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KWA Full Metal KM4A1 Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Rifle)

87 Customer Reviews

by Jamie H. on 12/30/2010
"best buy i have ever made it has the sickest rate of fire and the new 2gx gear box is the best gearbox out. my friend has this same gun only from 2 years earlier but he upgraded the motor and uses a lipo and mine is still better and im using a 9.6v small type. the only problem is my selector switch fell off in a battle and i have to go get it fixed but luckly it came off on auto hahaha
by William M. on 04/12/2010
"This gun is sweet. Excellent distance and accuracy. Ran a lipo right out of the box. I bought a 3 cell lipo and had to remove 1 cell due to it being to large so now im running an 1800MAH 2 cell lipo. FPS chrono at 400 and RPS at 15.6 right out of the box!
by Larry S. on 01/07/2010
"I got my kwa m4a1 in the mail today. My first impressions after just a few hours of playing with it, I agree with everyone when they say KWA makes a superior gun. The rate of fire is what i call "maxed out".
It even sounds better when firing. There is no mechanical whining noise, it's a surprisingly quiet gun with just a clean "thwump" sound.

And here's some good news for buyers still deciding. Evike ships the new 2g gearbox of course, but also the new body! So yes, the m4a1 version has the 6mm cal. and serial markings on it along with the numbered stock-buffer tube. So yeah, that's excellent news - I was going to be satisfied with the 2g gearbox in the old body, but this is the all new ones :)

At the time of writing this review, Evike is offering the best deal for KWA's I've ever seen. For example, I picked up my brand spankin' new 2nd gen. KWA m4a1 + 2 extra magazines, for $260 shipped. That is an amazing deal, when other sites are selling just the gun for $300 + shipping.... take my advice and check the weekly specials and promo codes..yeah Evike is indeed awesome.

Finally, they shipped first thing on monday and it came thursday. It doesn't get faster. If you live on the west coast it would be stupid to order anywhere else.
by Alex T. on 11/08/2009
"I just received this gun about a week ago and would like to start by saying that I'm thoroughly impressed. This is an amazing gun and it shoots AMAZING with an 11.1V 1500mah Lipoly. I have the new 2G version so the gearbox is even more reinforced than before and the hop-up bucking will be more accurate than older versions. It's fairly accurate right out of the box, but I still invested in a tightbore barrel which is pretty much a standard upgrade. I shoot with .23 and .25 and it still has A LOT of power. If you are planning on playing CQB this gun shoots WAY too fast. So putting a m110 or an m100 would be best. Overall. It's a powerful, fast shooting, very sturdy gun.

I recommend KWA to anyone that wants performance. They out perform other brands and come stock with features that would cost some $$$ on other guns.
by levi j. on 09/22/2009
"this gun is sweet i have the newest module it comes out october 09 it is the best gun ever i love it it shoots really fast i dont know why they gave it to be but it is really good i have a tight bore barrel by mad bull and a 9.6 volt battrey and it is really fast
by gabe c. on 03/19/2009
"My freind has this gun it is very compact and sterdy
by Henry Molina Lib3081 H. on 03/11/2009
"Buenas!!!KWA Li-Poly Ready 8mm Gearbox Full Metal M4A1 AEG. en esta replicas en la opcion que tienen ustedes para le eleccion de las baterias, la bateria de li-poly ¿que voltaje es? y ¿cuantos amperios?
by Fernando Alejandro G. on 03/02/2009
"This gun is amazing... the best airsoft rifle that I've ever bought.
I haven't used a chroni but I calculate it shoots around 460-480 fps.
Also, I'm not sure if is the magazine or the rifle, but I only fill the mag, wind it once and believe me, the mag runs fully empty. I don't have to worry about winding, and as I mentioned, I'm not sure if is the mag or the rifle, but I've used a mag that a friend gave me and is not KWA, but it runs empty too.
Also, the feeling of this rifle is very realistic, enough weight and also the materials are very comfortable with an excellent finish.
The ROF is very high using a 9.6 battery, you can see almost a line of bbs when you shoot. The accuracy of this airsoft gun is very good with a lot of groupings, and the distance you can get without loosing accuracy is like 100 ft, maybe a little longer.
This gun is really a bad girl on the field, all my friends are talking about this gun, and if you use a lipolly battery... the mag runs out very fast and you have the feeling of shooting some kind of laser as you can see a full line of bbs when you shoot.
The only thing that I would change for this gun is that it does not have a RAS and it does not come with the battery and charger, so you will have a little more bucks for the battery and if you would like to add some accessories to it, RAS is a must.
Hope this information helps.
by justin t. on 02/25/2009
"i just got this gun and it is outperforming my expectations.I was thinking about a systema but i didnt want to spend the money and everyone was telling me ics,g@g,echo 1,toyko marui etc.i wanted something with a high rate of fire and some power.This gun with the lipo battery is unbelievable.full metal weapon no loose parts just an all around B.A. gun.KWA makes there guns like there mooto "Built To Outperform."I would highly recommend this gun for anybodys arsonal.It comes with every upgrade stock in the gun out of the box.You dont need anything else but the lipo battery and charger.GET THIS GUN.
by Jimmy D. on 02/24/2009
"I love this gun thats why I own two of them lol. There are only a few cons about this gun and can be fixed


RPM-ROF or w/e is amazing even with out lipo
FPS is about 390-400 and strings alot!
weight is not bad at all but is alot more then a Echo 1 or JG m4

Not the best accuracy

I am up grading to LIpo and buying the Madbul 360 bucking along with a Prometheus tight-bore barrel
see a review of why you sould buy this gun (off evike of corse) see me on youtube my chanle is jimairmysoft

WEBMASTER: upgrade to a tightbore and you will see your gun group better and have way better accuracy.
by dane k. on 02/23/2009
"I just got this about a month or so ago, and it's sooo badass. The rof is outstanding, even though I only bought the 7.4v lipo, but whatever. Everything is metal, except for the stock, and handguard (ignoring all the little pieces because i cant tell if there metal or not). The delta ring is very strong so the battery doesn't fall out in the middle of play (not that it would with a lipo that weighs like an ounce). Shoots 400-420, but I had to get mine downgraded to play at Jericho. So now it shoots 370 consistantly. Only complaint about this is the hopup is trash, upgrade it to G&P or some other high quality hopup, and maybe a tightbore if you want. Without the new barrel or hopup the accuracy sucks, only about 80ft with no wind, 100 if your lucky.
by insignia d. on 02/11/2009
"this is the best AEG i ever had i was in a game with 20 people i got 7 kills one game i got the lipo set for it its shoots amazingly fast but i recommend getting a tight bore for it














overall the gun is amazing the best gun i ever had i am very pleased
by Anthony G. on 01/25/2009
"I love it, Ive had it for a few months and theres nothing bad I can say about it. Works perfectly but I feel like the stock is made of rather crappy plastic, however, the rest of it is all very nice metal. All sturdy design and ive been pretty gentle to it but it could definately take alot of abuse. I sometimes get a problem when the gun is pointed down shooting on semi auto.
by Cam D. on 12/25/2008
"i just got the gun its amazing the best assalt on the market! it has many upgrade has 20 bps on full auto and can shoot over 100 feet i chronoed i got 396,401,398,397,403,406 etc.
full metal
life like
lipo ready
amazing feel
upgrade able

small battery compartment
battery box ring is a toughy to pull back
by tommy t. on 12/18/2008
"Rob B its stead of painting it and making it perminatly black encase its illegal in ur state just buy a flash hider from here like the m4 bird house exact same thing except the color