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FN Herstal Full Metal SCAR Light STD Airsoft AEG Rifle by VFC - Black

13 Customer Reviews

by Erik M. on 02/23/2015
"There has been a lot of controversy over VFC scar's in the past few years. Frequent topics are the motor frying out, poor stock wiring, self-shimming gears, crappy proprietary hopup unit... and if you have done the research, you know the rest. While these are issues on older scars, I am glad to say that recent models seem to fix some of these issues.

Practicality: The big question is: Why scar over M4? The scar has a very unique look to it, and is largely a love-it or hate-it gun. Chances are that if you are taking the time to read this, you like or accept the style. As far as egronomics go, the scar stock is superior to any standard M4 stock as it has an adjustable cheek rest, 6 extendable positions, folds to the side, and has a curved ruberized butt pad. As a side note, just know that this is VFC, so when you fold the stock, NO WIRES!!! The gun is covered in rails, so it has more room to add toys than most stock m4's. In my opinion, the biggest advantage a scar has over an m4, apart from its looks, is its light weight. The nylon fiber lower reciever really does help to keep the weight down and minimizing weight is a good thing, especially if you plan to move around a lot. The problem to all this goodness- everything external, including the pistol grip, is proprietary (except the flash hider, 14mm ccw). If you break it, your gonna have a bad time finding replacement parts. The other bad thing is battery storage. The maximum you will be able to fit comfortably is a 2200mah 7.2 lipo or barely a 1600mah 9.6 NiMh. Not too bad for lipo users, but a breaking point for most of those stuck with NiMh. As far as internals go, pretty much completely v2 comptable so if anything breaks here you are fine for replacement parts.

Quality: Externally, its a vfc. nuff said. Absolutely fantastic build quality, paint simply will never scratch off and nylon fiber can easily be mistaken for metal. Internally, not bad. Wires are somewhat thin but not as bad as some people make it seem. Solder on a pair of deans connectors to save space in the stock. The motor is a crappy, nondescript plain high-speed motor. I got 1000+ rounds out of mine before replacing it with an a2, nothing went wrong, i just prefer a snappy torque motor over a high-speed space heater. Gearbox wise, 6000+ rounds and still no problem with self-shimming gears, so dont worry. Only bad part - HORROBLE stock hopup unit. It will rattle, shake, UNWIND ITSELF AS YOU SHOOT, and will not accept aftermarket buckings.

Upgrading: The first thing to go is the hopup. Everywhere you look, everybody is going to tell you that you can't put a different brand chamber in a VFC scar, its a propirietary hopup. WRONG!!! A standard, 2-piece m4 hopup unit will fit like a charm if you trim down the "wings" on the side to the same length as the stock "wings". The upper part of the 2 piece hopup unit can be found here on evike. The ones by AIM and JG are available, although I'm not liking the AIM, its worlds better than the stock unit with a lonex 70 degree bucking. Internally, change out the motor for a lonex a2 titan and leave the gearbox alone. Put on a pair of deans connectors and you are good to go.

Stock- poor trigger response, poor accuracy, average rate of fire.
With suggested upgrades (~$70) - Lightning trigger response, great accuract, slightly above average rate of fire.

Verdict- an excellent gun for those who like the style and like to tinker with internals a bit to claim a gun as their own. If you can't change a motor or swap a hopup unit, go with a kwa M4. 9/10 for those that can tinker, 5/10 for those who cant. Dealing with the stock hopup is a nightmare, if you cant change it or pay someone else to do it you are better off getting another gun.
by Elizabeth M. on 06/29/2013
"Great gun in my opinion. has many pros but a few major cons.

shoots fast
nicely balanced
makes you just want to shoot it
great trademarks

awful battery compartment.
(you can only have the stock fully extended or one position shy of fully extended)
orange tip is hard to get off
by Deven V. on 12/02/2012
"i love my vfc scar-l. it shoots hard,fast, and its accuracy is AMAZING!!!!!! i use a 9.6v 1600mah battery and it works great. i let my mom (she is a 45 year old lady that has never shot any kind of gun) shoot the scar for her first time ever and she hit a soda bottle from 70 ft. away NO PROBLEM!!!! i couldnt believe it. it looks great and while holding it you feel like you have the best piece of equipment!! :) the charging handle sounds beautiful when you let it go. the only con of this gun is probably the battery space isnt the best but other than that there is nothing other than pros to say about this gun.
by Mike R. on 02/05/2012
"This gun is awesome. I have used other scars before like g&g and echo 1 (before they took them off their site) and this gun out performed them both. I must have gun for anyone tired of m4's and people who want a different yet amazing assault rifle. The only con I can think of is that the flash hider does not come off easily.
by Diamelba M. on 11/20/2011
"gun is amazing. 1 day after i got it, i went and battled with it. amazing range even with cqb barrel, extreme accuracy. get it. one of the best airsoft guns out there. top 5
by Justin C. on 10/16/2008
"Omar u need to put through hell i hit it wit a hammer on my bed or use a pillow or sumn like that so yah dont bend it then get sum pliers or sum channel locks. should come right off. if not im sure you could get that thing out of there
by James O. on 07/30/2013
"I have had this gun for about 9 months and used it 4 times.

great rate of fire.
feeds great with just about any mag I have used.
not too weighty.
nice markings.

the wiring is a little week.
the Motor connectors kept getting disconnected from motor. had to solder the wires to some tiny washers and used the motors hood screws to fix the issue. but worth the effort.
by Justin C. on 02/02/2013
"This gun is awesome, but it has many flaws for being a 380$ gun. Some of these problems are personal issues but some are not. To all of the cons there a many Pros and i will be sure to address them in this review.
I gave this gun a 4/5 star review because the cons are things that shouldn't be happening to a 380$ gun. I have owned this gun, sent it back to Evike because of a broken wire, and i have now received it back.

Cons (most of them have to do with the stock)- Wiring
-Butt plate
-cramped battery compartment
-selector switch
-front, bottm-rail, screw doesnt screw in into rail(which causes outer/inner barrel wobble)
-length of wiring

Pros-ROF on 9.6v(20bbps)
-gearbox quality
-charging handle bolt lock feature
-realistic disassembly
-iron sights
-beautiful gun sound
-free black metal flash hider
-FN style Stanag type magazine

by Omar A. on 10/04/2008
"Hey how did you take off the flash hider dude???can anyone tell me???
by Miles S. on 12/18/2014
"Overall this gun is good. I wouldn't pay almost $400 though. The gearbox itself is great, and the gun seems to do well with a 7.4 lipo. However I have 3 major problems with it. First off the battery compartment is small. To top that off the fuse box is huge for the size of the wires. Basically if you aren't using a lipo you have to have the stock fully extended. My last complaint is that the hopup that comes in this gun is crap. Its made of cheap plastic and it actually resets itself when you fire the gun. Literally I have watched the dial turn when I fire the gun. Either way love the gun just not worth the money your just paying for the name.
by Michael B. on 05/11/2008
"perfect replica rock solid.every thing is perfect except my luck.the flash hider came glued on the std barrel for some reason and took alot of work to remove.i cant use the flash hider it came with due to the removal but thats ok i bought a special flash hider for it so i didnt need the one it came with.also my piston broke after only firing about 300rds,the one metal tooth broke and all the pistons teeth were grinded.took a week to get the new piston also bought alot of upgraded internals so i dont have to change them any time soon.overall 3 out of 5 for an extra 10 bucks vfc could have put the deep fire piston w/titanium teeth(so i wouldnt have to),also have to say the accuracy and fire rate with this gun is amazing before and after i upgraded it.
by Michael P. on 07/19/2014
"This gun is not worth the money. The internals are cheap.

Steer clear of VFC Scars if you want to upgrade down the line. They are a pain to work with and I would never recommend anyone buying one.

All guns break down at some point and when this one does, my cons come in.

From the get-go, this gun is really nice, but sooner or later the shoddy internals break down.
by Manuel A. on 12/25/2014
"Ok so i had the gun for about 2 weeks and then it broke -_- im not sure if i got a lemon but the wores in the stock are very thin from me adjusting the stock it ripped the wire. I proably put about a hi cap and when the shipped it the motor wires were disconnected.

But the gun shot very well it was acurate and the rate of fire was food it was so perfect until it broke

-Rate of fire
-Feels sturdy

Broke so dang easy for a 300-400 gun you think it would last