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KJW Full Metal 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback - OD Green (Package: Pistol)

23 Customer Reviews

by Julio L. on 12/17/2016
"Great gun, if you are buying it you are making a good decision.

Plenty of replacement parts.
But it won't break that easy unless you do something very very s♡♧
by Connor E. on 08/29/2016
"I have had this model pistol for just about four years now, and it out-performed my old rifle which was newer than the 1911. It has great range, good kick and a perfect feel to the whole thing. Often times I will go pistol only on the field because it hits harder and shoots farther than some of the competing guns. If you're looking for a great pistol that feels perfect in your hand, has a good amount of kick, and performs flawlessly, this is the right pistol for you.
by Eddie S. on 03/31/2015
"Great gun. If you come across this buy it. The only con is that even though it is modeled after a 1911 it doesn't fit in the hardshell holsters because of the tac rail
by Thomas C. on 11/02/2014
"Overall LOVED this 1911. I'm currently running green gas out of it, but plan on switching to CO2, as it's more powerful.

Full Metal
Ease of operation (If you know how to use a 1911, then you'll know how to use this.)
Hard recoil
Grip ($60 tactical grip STOCK! Wouldn't trade it for anything)
High capacity (25 rounds can't be all wrong)
Gas efficiency-KWA pistols take up one mag with a full charge, and this one does a mag and a half. Not the best, but better.

Mag price ($40 is asking a lot for a spare mag. But being the typical airsofter, I'll bite)
Maintenance-As with any GBB pistol, you've gotta keep on top of PM. This one doesn't require as much TLC as others, but it's still something else you've gotta stay on top of.
Front sight-It fell off at first, I added some epoxy, and haven't had any other problems with it.
Ambi safety-Maybe this was unique to my gun, but the safety on the right side of the gun was VERY loose. Got it tightened, no more problems.

One thing that's not completely necessary, but I wish this gun had, was a power release. The newer KWA's have this, and I'm infinitely envious. When the slide is locked back, and you lock in a new mag, and you pull the slide back to chamber a round. This pistol doesn't do that, but I hear that can easily be modified.
OVERALL-Loved it! Get it! It's worth every penny!
by Kian P. on 09/27/2014
"This gun is amazing! I did a lot of research looking for a reliable GBB pistol, and I chose this over the KWA versions (mostly because I run propane and I think that voids KWA's warranty, and this gun also can take co2). Also, replacement parts can be found at multiple stores.

The only problem I've had with this gun is that the front sight fell off immediately and I lost it. Super glue it to the gun right when you take it out of the box! I'm handy with wood and paint, so I made a perfectly good new front sight.

25 rounds (and all 25 get fired before the gas runs out)
Crisp Blowback action
realism and comfort
Compatibility (can take WE TECH mags, but the slide does not lock back)
FPS is pretty reasonable
CO2 and Green Gas/Propane (Although I do not recommend only using co2)

Front sight fell off...
Constant maintenance (But it's a GBB, what do you expect?)

Overall: Highly recommended
by Chris G. on 12/27/2013
"Pros: This gun is great! Full metal and awesome build. The slide action is so smooth! Really durable and paint stays on well unlike other guns. Best airsoft gun I've ever owned. I would highly recommend it even for amateurs because it is easy to use and fun to shoot. Adjustable sights, great trigger, and overall look and feel. Sights are great, easy to de-assemble and assemble, full weight.

Cons: slide is just a little wobbly, no big deal though. Magazines are pricy and the one it comes with is a gas resivoir type. Mag is a little bit wobbly, no big deal, can be fixed with electrical tape for a filler.

Minimal cons and overall a great gun. I would highly recommend this gun and would buy a second if I could!
by Roger C. on 08/14/2013
"I love this 1911 made by KJW! It is well crafted and weighted pretty close to a real loaded handgun. It is very sturdy and has survived wear and tear. It has dead on accuracy and a great kick. The magazine is double stacked or staircased zig zag pattern. It efficiently uses gas. I used a single mag twice with the 25 .20 gram bb's. I have had this gun over three years now and has not failed me, effective since 2010.

Great weight feel for big hands.
Strong kick
Efficient gas usage
lots of shots for a pistol
Very durable for a full metal gun with special coating. FYI (Handle is a polymer)

Weight and size of handle can be an issue for some.
The mag likes to slide out fast which can be good for fast swaps, but also is prone to dropping.
The mag is also very heavy, makes up a little less than a quarter of the gun's total weight.
Learn to use safety on 1911's. Dont break it on accident.

Find the right Holster for this. The button protrudes a little far out so be careful if you feel your waist lighter while crouching and running.

Overall I love this Model!
by vicky m. on 06/03/2012
"i received this gun about a month ago and it was just SEXY. this gun has a hard kick and works perfectly. the only problem i have had with this gun is that when i took it apart and tried cleaning it the slide would lock when the pin wasn't in yet, also the slide would fall off when the pin was in the gun but i managed to fix and i still love this gun. Overall. its an awesome gun and i'll still give it 5 stars
by Christine K. on 02/26/2012
"I have had this gun for about a month and is amazing! It is very accurate and full metal. I think this is a really good gun for its price. The only bad part is the slide seems slightly wobbly, but still functions how it should.

-Full Metal
-good fps
-very similar in looks and function to real 1911

-slightly wobbly slide
-magazines tend to not work unless loaded properly
by Mamo B. on 12/04/2011
"ok, i just got this gun in the mail and im very impressed! The packaging is great with no damage to the gun which is pretty normal (for me) the package came with the gun, 2 magazines ( bought a 2nd one from the Holy Cow deal) and the manual, kjw booklet, mini poster, and some stuff from evike. The gun is metal where its supposed to be and a very realistic 1911 look (except for the sights but isn't a problem). It's about 2-3 lbs with the magazine. a very nice quality pistol, definitely one of my favorite pistols, no questons asked.

good quality
fps (about 350)
nice blowback action
high cap magazine
not made in china

no threaded barrel (not much of a problem)
chubby grip (i have small hands)
Thats all

overall a solid 10 a very good buy!!
by Jonathan N. on 11/11/2011
"i love this pistol. headshots from 50ft easy. I run with green gas and propane but with it's solid construction i'm sure it could easily handle co2

-sturdy construction, has withstood being dropped on concrete numerous times
-very accurate
-grip feels natural
-30 round clip
-nice rail at the bottom for some extra goodies
-looks awesome


Buy it! worth every penny.
by Jonathan N. on 09/14/2011
"Just got this with the 20% Labor Day Coupon along with the Holy Cow $3 Mag special. AMAZING! _The gun fits perfectly in my hand
_The Grip is very comfortable to the bare hand
_The shooter sights make it extremely easy to aim
_The magazine capacity is more than enough (30+1)
_The FPS is CQB ready (about 300 fps with .25s and Propane)
_The recoil is similar to most other blowbacks
_The accuracy is really good out of the box.
_Trigger pull is very smooth
_Built in rail
_Beautiful gun, puts my KJW m9 to shame

_Idknow how to remove the barrel (cause I'm a noob =P)

That's about it, overall a 9.5/10. Definitely worth trying out.
by Elizabeth K. on 09/11/2009
"I got this gun on i tuesday. This is my first airsoft gas blowback gun. I plan to get a gas blowback scar in the future. But anyways i just got to say this gun is aroun 370 fps, and it is AWSOME ! ! ! ! When I first opened up m,y package, i saw all the manuals, but I knew how to use the gun, so i didn't read them. Then after the manuals came the 3 cans of green gas that I ordered. Then came the gun and another spare magazine. I thought that both magazines take green gas, but it seems that THE 10$ SPARE MAGAZINE AS AN ADD ON (woops i had caps on the whole time,) takes only a 12 gram co2 cartridge. But hey thats still good, because it cost 10$ and normally it costs 35$ so you get an awsome deal right there. Anyways the blowback feeling on this gun and any other gun is so sweet!!! But if you put to much gas in the mag. then the gun will discharge a hard blow, like once I put in 6 sec. of gas and the thinmg almost out of my hand. So overall this gun is really awsome, extremely durable, worth the price, good a secondary weapon, or for CQB, and i recommend this gun to anyone out there who loves airsoft, and is extremely ressponcible with this kind of guns. SAo thankyou evike, and you guys are as always the best of the best when it comes to airsoft and real military surplus. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!
by Matt S. on 01/22/2009
"This gun is the same gun as the other KJW M1911 with the green grips. The only difference is this one has a black outer barrel and trigger while the other one has silver ones and this one has a red air nozzel ans the other one has a blue one. The gun is great, good range and power, and awesome weight. I compared it to a real M1911 and its mostly the same, this one is a little bigger and more modern looking.

Overall great gun, if you want a reliable side-arm then this is a great choice. If you want more info then let me know, I'd be happy to elaborate.
by Rob K. on 04/20/2016
"Pros: full metal
Awesome recoil
great slide
Great feel and weight
gas mags work great
cons: mag ejection button is easy to use and cant keep a mag in the gun when its in a softshell holster and co2 mags are just garbage

Overall great gun solid 4.5/5