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Model: SR-MP002B
Location: L5-044 V5-M6

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by Tim W. on 2012-05-09 20:15:46

Hey guys i got this gun about 3 days ago along with the bipod , scope and some .25g BBs. the scope is full metal and very easy to put on and zero in . the bipod is full metal and very sturdy . also this gun shoots very hard and accurate , i shot my freind in the but from exacly 100ft and he sreamed and ran lol :D . so overall this gun is great , i recoment getting this gun for all levels of playing. :)
by blake t. on 2012-04-23 14:15:54
"i have had this gun for a long time, upgraded the internals and the external. (metal trigger assembly, new spring, metal piston, huting scope, camo tape on the entire weapon, and a mock suppressor). its a great gun, hits hard, a bit heavy. butthis thing isnt meant to be used as a mobile platform. my next task on this weapon is to add an m203 grenade launcher to it, and i found the way to do so. next review, i'll be posting how to get this done without losing your bipod
by Tal K. on 2011-12-18 15:12:58
"I bought this gun. I placed my order on Monday, then, on Wednesday, it arrived. When I tested it, I was stunned by the performance.

Heavy ( I like it)
Very high FPS
Extremely accurate
Easy to take apart
Relatively low price

You need to tighten the bold with an Allen wrench every 90-100 shots.

This gun is just amazing! Right out of the box, it has very nice FPS and accuracy. Buying the scope IS A MUST. Very nice scope, and very cheap. Bipod is optional, but nice (I got it)

Five stars.
by Robert K. on 2011-09-29 19:10:01
"I just got this gun and i must say its an amazing gun! Everything about is great! The scope accessory
is amazing. Really easy to zero in and get that shot dead on. The stock is a good quality plastic and a nice metal barrel.Also a surprising metal mounting rail. Here are some pros and cons.

Metal barrel and rail
Good quality scope
Bolt action for that real sniping feel
Good sturdy weight (to heavy for small kids)
Sling is nice
Clip hold is about 28-30
Easy pull back bolt

Plastic clip (dark plastic)


Final decision: Buy this for the price and the amazing gun for those new to sniping!
by blaine s. on 2011-02-16 19:40:00
"I got this gun about 5 hours ago and I've proble shot 1,000 bbs out of it and I have to say it's a good gun and I can't wait to play a game with it
by Patrick L. on 2010-12-28 21:04:34
"I've got one of these bad boys modified so it shoots 550fps(max legal for league play), i've also got a UTG Tac 2 bi-pod on it, and a center point illuminated mil-dot scope. this gun OWNS the battlefield for a bargain!
by juan G. on 2010-12-09 14:23:52
"When i first got this gun, it was so cool. i ordered the scope and bipod, but the bipod didnt come. they ran out of stock on it. the scope was good and everything, but i couldent get it sighted in.
lets get to the gun

1. had good fps
2. was even cooler when i painted it cammo
3. i like the feel of holding it. it is very solid

1. its gets tireing carrying and holding it
2. it sometimes over feeds but i think that is my mag.
other then that its all good.


1. nice quality
2. good zoom

1. cold not sight it in
by Dam N. on 2010-12-01 11:27:00
"I got this gun about a month ago and and I love it! I fixed a homemade silencer on it and you cant hear it five feet away! I got the scope upgrade it comes with and its awesome! I recomend using .28 or .30 gram bbs for better accuracy


Good accuracy with .25 bbs
High fps
Bolt action... VERY COOL!
Orange cap is easy to remove.
Heavy. Gives it a realistic feeling!
Very affordable


Multi feeds sometimes... Not hard to deal with.
by Jay G. on 2010-10-17 10:45:43
"I give this sniper a 4 out of 5 beacause its a good gun but after a while things start 2 go wrong like the bolt and inside of stock.
But still a good buy who wants a starter sniper:)
by Susan T. on 2010-10-09 13:07:29
"This is a fairly ok starter rifle, even though a M324 could outrange this stock. Problems that I had with this gun was that it shot horrible with everything under .36, once I brought out my .36's and sighted in the scope and adjusted the hop up I was able to reach out to 150ft with 2ft groupings. I promise that you will absolutely not be able to achieve any better groupings with this gun stock.

Since my purchase of this I have installed a PDI hop up, a PCT 550mm 6.03 tightbore barrel, KWA 2GX bucking, and SCS, along with a laylax ball bearing spring guide & piston which I had needed due to a 210 spring. Once I put all these upgrades in (I did them all at the same time rather than one by one because I wanted to see the improvements over the stock gun). What I noticed was the peerless accuracy that this gun had just gotten. Shooting with no scope I was gettig 6in groupings at 75ft - I hadn't even adjusted my PDI hopup! So I moved up to .40gram bb's (I'm shooting 530fps now with .20grams, compared to the stock 470fps that I had with .20grams - the reason I got an upgrade spring was because in just one week the spring went from 470fps to 440fps.) After I got all setup with my PDI hopup (Which had no problem throwing .40 grams over 300ft), and scope I measured out some targets. One at 150ft and one at 200ft; the first target which was 150ft I was able to get 10/10, with the best grouping being 1 inch. I then took some shots at the 200ft target & after some small adjustments I was also able to get 10/10 shots hit with the best grouping being 1 inch. I have gone to three wars since upgrading, each with over 60 people on site. I can easily shoot over 250ft with this gun and I can get kill shots at 300ft, but I have not yet shot anything farther. Keep in mind that it still took more than 5 shots to hit someone at 300ft - I was also lucky that there was no wind, and finally, that one 300ft shot was with a gun that had upwards of $300 worth of upgrade parts in it.
by Michael G. on 2010-09-27 18:12:55
"I'v had this gun for two months and i have to say, this is the best $90 i'v ever spent on an airsoft gun. this thing thing just rocks.

realistic weight
great fps
great accuracy
awesome plastic stock (not that cheap stuff, this is really durable)
great skirmish-ability
ppl have been saying the hop-up is garbage but i haven't had a problem with mine. so thats a pro
smooth bolt action
SUPER CHEAP (not in quality but price)
and just great overall look.

onto the cons:
the orange tip kinda sticks out off of the barrel (i painted mine black anyways but i still don't really like it)

and last the rubber butt isn't really attached so it falls off somtimes (idk it might just be mine but if not some glue works just fine)

over all i give this gun a 10/10
by David C. on 2010-09-25 18:09:39
"this gun is very good. i higly reccomend this. itz heavy for me but i can take it. and itz big but oh well.

high fps
pretty easy to cock
can buy extra mags. here

for me heavy
have to buy scope and bipod separently
double to triple feeding sometimes

overall this gun is pretty amazing. if you want a sniper that is pretty cheep get this one. but if u have a lot of money to spend then get a better one(if there is one). i mean theres others that look nice but the fps isnt great but there are some(that are expensive).

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 125 reviews)

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