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M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Riot Shotgun - Retractable Stock / CQC Barrel

43 Customer Reviews

by Curtis L. on 11/11/2016
"I have had this gun for about a year now and I have had no problems with it at all and the feel to it is so nice the stock might rattle that's just how they made it to have a cool reload and it might be kind of hard to cock it at first but it will get easier
by Zach C. on 08/10/2016
"I got this gun just the other day and it's AMAZING. It has a great fps. The 3 round burst is phenomenal. It's just all around a great gun at and great price. The only down side is the sights. They aren't the best but the aren't the worst, still giving this gun a 5/5
by John K. on 06/25/2015
"Having got this gun around 2 weeks ago, I have experienced it in an airsoft war and been able to see where it falls short, there of which is next to nowhere.

Lightweight but sturdy,
The Red Dot Sight that I had fit perfectly into it, having perfect accuracy at 50+ feet away,
The accuracy is outstanding, along with the spread being tight, but I did notice one BB, typically the lower one, seems to spread out. I liked this because it adds to the shotgun kind of feel, so it isn't essentially a single shot shotgun,
and that you can have 10 shots per shell.
The shells are a bit hard to load at first; the speedloader slips occasionally, spilling BB's everywhere
The pump is VERY HARD to cock back, but I'm just a 14 year old with mid physical condition, so don't let that deter you.

Final thoughts: I got the sling shell holder with it, the one that goes on the stock. It appears to have 5 shell spaces in the picture, but let me tell you, there's SO MANY MORE. Unless this was a processing error, there are 5 shell spots on the outside, 7 on the inside, (one you can put in the pistol grip of the shotgun,) and 3 underneath where the clamps to secure the gun are. I recommend only having every other space filled in, on the 7 slot one, as it curves into a circular shape if you load all of them. 10-13 extra shells is what I would recommend, transforming you into the beast of the airsoft field.
by Christian G. on 04/30/2015
"I own 3 shotguns and this seems to be my favorite, yes they are all tri shots
Of course 3 bbs per trigger pull(and pump)
Adjustable sights
Small rail for any optics
Very nice collapsible stock
Rubberized handguard/pump and pistol grip
Comes with one shell
Metal sling loop
Metal buffer tube
Pistol grip has a compartment to keep a spare shell
Very stiff pump
Good luck getting the Orange tip off
Fixed hop up
Majority of the gun is plastic
Don't expect a video game experience when concerning yourself with the bb spread, it's a relatively tight spread, if u want a decent spread stick with .2s
All in all this is still a fun gun and you get way more than what u pay for
by ian h. on 05/04/2014
"Ive had this gun for two years its my primary over my G36 and its just a beast. I wish the fps was higher but the 3-shot makes up for it this gun is amazing

Retractible stock
Looks cool
Makes the other team scared
And hurts in CQB(may be con for some)

Inter barrels don't go full length of outer
Stock wobbles a little

Overall best gun I've ever had
by Scott G. on 05/03/2014
"i got this gun about 6 months i love it shots well great for doing CQB

good range

shoots well

3 shot keep tight with .25

first 2 weeks it was really hard to rack back ( soo if your weak might take while to get it not soo hard to rack back but once you do it like the real thing rack back like it nothing)

all and all i love this gun i give it 5 out 5 stars for this shotgun
by Kyle L. on 11/25/2013
"This is an amazing shotgun, it might not be that powerful but it does serve its purpose CQB. I have a couple of gas guns and they both don't work in the colder weather but this shotgun never gives up. Once you buy this I bet you will want it as a primary.
good weight
accurate(for a 3 round burst)
looks great
adjustable stock
nice sights
good FPS(for 3 round burst)
by Ben B. on 06/04/2013
"I got this yesterday. Remarkable gun!


Sling is mediocre
Shells aren't the worst
Average FPS
The polymer feels nice
There's a hole under the grip for a shell
The effort it takes to cock it is not the worst
Very mobile
Speedloader is pretty good
The stock is really useful


When you eject the shell, it comes out exceedingly fast.
It's accuracy could be better for such a long barrel
Depending on your height, the sling has little to no use at all

Good for a beginning airsofter. I recommend you buy it.
by Anthony G. on 05/11/2013
"This Weapon is Amazing For the Price. This gun should be 100+.

3-4 Retractable Stock
Cheek Rest, Pistol Grip, Pump Are Made out of a conferrable Plastic
Body ABS Plastic
Not 4 Pounds
Metal Inner-Outer Barrel
Easy Removable Orange Tip

*Underneath the pistol grip is a shell holder

Mag release is hard To Hit
LOOOOOOONG So You might bump into Things
by vivian r. on 03/24/2013
"I just bought it this morning and i am very excited, i heard it was worth it so i got it i have a similar one and it works great but i got it at Big Bear 2 years ago. I hope this one lasts as long
by Kaleb S. on 02/03/2013
"This shotgun is fantastic. Yes some come with the stock wobbly. Mine personally did not, but i tighten in case. :D This shotgun is accurate at 25 YARDS, measured it myself. Youll need more shells. The Only thing is, do NOT use the ammo that has oils on it. Its not good in the shells and it takes a few shots to get it going. But if you use dry ammo .2's then it is fantastic. Wish i could rate more than 5 !
by Trevor W. on 01/25/2013
"The gun is great but the is one thing wrong with it, you wold need an alin wrench that is about 9 in long because the stock come loss and its almost impossible to fine a wrench that long
by william p. on 12/23/2012
"Just our of the box, it is an amazing looking gun! This gun owns on the battlefield but you'll probably want to buy an extra pack of 6 shells.
-Good looking
-comfortable grips
-very accurate
-shells r cool(holds 30 rds)
-sling is pretty good (comes with one)
-speed loader
-Easily affordable

by Gilberto M. on 07/26/2012
"ok i recently purchased, i was skeptical about springers but this is its own class.
If your new to airsoft this is a awesome begginer gun, or a nice gun to add to a experienced players collection
first off the stock is very comfortable, slight wobble but necessary to lock stock back to its shortest setting.
manual says use .12g but evike reccomends .20 i suggest buying matrix .25 they have them on sale.
heavier bbs= less spread
sights are dead on, rail is full metal, outer barrel metal basically the parts that need to be metal are.
satisfying plasitc or polymer not sure. trigger needs to be fully pulled,has a hard trigger which is good(no friends Accidently shooting you:)

cheap( has coupon codes that make it much cheaoer)
quiality parts(metal where it needs to be)
good fps
20mm rail for optics
at 100ft with matrix .020g hitting man sized target
no batteries, no gas= more reliable
adjustable rear sight

i have no real complaints or cons
by Angel B. on 07/10/2012
"so ive got this for 4 years now and its just superb. first off its a cheap weapon to maintain because you dont need gas or a battery

easy reloads
really light
you dont really need any vests at all just a dump pouch and maybe of of those 56 round belts

hard to pump if your weak or your just a little kid