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DE M58A M500 Tactical Heavy Weight Airsoft Pump Shotgun - Full Stock

22 Customer Reviews

by kyle g. on 10/04/2009
"this is one of the best singleshotguns ive ever seen i just got it today an was shocked at how good it performed although ive used it only 3 small 2v2 battles its one of the best guns ive bought i would recomend this to any person looking for a cheap, light weight single shot gun 4 out of 5

high fps for little cost
light weight
comes with spare mag
great distance

small mag capacity
kinda difficult to reload at first
by Nicholas S. on 04/03/2009
"This gun is a pretty good buy for beginners, and a good backup weapon. The gun looks extremely real, except the magazine of course. The magazine, by the way, is a plastic 14-round magazine that is a good size for this Spring shotgun. Remember, please do not make the same mistake I did: Do NOT use the "Quality" sling it comes with. My sling snapped off and caused the Heat Shield to dislocate upon falling, and now it wobbles and rattles.


About 1/2 Metal in valuable places (Heat Shield, outer barrel, etc.)
Sturdy construction otherwise (Like the firm rubber butt stock)
Realistic look and feel
Powerful and still accurate
Monetarily cheap (That means inexpensive)


Cheap sling
It felt like the magazine well will collapse, not the strongest plastic

Overall, it's 4/5
by James W. on 11/26/2008
"For a single pellet springer this is an outstanding shotgun!

The weight is awesome for being mostly plastic. The TWO 14 round round magazines are respectable considering the real thing only holds 6 shells. The FPS and accuracy is excellent, though could be considered a little hard hitting for CQB.

Cheap clips on the sling. (But that's par for the course as airsoft slings go.)
The weight in the magazine cylinder is rough cut barstock. UGH. I'm either going to have to replace it or reshape an end and prime it. I almost cut myself on the thing when I pulled it out to look at the internals.
by tyler g. on 09/26/2008
"Great value for the price. Weighs like the real 500, and hits pretty hard.

That said, you get a $30 gun.. So don't be expecting maruzen quality. Finish is decent, and as heavy as the gun is, it's mostly plastic.

Mine chrono'd at almost 400fps with .20g, which is great for less than $50!

I wouldn't trust the cheesy sling that comes with it, as this gun is HEAVY. and could cause the die-cast clips to fail.

Great fun in pistol-only games.
by Jairo G. on 05/05/2010
"This is my first review on this site so dont blast me! :)

Now, I got this shotgun September of 09
Came in a cardboard box lined with styrofoam and included a 14 round mag, a sling, a speedloader, and a barrel unjammer. The shotgun is entirely ABS excluding the sling mounts and a fake although nice looking heat sink. Feels decently heavy and balances nicely. Most likely the sling that comes free will be bent out of shape so be careful...
There are no real sights on this gun, so be prepared to aim on your own.
From 50 ft a target with a 1 foot diameter recorded 1/5 hits, and from a 30 ft range the same type of target showed 5/5 hits, putting the maximum effective range at about 40 ft
Holding the gun point blank to my leg lets just say there was some blood....Basically, out of the box the gun is decently powered. After opening the gun you find typical spring gun parts made out of cheap plastic, however, I was pleasantly surprised that there was not an excessive amount of lube and I was astonished that rather than a brass barrel there appears to be a silver tightbore installed. WT(You know the rest)
OMG that was surprising. The inside shell is all plastic and is shiny as opposed to the matte black exterior.

External quality:
Internal quality:
Average Life Expectancy:
4/10 (Mine broke from pretty much nothing in 2 months)

You get what you pay for, and for the price, not a bad beginner primary or secondary....WILL NOT COMPETE IN ANYTHING BUT BEGINNER CQB MATCHES. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
by Declan B. on 01/14/2010
"I got the gun and shot it about twenty times when all the sudden the pump wasn't pulling the spring back to prime it. So of course i took it apart and found the piece of plastic that attached the rod from the pump broke. The gun also didn't come with the extra mag it said it would. the externals of the gun aren't to shabby though. I"m sure the one i got was just faulty. Evike is the best of the best...

Pros: great exterior
nice weight
great fps for the price

Cons: not so great internals
easily breaking parts

Thanks Evike for your outstanding service!
by Donald G. on 11/01/2008
"I just got this shot gun. It looks and feels great , shoots really hard and is very accurate. It has a good weight to it and looks like the real gun. Now for the bad parts .... one of the magazines broke first day I had it. The sling hook on the stock fell off the first day I took it out the box , but that was an easy fix however the magazine is still broken . ***** five stars for looks and feel and weight . *** three stars for gun quality . Overall Quality 3.25 out of 5