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4 Customer Reviews

by Alex P. on 12/07/2008
"do u guys know if i could put a m203 grenade launcher?

Webmaster: Yes, any RIS mount M203 will fit. It does have rail system.
by Joseph C. on 11/29/2008
"Built pretty much the same gun but with a Gemtech Blackside silencer and the original stock (soon to be a Magpul CTR). I put a 6.04x455mm Systema semi-tightbore in it. It was a comprimise because of the places I have to shoot bios. The only other mod is a TM EG1000 motor when a motor lead connector broke inside of its shrink tubing and arced so much it fried the battery and got the motor so hot I dropped it. Added a UTG fore-hand grip with sealed battery compartment. BEWARE of 2008 KWAs for one reason. The trigger switch retention posts shear off. It is a known fact at the factory & service department and will be reinforced in their 2009 line. Mine snapped after about 10,000 rounds. A local airsmith/guru fixed it by insering a high grade screw and dremeling off the threads. Now it's stronger than it was originally. Other than that, the KWA M4 is THE BEST gearbox to build a gun around. 8 & 9mm bearings, gears that barely need shimming because the tolerances are so accurate, strong pistons and heads that give great... compression ;-) With a 110 spring I was getting 380 with .25s. That's before the longer barrel. If it wasn't winter time and battery drain wasn't an issue I'd drop in the Mad Bull 130 spring I have for it. The gearbox will easily handle it, the motor will pull it but the 9.6v 1600 mah Intellect butterfly won't last long pulling it in 0 degree C temps. Time to go lipo and end those worries... Only I have over $200 in batteries and a BOL DATA charger that does me no good with LiPos =o( The only bad thing I have to say about KWA guns is that their trades are ugly. But I'd rather have a gun that's built solid, runs great and has boring trades than a gun with a real steel trade and crappy performance.
by Josh V. on 10/21/2008
"What can I say other than an awesome rifle. Everything is tight and well manufactured on this rifle and it contains all the metal that the real steal variant does. After the breakdown, I am 100% confident that this rifle will handle up to a 12 volt battery. (This includes a lipo.) I would recommend a mosfet switch however. So far a VERY reliable weapon and great build quality.

Other than the mod problems an absolute great gun. One step down from a PTW yet with the capabilities to be modded easily and affordable.
by Paolo M. on 08/05/2008
"This gun is a look alike of the Barret Rec7 ( formerly known as the M468 ) has great accuracy ( can actually compete with snipers such as the L96, M25, etc.... ) and good for all-around feature. If you're looking for a starting gun, I highly recommened using ( if you are rich ) because of it's package of looks, power and accuracy.

( I bought it from a local store and bought a crane stock and an extendable 6-position stock to make it look more like an M468 )

If I ere to rate this gun out of 10, I would give it an 11 ( I know it's passed 10 but you wont have to spend for repairs or repair it after 12 months or so )