel 509mm plus the fps of about 400, you really cant go wrong. My friend shot me with this gun from about 120 feet with this gun. That day he had multiple head shots and proved to me this gun is worthy of praise. He ended up moving so I bought his gun off of him. very sturdy and reliable, looking forward to upgrading the gun with a spring and barrel. bring it up to about 450-480 fps

all around good gun
hi cap clips x2
rof excellent
fps 400 not bad
very reasonable price )I paid $140 =]
awesome fun gun to have in your collection
No wobbles

Long for some people
battery is tight
THats about it
by Joseph P. on 04/22/2010
"I just bought this gun yesterday. My first impression of this gun was its very plain, and simple. I wasnt really impressed. Then when I saw this gun perform on the field I changed my mind about this gun. This gun has very accurate and long range, rate of fire is exceptionally fast, it comes with two high cap 440 rd magz, and for the price of this gun, its well worth it. I havent used it on the field yet but Im looking forward to bringing it out to play next weekend. My firend currently uses this gun when he plays and he owns the field damn near. He shot me in the head from about 30-40 yards away.
Im really impressed with this guns smoothness, it just shoots ever bullet with precision and velocity with no problem. I bought this gun for $160.00 no tax and I plan on upgrading the spring and gears, pistons, by then it should be shooting 450-500... This is a very nice gun, if looks arent everything to you then this is the gun for you. Dont let the looks fool you this guns a beast!
by Cody S. on 03/22/2010
"This is my first AEG and it is amazing! right out of the box it shoots really accurate and the hop-up makes it just that much more accurate. i've already installed a UTG rail system and Bi-pod, which makes the gun look very intimidating. i would recommend this gun to anyone looking for a rifle that could easily be upgraded to sniper standards, because that is exactly what i am doing. the fact that it is semi and full automatic makes it that much better.

Pros: Accurate, good fps, full metal w/ exception of stock and heat shield, fake wood stock looks pretty real, comes with 2 hi-cap mags.

cons: none other than the selector comes loose after a while, but this can be fixed with some lock-tight. and a part of the bolt assembly broke after messing with the bolt for a while (bolt really serves no purpose, just there for looks.
by daniel z. on 03/16/2010
"i got this gun yesterday its very good in range 150-175 yards full metal kind of heavy roughly 9lbs. 400 fps. the gun is just very good