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by Canyon S. on 2016-05-23 14:24:13
"ive had this gun now for almost 2 months and it is so far a pretty nice gun.
Full metal everything except for the stock and motor grip
Heavy (could be a con)
M4 iron sights
Lots of rails
Very comfortable motor grip
Nicely big battery space

This gun shoots pretty high right of the box. It shot 426 with a 9.6 volt battery and .20 BBs which is 6 over the limit at my field.
The RIS rails on gun I got wobble quit a lot, might just be mine though. (moves about a couple millimeters in every direction)

Overall, a good gun with a unique AK look
by Chris R. on 2015-11-15 15:38:16
"I am satisfied with the gun, for the most part. The stock of the gun comes separate from the gun and you have to assemble it yourself. I would have paid extra to have it assembled and shipped in a bigger box. The holes for screws did not line up that well and the screws felt like they might have cross threaded. The screws are cheap so I went and got new ones. The battery does not slip into a space in the stock made specifically for the battery. I had to push a cloth up inside of the stock and wrap the battery in another piece of fabric to prevent the battery from shaking around inside the stock, which is rather annoying, but it works. Other than that the gun seems to function properly. It's pretty heavy, but I actually like that because it makes it feel more like a real gun instead of a plastic Nerf gun. I didn't chrono the gun , but I was satisfied with its performance at a recent event. Overall, if you're patient and confident with assembling the stock, I would recommend the gun to others.
by Damian H. on 2015-03-26 18:15:41
"This gun is the best I have ever had! I would recomend it for every type of player! But maybe not beginners..

-extremely reliable/full metal
-stock is rubbery for great feeling on cheek.
-battery is easy to get in, plus there is something to hold it in place so there is zero wobble.
-zero wobble on any part of the gun.
-rails are covered with two side rail covers, and one rubber latter rail cover on bottom.
-EXTREMLEY accurate
-high rate of fire
-realilistic weight (can be con)

-screws are hard to get into metal for stock
-heavy (can be pro)
by Andrew S. on 2014-10-02 21:19:13
"I just got this gun the other day and I spent the ENTIRE day shooting it. I ran 12000 bbs through it to see how well my drum mag worked in it and I have to say I recommend it! Its the Matrix Gen II 3000 rd drum mag. yes there's hot glue and stuff in there but it works that's all that matters. Its accurate and feeds gloriously especially with the waffle mag that comes with it. I must say I'm impressed. This is my first ever airsoft gun so I was expecting to have made a terrible purchase because my lack of knowledge but overall I LOVE this gun

-good weighty feeling in my hands. 10 lbs with my full drum mag. (could be a con)
-Good RoF actually comparable to the real AK RoF
-Good battery that comes with it but get a smart charger
-the mag that comes with it is reliable. threw it around a bit to test it and it held
-almost NO wobble unless I REALLY try even though I lost a screw for the stock.
-Solid build and it seems the selector switch problem I heard about isn't for ALL of them

-Stock is fiddly to get on. Couldn't get to one of the screws and I don't think I could've without taking off the pistol grip which I wasn't comfortable doing.
-the dust cover is flimsy and loose and rattles. It also has issues locking back in place but you get used to it.
-Rail covers that came with it came broken. No biggy I'm getting no ones anyways I'm just saying
-The selector switch isn't very crisp and its hard to stop at full auto. Will take practice.
-Manual is a bit... hard to understand
-Flash hider is CHEAP and confusing. Unscrewed to the right so I broke it by barely twisting it left thinking it was glued. Luckily bought a black one with my order.
-Stickers are hard to get off. I want realism and a big warning sticker isn't realistic.
-Upper reciever seems like it'd fall off it not for the screw holding down the front. I can see wires through bits i think are supposed to be closed.

Overall a good gun and the cons I do have are very specific or trivial but just stuff I wished to note. I honestly think this was a great buy for my FIRST ever airsoft gun. I will probably post an update review after I get to take it out a bit.
by Elijah G. on 2012-09-18 21:17:52
"This gun rocks. you mite want to get a larger batterie for more fps. Screws in the stock do not match up us some elc. tape and you're good. loveee this gun
by JoRonda N. on 2010-03-06 04:14:04
"This is a great replica. I have used it for the past year with no problems. Please read this review, this is not some 10 year old kid that doesnt know anything about airsoft who just posts his review saying "oh my word this thing rocks!" I am a mechanic for my team and have fixed many guns for the years that i have been playing.

Internally: Out of the eight years that i have played airsoft this was my first Version 3 gearbox and i love it. I have put over 80,000 rounds through this gun and i have no problems (i havent even had to replace the piston yet). I upgraded the motor and spring while everything else in the gearbox was stock and still, no problems. I trust this internally i have been running a Lipo 11.1v 20C 2200 MaH battery in it for over the past 6 months and yet again, no problems. If you want a rugged gun that will last HERE IT IS.

Body: I abused this thing. I accidently dropped it down 16 marble stairs and still, NO PROBLEMS. I tripped and landed on this bad boy and dislocated my knee, still no problems for the gun. Yes this gun has the classic stock wobble but you can easily fix that by drilling a washer and screw through the stock into the body of the gun (that sticks out if you take off the stock) and through the otherside. Time taken: 5min, Solution: Stock doesnt wobble.

Accuracy: On saturday i got a headshot at 60M (190 ft) on semi. This is a really accurate gun. I dont feel the need to buy a tightbore barrel because it doesnt need it. But if you want to go ahead. The groupings are good on full auto as well. I am the leader of my team and everyone else has a G&P, TM, Systema, CA, ect... I have this JG but this gun keeps up with there guns no problem, why buy a $500 replica when you can own this.

Rails: I love my rails. In the past guns i have owned the RIS or RAS rail systems have been a little wobbly but not on this bad boy. I just tighten the screws once a month and im ready to roll.

NOTE: If you play CQC (close quarters combat) do not buy this gun, its long and a little heavy (unless you want to remove the stock and replace the wiring to the front of the gun. This gun should only be used for outdoor play only. Also: Use .25g bbs with this, its alot accurate. I got 360 FPS with the stock spring while using .25g bbs.

This is a perfect airsoft gun for a person who is just starting airsoft or for a higher level player. This gun requires minimum upgrades (spring, motor) for a gun that will last for years. Get it, you will not regret it.
by james m. on 2009-10-06 12:37:28
"Even stock this a really fun shooter and it looks awesome. But upgraded with a madbull TightBore and a good 9.6v, this thing is devastating. I haven't done much to the gearbox yet, and 6 months of heavy play later, it's still eating people up. I use it in my Designated Marksman position and it holds it's own well enough that I've giving up using my M14's. This thing is just that versatile. At 100 ft I can pretty much choose where I want the round to hit them.

Two suggestions though if you plan to use this beast:
First, pick up an after market stock (I use the Matrix / Echo1 Ak74 Black Full Stock). The factory stock , even with modification, has a hard time holding a 9.6v large battery, and you'll want that bump to your RoF to really make the other guys hate you.
Second, Pick up a good fore grip when you can. The ris system lets ya hook up whatever cool stuff you ya feel like fielding (i use a green laser and nice red dot scope) but the way the gun carries can feel a bit awkward. Unless you are adding a grenade launcher, the vertical fore grip will be your best friend.

Gun has the normal ak wiggle, though it is easily fixed with a small strip of electrical tape (folded over itself to make it 2x thick) at the top of the ris system where the two pieces meet. Once the ris is seated and screwed down, tape is inside the seat and hidden, and no more wiggle.

So...lets recap....AWESOME gun. range is decent, accuracy is outstanding, durability seems to be excellent, and to top it doesn't look like every other gun on the field.
by Ward W. on 2009-04-17 19:05:53
"This gun is AMAZING!!! i chrono'd my gun today and it shot at 449.8 fps with .23 gram bb's! the owner of the shop moved his chrono away and started to shoot my gun a while. this gun is capable of hitting a 4' by 5' target from around 200 feet away. i have a friend who has put almost $1000 into his airsoft gun, replacing every single part, and this gun can almost perform just as well as his, no upgraded parts on it. it still has its flaws though...the screw holes in the stock and the ones on the metal connector on the end of the gun do not line up, so it takes ALOT of effort to get one screw in. but i could only fit one of mine in and it is holding just perfectly, so really this is not that big of a deal. other than this issue its just minor screws that i have needed to adjust...not a real issue though. also the main screw on the selector switch came loose for me, but again, just a minor adjustment cured that. other than that i really dont know anything bad about this gun.

It's a great investment, i highly recommend it!
by erik g. on 2009-03-08 08:20:50
"my only complain on this gun is the hop up doesn't like to reset
so with .25g bb's i'm arcing upwards at 100feet.... no biggie one i rest it and switched to .27's

chono'd at 465 out of the box! so i slapped a m110 spring in it, fn-fal inner barrel, nd i can hit things in a direct shot, straight line at 330 feet, 400 if i arc it. now i did replace the hop up unit with a TM one as the stock was utter garbage!

also i bought this gun with the intent of tossing the internals and using the front end. MY BAD!
by joe n. on 2009-01-27 16:32:58
"I've had this gun for almost 3 months now and it has a few flaws but its overall performance makes it WELL worth the price tag. the fps which i had chronoed many times before is a constant 420 fps with .23 so you can well imagine the rest of the chrono,s with .20s and .25s and has a very nice rate of fire around at max 750 rpm and is not bad at all considering the fact that its shooting well over 400fps. the gun has a few flaws to it in which YES IT DOES WOBBLE IN THE FRONT and the sights don't line up well at -20' and is VERY HEAVY and has a small battery compartment and a terrible hop-up but it is VERY ACCURATE, POWERFUL AND FAST and is a must buy for people who want a unique gun as well as good performance.
by jake f. on 2009-01-22 16:48:37
"ok...for all of you battery freaks...this gun "cant" get extremely high rpm...... id say 800-825... without a li-poly (which will fry internals).....its more of like say...cover fire/sniper type ak47. it hits hard,accurate,looks sweet,has a 14mm negative thread, huge battery compartment, rail mounts, rubberized rails for comfort, sniper grip, and full metal (except stock). The only problem i have with this.....and it happens to almost every ak i can think of.......the butt plate (where you store the battery) will come loose and you will loose it...lost mine the first match....if you set you gun down at will pop off....kinda sucks....their cheap to replace...6-10$......not bad for a metal one...but besides that i havent encountered much problem....the only wobble is the top plate....which every ak wobbles there that i have....except tokyo hits harder,more accurate, better built (for the most part), and has about the same rpm as my tokyo maruari right out of the box......i definately would not have gotten any other gun...unless you have 800 bucks to fork over for the Custom Sand Storm m4 Airsoft AEG my cousin has.....get this....the Custom Sand Storm m4 Airsoft AEG beats this hands down...but 800 vs 200....this one wins
by adrian v. on 2008-12-28 00:31:35
"i got this gun and its so sick. its very powerful, accurate, but the ROF is alright. This gun tears it up in battle

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