Reviews: WE-USA NG3 Full Metal 1911 GI Full Size Airsoft GBB Pistol

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Model: GP-WE-1911-STD

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by Louis A. on 2015-09-09 12:47:10
"I am brand new to airsoft, though I'm not young. I read the reviews and thought this would be a solid starter (and fit all my existing RL gear). Wrong.

Fit real world gear just fine.
Had a nice heft.

Magazine leaked from the beginning.
Build quality seemed mediocre.

I sent it back and got the FN Five-Seven. No comparison.
by Naum V. on 2014-11-18 14:38:06
"I got this gun and it is AWESOME. It looks amazing, has a real feel to it, and kicks like a horse. One minor thing is that it scratches pretty easily. The orange type is removable, but it is INSANELY hard, but this is with all airsoft guns. I compared the gun to my friends new m92fs (airsoft) and it out looked and outperformed it in every single way. Also it is unique since it looks like the world war two variant.

extremely realistic
bungee cord loop

relatively small mag capacity (adds to realism and can be a Pro)
orange tip is hard to take off (like any other gun)

overall it is AMAZING
by James R. on 2014-03-24 12:47:21
"i give props to this 1911 (i have real ones) this looks EXACTLY like the real ones every part is like the ww2 one bravo.

Great quality and lots of customizable parts!!
by Andrew S. on 2014-02-03 16:47:17
"This gun is awful:

It is cheap, unreliable, clingy, it has problems. Never buy WE tech, just spend the extra hundred and get a KWA

Looks ok

cant retain gas
No replacement parts
no upgrades
by Ian B. on 2013-11-12 08:51:46
"I love it. The orange tip is metal and threaded, so it actually looks cool compared to plastic orange tips. Looks identical to call of duty zombies pistol (just saying for zombie lovers) I love it so much except for the barrel. The barrel wobbles like hell. i'm not sure if it is like that because it needs to because its blowback, but it annoys me
by Felipe F. on 2013-09-27 01:32:02
"Easily one of the best pistols I've ever owned and
I have owned 5 pistols so far!

Hard blowback kick. It's amazing
Full metal

Sometimes the gas valve in mag is too high for some propane adapters

Great WW2 pistol!
by Benjamin T. on 2013-09-21 09:07:40
"This is my first gbb gun and I love it. I've been using propane with lube and it works great. If the temperature is in the 60s I get one mag with a gas fill. When it is in the 90s like it usually is here in Texas I can get two and sometimes three mags on a single sights are a little off which makes this gun hard to shoot at long range but anything within 50 ft is an easy hit.

Good one gas
Good recoil
Heavy weight
Simple to upgrade for beginners
Doesn't need any upgrades

Somewhat inaccurate
by Layton M. on 2013-09-04 18:08:28
"Why do people say this gun is a gas guzzler? I got 30 shots on one full charge of green gas out of the box. Unless I completely mag dump multiple time, this gun kicks ass. The externals are good, the gun feels nice in my hand, and the internals seem ok and sturdy.

I personally have upgraded it myself and it now it shoots 40-45 shots per 15 round mag.

Here are a few things you can do: If you run propane, this gun is a lube wh*re. It needs a lot. Just make sure you clean it properly. I use both green gas and propane. Sometimes, if the guns hasn't been shot in a while, it is a good idea to run a few mags of green gas or properly lubed propane. After the 3rd mag this gun will be efficient as all hell. This other mod I found on youtube. Credit: Eagleleader15 . You can take the gas fill valve out, wrap the threads in PTFE Gas line tape. Then remove the entire charger port to access reservior. After that remove the rectangle shaped o-ring and then wrap the shallow groove in Gas Line PTFE tape again. 1-2 layers should be fine. This should assist your mag's seals. If there's too much tape, then use common sense and remove a layer.

Next thing you could do is get a better piston head, the one that this one comes with is cheap.
Finally: Install a nice tight bore. Mine has one, and I can hit people in 1-2 shots from across my 50ft indoor field.

Have a nice day! Again some of the mods are credited to some guy on youtube. His channel is eagleleader15.
by Vanessa L. on 2013-06-13 20:42:29
"for starters this was my first gbb and i was super excited to finally have one but mine seems to go full auto some times but i think its my sear anyways

full metal
tm compatible

no rail
no ajustible sights
gas guzler
by John O. on 2013-05-30 11:41:16
"I got this as a backup sidearm and it's my fourth GBB. It's mostly metal giving it a good weight and the kick is comparable to a .22 (in my experience). It has a stigma because of the infamous WE quality but if you put a little effort into it, it could easily be a CQB primary.

99% metal
TM compatible
Easy to disassemble
Decent kick

Poor gas efficiency (easily fixed though)
Paint chips easily (could be a pro)

I recommend getting the Angel Custom DYNA piston head, some better O-rings, and a roll of gas seal thread tape ($6 at HomeDepot) to make it skirmish worthy.
by bartholomew d. on 2013-01-14 09:04:50
"its great its a 1911 what more do you have to say. this is great for any job you give it. it puts targets down. the paint on mine slowly came off but it not noticeable. and its goes with every type of loadout Vietnam to today. you cant go bad with with a side arm and in my opinion this is the one
by William B. on 2012-11-19 21:17:22
"I love this handgun by far my favorite I've had this gun for a while and it has yet to malfunction

Full metal
Hits hard
Nice kick
Very accurate to about 70 ft
15 rounds per mag( I like it more realistic)
Cheap (and works just as well as my kwa m93r)
Looks awesome

Except for some people not liking smaller magazine size nothing

Love this gun and would buy it again for $90 any day I recommend this gun to those who are just starting on a budget or the more experienced players

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