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M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Riot Shotgun - Full Stock

72 Customer Reviews

by Micaiah S. on 12/21/2012
"i have this shotgun, or at least something like it. it's an amazing gun! very acurate! i'd say it's good for 110 feet! but it can hit 150 feet!! because it shoots three bb's at a time which is awsome! and the bb's on the bottom go for a little bit but then fall down pretty quick, BUT the bb on the top gets a kind of upspin or something and goes another 40 or 50 feet further!!! and it's even more cool because the first bb goes like everyone else i will tell you you WILL need extra shells! i thought i could get by with buying one extra shell so i'd have 20 shots right? wrong... 2o shots goes by REALLY FAST i suggest getting at least 9 or 14 extra so you can have 100 to 150 shots (i'd say 9 if it's a backup and 14 if it's a primary in a cqb type war. but you can do what you feel is necessary.(nothing below 7 is acceptable) i highly recommend this gun if you are looking for a good shotgun. :)
by Kelly C. on 08/10/2012
"Great great great gun! Especially if you're like me and live to play aggressively! I bought extra shells with it which you should do if you buy this because ammo goes quick! Unfortunately, I pulled a blonde moment and used the included bbs which immediately jammed my shotgun. Thankfully after racking it and firing enough, the jammed bbs shot out.
Shoots 3 bbs
Inexpensive shells
Has strong sling points
Sturdy plastic
Effective at close range

Huge spread at 30-40 ft with .2's
FPS isn't too high, bad if people can't feel it and call it
Orange tip
Loud-I like it
by Caleb A. on 04/18/2012
"this is a great high quality shotgun. Great as a gift too cause it's cheap. Definitely pick up more shells because 10 shots is not a lot.

Build quality excellent
3-round burst
Iron sights are amazing
Great grouping
grip/cocking lever are nice rubbery material

everybody and their mother has one. Probably the most common gun at CQB arenas
Mostly plastic
Not enough shots without lots of shells.
by Kimberly S. on 04/08/2012
"Great Shotgun for the price! Dont get the Marui SPAS when this is available. Im a expierienced airsoft player and this is just a wonderful shotty! Its loads of fun and its ready to compete with AEGs.

3 Burst
Accurate for 3 shots
Good for beginners

Reloading (Not a con if you have a dump pouch)
10 shots go by fast

Recommended Upgrades:
Shotgun Pouch(MOLLE)
Dump Pouch(Quick Reloads)
1 extra pack of shells(Trust Me)
by Michael S. on 04/08/2012
"This shotgun is the best shotgun I have ever used, I have used many(8 or 9) over the last 5.5 years I have been airsofting and this one stands out from the rest. It is very accurate with .25s and has good range for outdoor use. This is now my new primary gun for indoor use, it is lightweight, powerful, and accurate. The only thing you will need is more shells because they only hold 30 bbs, and I recommend getting the sling that holds shells for easy and fast reloading. It is worth the money to get it.
by stephen w. on 03/25/2012
"I bought this gun yesterday. I'm fairly new to airsoft but i can tell this is a great gun. it's not like the cheap ones that shoot one bb at a time. You can get 9 or 10 triple shots out of each shell. the gun is very light because it isnt metal, but if you can manage to be gentle youll have a beast of a shotgun for a good price. it has a fairly reasonable spread too. the 3 bbs were hitting a 10 inch group at about 15 yrds. i was very impressed with this gun and i can promise you next time i play ima have this thrown over my back! if your looking for a good shotgun for a fair price buy this one!
by David W. on 01/03/2012
"I have been playing airsoft for more then 5 years and this shotty is my weapon of choice. you wouldn't think that a 3 shot burst would be accurate but surprisingly it is. i've hit people form over 50ft away with all 3 bbs hitting the target.
I would highly recommend a scabbered and extra shells becuse a 30rd shell only gives you 10 shotts.

this wepon gives you the best feeling when you rack it!

Pro: accurate
gives you a good feeling

Con: small mag compasity
makes your friends lust for a shotty

Conclusion: I would highly recomend this gun!
by Blossom B. on 12/25/2011
"OK, this is a great shotgun. For the people looking at this gun or a shotgun at all this is the shotgun for you. the other long barrel shotguns dont give you the best groupings becuase the bbs bounce around in the barrel becuase the inner barrels stop at the loading tube. this is my second shotgun from this brand and design. my first shotgun realy took a beating before it broke. I play in a junk yard/field/wooded area and this gun is not only desiegnd for CQB. I use this gun as my main and i have no problems with geting kills. all you would need to by is one six pack of shells and prob an m4 mag speed loader. not gona go into pros or cons becuase it looks like the people below me took care of that. remember, have fun and stay safe :)
by Chris H. on 09/28/2011
"Ive just received this gun, and I'm impressed with it's firing capabilities, the fps is perfect for my shooting purposes, and is really nice to use for wars. This gun is by far the best spring gun ive used in the past 5 years, and I believe the quality is meant to last. This is my third purchase from evike and im happy once again.
by davin h. on 08/24/2011
"I've used this in games and my experiences have been very good. I've been happy with the gun thus far and am happy to use it again and again. Its my sidearm, I own a army armament L85 and a CYMA umg, both are amazing primaries but its always good to have a back up. For this, i have not used a better gun,

- Shoots 3 BB's at once
- Can easily be shot fast
- Hits hard and is able to be felt at a moderate distance
- An amazing sidearm
- Looks amazing
- The plastic, while sturdy, leaves mush to be desired
- The pump can be a problem for smaller people

Overall this gun is amazing. It has a few problems, but they don't hinder the gun in anyway. The sling that comes with the gun isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I still use mine with no problems. If you need a sidearm, I'd definitely bang out the $60 for this amazing shot gun.
by Kayd T. on 07/07/2011
"This is an awesome gun. My friends fear it. I have banged it up a lot when I played with it, but it looks and works like new. Very good spring gun. With great range, accuracy and power. And the triple shot makes it even more deadly. BUY IT!!!
-very sturdy
-nice rubber pump, pistol grip, and shoulder rest
-very powerful
-wont break easily
-and a ton more...

-buy more shells for it for sure
-can be difficult to pump for smaller kids (under 12)

other than those 2 things. It's freaking sweet! Definitely worth buying!
by peter y. on 03/29/2011
"great shotgun. been wanting to get one just for the hell of it and now i got one. decent weight on it. not too light and not too heavy. lighter than most aegs. nice matte feel to the gun. not a lot of moving parts. real easy solid mold. safety my trigger. red ring means fire and no ring means safety. just like most push button safeties. the sight are painted white for easy aiming and are pretty accurate up to 50ft. the 3 barrels are setup up in a triangle and the groupings are 3-4 inches at 50ft. wider as you go out. max range is about 80ft with no hop up system. thats 15-20ft short from most of my aegs. (mp5, g36, m4, ak47). the pump handle has a nice rubbery feel for extra grip when pumping. im a average strong guy but the gun is still a little hard to pump. i found a quick hard pump back makes it easier. then you have to pull the pump forward before the gun will fire. the sling attachments are great for the sling evike has here with the 12 shell holder. you can also get spare shell here on evike too. get the 30rds. i got the 14rds by mistake and they suck.

- cheap triple shot gun
- feels nice and solid
- real nice groupings
- simple to use
- shells easy to reload
- extra grip pump handle

- 80ft range. get up close and personal
- 30rd shell = 10 shots. 14rd shell = 4-5 shots

i really like this gun and cant wait to use it soon.
by paul c. on 03/14/2011
"this gun is great i got it august of 09 and still works today the fps is great and awesome for cqb it makes a good sidearm for woodland but sugest buying extra shells
by Ulises R. on 03/03/2011
"Great looking gun. The look and feel of this shotgun is very realistic.
Rubberized pump, grip and stock. I used this gun at the Zombie event at Code Red Airsoft and
it rocked. Shoots hard and very accurate. Makes a great back up weapon. Comes with 2 shotgun shells and a pretty weak sling, so I would suggest using a different sling.

Realistic look and feel
Fires 3 BB's at a time
Shoots hard and accurate

$60 bucks for a plastic springer is kind of steep.
Plastic body, had hoped, at least the barrel would have been metal.
Crappy sling
by Chris M. on 09/21/2010
"this gun is great. i just got it today and i already beat three of my friends in a CQB war with just this.

light weight
3 round burst

you will probably need to buy more shells

overall a great gun
BUY IT!!!!!!