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KJW Full Metal Custom 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback - Black (Package: Pistol)

111 Customer Reviews

by matt k. on 09/11/2008
"hey im looking for a nice 1911 and I saw this one is it any good?
and does it have a sensitive trigger?
by Michael J. on 09/11/2008
"If you want a Hi-CAPA this is the best one to get! Lots of features! (Useful ones!) Love the grip, railed frame and the way it is constructed. SHOOTS HARD AND ACCURATE!
by Bryce F. on 08/29/2008
"This pistol is sick! I bought the OD Green version. First things first, take advantage of the promotional offer for the Co2 mag, you'll get it for 10 bucks as opposed to buying it seperately at around 30 bucks(like me). This pistol is everything I wanted in a GBB, its heavy, loud, and REALISTIC. The blowback is smooth and moves just like it should. Everything about this weapon is impressive. However, it does not come with the barrel as shown in the photo, as per U.S. law, its about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch longer and painted orange(which comes off real easy with nail polish remover, for those of you who want the authentic look). Fires fast and hard, havent had it on the chrono yet, but its a real nail driver. Love this pistol, BUY IT. (Also for anyone wanting the Tac-light in the photo with it, I found it at Airsoft Atlanta. G&P M3 flashlight for about 70 bucks, great deal cause everywhere else is sold out. Happy hunting)
by kevin d. on 07/29/2008
"This Gun is amazing. I use it as my side arm when using my M16 and my Sniper Rifle. if your looking for a great pistol this is the one. Its very powerful
by Millard D. on 07/26/2008
"This gun is absolutly amazing. i shot 5 shots from 120 ft, and got them all within a quarter. Good on gas, easy to use, easy to look at. Love it.
by Evan C. on 07/24/2015
"I bought this gun about 2 weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE this gun and I cant say enough but just like every airsoft gun it has its downfalls and its uppoints:
1. great FPS (335 on average)
2. Capable of shooting green gas and co2 magazines
3. super sturdy
4. tac. rail
5. Loud (could be a con)
6.Many replacement parts (TM parts capable)
7. Upgraded internals come stock

1. sluggish with green gas mag
2. front sight came loose (simply screw back in)
3. Cant change grips
4. horrible on gas consumption ( about a mag to a mag and a half per fill)

Over all this is an AMAZING gun. love it
by Joseph R. on 05/17/2015
"My first GBB pistol, I picked this because I could use the co2 magazines in winter and propane for warmer temps. I do not recommend using co2 that much because I heard its bad on the internals.

I was shooting 100+ feet with this testing, on par with my AEP jg vz-61 ( I recommend both for CQB!!!!!)
insane FPS for a GBB, out of the box I was 345-355 constant.
can be used in both winter with co2 and summer with propane!
use propane it is much cheaper than green gas
magazine last about a mag and half.
upgrade parts easy to find! unlike EF 1911

evike forgot to send my upgraded co2 magazine
bb's dont always line up loading and you dont get a full load. I get between 23-27 bb's per-magazine
it jams on bad quality bb's (typical of guns)
you don't have this yet :)
doesnt have lanyard :(
its a hi-capa you can't put custom 1911 grips on :(

I now have 5 magazine (3 factory KJW recommend these) and two silver WE hi-capa magazines they are nice but OEM is best. Both these magazines last a magazine and a half. I kept them loaded all day and they worked. Use speed loader to reload quickly another 10-15 bb's until gas runs out

Lube the gun when you get it, I am using 30wt silicone oil on the outter barrel and on the slide rails. I use 10wt oil for the o-ring seals. It's important to keep it lubed.

If it wasn't for the co2 option I would not have bought the gun, I wanted the 93r but realized I couldn't use it in the winter..
Almost bought the green OD grips but just wanted a all black 1911.
Didn't buy the TM hi-capa either because it wasn't co2.
Didn't buy the EF 1911 like everyone else I know because no upgrade parts!!!
by An T. on 09/16/2013
"After using this pistol for a while ....
Here are some pros and cons that I have

1/ shoots hard
2/ Nice feeling
3/ Accurate
4/ Makes loud noise to scare other people

1/ Mags fall out if you don't run it with the right holsters

Yeh, that's all about 1911 HI-CAP pistol ....
I will give it 5/5
by JOSEPH B. on 09/09/2013
"An amazing airsoft gas blowback gun and definitely one of the smoothest shooting I've ever tried and now own. I am a 1911 fan and airsoft replicas of the gun are no exception for me. I've tried variants from WE, KWC, and then this. I also love the excellent trigger which is also the most responsive from all those I tried. Claims from veteran gamers about this gun, particularly the tank-tough internals are true. This further cements KJW's claim that you can use CO2 as an alternative for this pistol. (i.e. CO2 magazines are sold separately unless offered together for free with your gun by Evike).


- Amazing range made my stock M4 AEG eat the dust. KJWs Hop-Up takes big credibility for this too.
- Satisfactory accuracy, at 60 to 80 feet I love the instant point-and-shoot capability. Some wind and BB drop determines accuracy further down range.
- I get about 3 magazines full with one fill of green gas.
- I highly recommend using green gas than propane for more consistent silicone oil lubrication. It is my honest assumption this contributed to the superbly smooth operation; the slide feel of which I can compare to "as if gliding over a panel of glass".
- Crisp, responsive trigger. No stacking with each pull.
- If you are inclined to gun safety features, the beaver tail grip safety and ambidextrous safety levers do their jobs.


- Unfortunately, like most mass produced items, it is imperfect. The right side safety lever has become wobbly and does not engage as immediately as the way the left side lever does. This is comparable to my other 1911 Hi-Capa gas blowback with the same problem. However, my other pistol has been shot for a mere 2500 rounds before the issue appeared. My KJW suffered while it is still considerably new. Well, as long as the safety levers do not pop out of their current location, this should be fine. Otherwise, it would have been a missing piece in the field.
- Some paint has begun to chip at the rear end of the slide.
- While orange tips are a requirement in the USA, end-users who choose to remove the tip will have to deal with a painted orange tip. It is not removable-with-a-pair-of-pliers, simply because it is not an attachment. Removal of this tip can be a risk with lawful violations and for the end-user. FYI only.
by Jacob L. on 03/25/2011
"Good little 1911. It's almost a dead match for my real one.
Shoots hard
Dead on accurate (1" grouping) at 10 and 15 yards
Not a gas hog (Can easily get off a full clip with two shots to spare)
Stock mag has no problems

Shaky slide, but it works good so w/e
Grip and trigger guard is ABS
The holy cow sale gives you a WE mag, and I always have to replace the O rings on WE mags

The main complaint I have with this gun is that I ordered the OD green one, but got this one instead. Not a huge complaint as the black looks pretty good, but still a wrong order is a wrong order and worth the drop of a star.
by Jason R. on 03/21/2010
"OK, first off I am basing this review on using the KJW 1911 Tactical for training compared to a real 1911.

The gun is heavy, same weight and dimensions as a real 1911, except most of the weight is in the magazine on the KJW. The main thing I don't like is that the safety levers are extra large at the base. I have large hands and ride the 1911 in a high grip. The safety rubs into my hand on both sides and I need to grind or file it down. The beavertail seems excessively long. The grip is also a little too wide. The airsoft gun doesn't rechamber a new mag with a slide pull, you have to use the magazine stop/release. Sometimes if you slam it hard it chambers.

It shoots around 100' feet I guess. The BBs seem to sway in the wind really easy...can't rapid fire too fast or you lose quite a bit of power. Up close the BBs seem to do good damage. The gun is very loud and has a little kickback.

Overall a good training tool, but I wish it was more powerful and shot straighter. Hard to make the long distance shots.
by Peter G. on 10/30/2009
"Very nice gun, metal every where thats needed. Very realistic. It has a good recoil system. I got this in August and it has seen many battles. It hasnt broken yet but there is definetly wear on the gun. It is still shooting at about 315 FPS with green gas and .2's. One of my complaints is the mag release. It works fine, but the button sticks out so far that no matter what holster you put it in, the mag will fall out. Mag capacity is great with 30 rounds, but i am not as fond of this because im all for milsim so a 30 round mag is a little much for me. I havent tried CO2 yet but its a great deal at only $10. Overall i would recommend this for all players because you dont really need any more than what this gun presents.
by Blake G. on 04/10/2009
"All I can say is that this gun absolutely the best. The only problems I have had with it are some leakage with the CO2 magazine and the slide catching at first use. However, the slide gets better with a few shots.
by Gabriel V. on 03/12/2009
"This is my 3rd GBB and i'm impressed by performance. It has almost as much range as my friends TM MP5, and is pretty heavy for a pistol. Kick is what you expect from a GBB not very impressive.

There were a few bad things about this, some major some not. The first is that it has less than average gas efficiency. I can barely get a full mag out of a complete fill. The other con is pretty major in my opinion but doesn't affect the performance. The little plastic piece on the top of the mag broke off at the second game i used it at. Now i need a new mag which will cost me $35+

Overall 3.5 or a 4. I would get a TM if you have the money but if your budgeted (like me) get this.
by Michael G. on 01/17/2009
"this gun is very good and solid and very powerful for the price. i took of my barrel and let the tip sit in paint thinner for 10 min i took it out sprayed water on it and the orange tip was gone and no scratches just the chrome underneath