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WG CO2 Full Metal High Power Airsoft 6mm Magnum Gas Revolver (Length: 6" / Black)

79 Customer Reviews

by Jacob P. on 09/18/2012
"Not worth it at all. Six shots is useless in cqb, which is all you can barelly use this over priced paper weight for.

All metal
Very realistic, except for orange tip (removing it makes it look wierd,tho)
Great for russian roullete
C02 is very easy to find and is very cheap
Nice grip
Scary as hell to get shot with, its pretty loud (for airsoft)

6 shots
Shells are extremely easy to lose

Overall i would only get this gun if you want to have a revolver. The advantage of more bullets and an extremely faster reload with a gbb makes this gun obsolete.
I only gave it five stars because for a revolver it is very nice and durable.
But its obsolete...
by Austin C. on 09/07/2012
"Well, i have to say that i was extremely impressed with this gun. i bought it not expecting a whole lot but as it turns out, this revolver out-shoots any pistol that i've ever owned.

PROs: very heavy, gun body is solidly metal. dual action. co2 efficient.
cheap for outstanding quality. very high fps (usually creates big bloody
welts ESPECIALLY at close ranges) not wobbly anywhere, very sturdy.
also highly accurate for what it is.

CONs: spare shells are expensive. due to heavy weight and long design,
it can be cumbersome. the handle cover has no locking mechanism so it
can slide open unintentionally (this is very rare). spare shells are pricey.

other than the very few minor cons, this gun has left me thoroughly satisfied
and some. outstanding gun that i would recommend to anyone.
by Ricky S. on 08/21/2012
"I bought this gun in the store, ive had it for about a year? It is so realistic, 6 metal shells, FULL METAL except the grip, has a great weight to it, very powerful which is fine because with 6 shots I wouldn't want to take it to war anyways.

Co2 Efficient! Double action!

A very solid gun built to last, co2 loading is extremely easy.
by James A. on 08/07/2012
"Just recived this gun in the post today!!!!!

Amazing in every single way and is by far the best and most intimidating gun i have ever played with.

Balanced weight
not light and flimsy
light on gas

i advise that u dont play a bush game with it as dirt likes to get stuck inside the inner workings
safty and firing switch gets stuck
shells can be dropped if not stored properly
trigger got stuck once i pulled the trigger

but all and all this is a very amazing gun!!!! and would definitly recomend it to a more advanced airsofter as it can hurt someone pretty bad!!
by Matt V. on 06/21/2012
"this gun is absolutely amazing. shoots hard and powerful and will intimidate just from the sound of it. since it shot 500 fps out of the box, i used sniper grade .43 bbs and it still had a helluva kick at 150 feet, i shot my friend from about 200 and it left a welt. and as a note, the heavier bb you use with this, the louder and deeper the sound it makes. do not use cheap co2 cartridges though!! i found out the hard way and had 3 cartridges discharge in the gun and now it has a little bit of metal fatigue that is clearly evident when you handle it.
the rails on the gun are useful, as i have mounted a 3-9x40 scope and a foregrip to the gun and used it as a primary.
by Robert D. on 02/06/2012
"I highly recommend this for the wheel gun fans. The pistol being full metal has the weight and feel of the real thing. The design esthetics are very evocative of the Smith and Wesson Performance Center revolvers and with the included rails you can go from mild to 80's action movie wild. Power comes from readily available Co2 powerlet cartridges and despite the fixed hop up the revolver has a very reasonable flat trajectory. The trigger pull on both single and double action is both smooth, satisfyingly crisp and short for an airsoft gun. The wheel lock up was also crisp and positive, all the good stuff you want in a good revolver. The included speed loader works just like the real thing and actually give the shells a good push into the pistols cylinder. The shells FYI is more closer to a .38 special than a .357 magnum as well as the revolvers cylinder not being long enough to be for a 357 mag but that really matters only for the detail geeks. I do recommend purchasing several sets of both shells and loaders cause those six shots will go fast. Overall this is one of those "you can't go wrong with it" addition to an airsoft collection and in the sea of M9s and 1911s out there this beautiful revolver will add a refreshing option to any pistol collectors line up. I only wish Evike would bring back the 8" barrel version of this revolver.
by James V. on 01/03/2012
"Alright so this Revolver is a good sidearm to say the least. It has a very strong, solid build and feel with a couple minor problems that really dont bother me. Other than that, the box comes with a small allen wrench to tighten on the rails, a container of 100 .20gram bbs, and all the things evike says it comes with.

Decently accurate
Easy to remove Co2 cartridges
Very realistic look and feel

Shells are extremely loose compared to real revolvers when loaded
Speed loader is a hassel because of how loose the shells fit in it (I just put the spare shells in my molle or tightened mag pouch)
Part of the grip that slides open for Co2 slides open easily (Doesnt bother me, just a con to put in)

In the middle it has 6 rounds only, I take this as a pro but some consider it a con. I like the realism.
by Eric s. on 01/02/2012
"First off i like to say this is amazing gun. WinGun blew my mind when i first shot. You know it is a great gun when your paintball ref wants to use it for a day of airsoft.
Here are some pros and cons
Look amazing
Great weight to it
realistic reloading
totally awesome
Doesn't run out of C02 easily
Only 6 shots
Easy to lose shells while playing
That is the only cons i find with it, if you want a revolver get this gun!
by Anita K. on 12/22/2011
"this gun is the best pistal mony can buy. i was realy inpressed with this gun. it kicks HARD. i love it soooooooooooooo much. if you want a pistal git this gun. and the co2 lasts a long time per 1 canister.
by nic c. on 12/04/2011
"me n my buddy just got ours in a while back and these things are awesome they got the same range as most of our aeg's ... anything that there isn't to like is that you can only make a target cry 6 times before having to reload ... it's pretty good on co2 but i usually have to use at least 2 a game because we play a lot of games a day ... the only thing i have to say is GET...THIS...GUN...NOW!!!
by Dakota G. on 11/25/2011
"i have had this gun for awhile and mixed with my m249 is a great match a very strong sturdy pistol and the rounds don't last long but they make everyone go for cover. its strong easy to use goes further then my friends 200 dollar sniper. Evike is the best and a lot better then kapowwe
by David R. on 11/19/2011
"This gun is amazing!!!! It is better than my AK-47. It is perfectly straight with no drop for about 150 ft. More powerful than my AK as well.


Über powerful

six shots (bought six more shells. Now I am unstoppable!)


full metal

the iconic "Dirty Harry" gun

smooth trigger

single and double action


great iron sights




a.k.a: there are none
by John A. on 11/06/2011
"I just got my gun yesterday and I have to say ITS THE BEST GUN EVER!!!

I know a lot of u people looking at the revew r trying to decide to get thins gun or not and this is the gun u r gana want to get. I looked for days and this is by far the best co2 revolver ever. Get this gun and use the .25 gram bbs. Do it FOOLS
by Joey O. on 10/04/2011
"This is by far, one of the best guns i own. It is super powerful, it looks amazing, and if you have practiced, its super accurate. It is also definitely my favorite gun, i mean, its a revolver, what is there not to love about it? OK, so you only get 6 shots, but if you really need more than that, you're a horrible person! I highly reccomend this gun, its actually so powerful my friends dont believe it. But some places dont allow me to bring it cause its so freaking powerful! But dont shoot anyone close ranged with it, if you do, your both screwed.
by Walker C. on 07/27/2011
"For starters this gun is awesome. When I first picked it up I thought wow this thing is heavy. After that though i got a better look at it and I must say this thing is great for it's price. If uou want a powerful revolver this is a go-to weapon. This thing would be great as an impromptu sniper weapon on fields that dont allow sniper rifles.
Pros: looks awesome (Make my day)
Shoots really fast
Co2 cartridge holds about 20 reloads
Good quality shells
Cons: plastic grip (I would have liked a rubberized one)
Only six shots (although it makes it more realistic)