Reviews: Element "HERO" Airsoft Full Seal UV Hi-Flow Extreme Sports Tactical Airsoft Goggles (Color: Clear)


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Model: GO-EX391-Clear

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by Jon D. on 2008-10-13 08:48:08
"Does anyone know if these would work with glasses?
by Mark L. on 2008-09-12 00:02:00
"These goggles look really cool. They fog as much as any other. They don't crack what-so-ever when being shot from an inch away with a 400 fps gun, but do crack from falling to the ground from you hand. Go figure.
by kathleen n. on 2008-09-11 21:44:15
"where do you get the mask i went on cactus hobbies and they dont sell it there
by Juliet R. on 2008-08-25 18:16:47
"Nice goggle. One of the lowest profile goggle you can find so it is nice and close to your face for you to use iron sights. I use it for snowboarding too. Much more comfortable and simpler design than some of the bulky goggles.
by Davis B. on 2008-06-11 15:27:22
"I have a pair of these for recreational. I feel more safe using these than a shooting goggle and its quite comfortable. I would never use this or any goggle in a game because I don't want to get hit anywhere above my neck. I strongly recommend using a full face / paintball mask always for games.

It is a good shooting goggle because it has a strap that goes around your head (won't fall off), fully sealed and it is not too heavily shaded.

Shot the lens a few times and it can stand 350 fps firing.
by Andrew T. on 2008-06-06 21:29:36
"These goggles are simple and cheap so they arent going to impress anyone. I would recommend to wear these only if you have a mask to go under it as the edges of these goggles are not padded well and can dig into your skin. The lens itself is not too thick either so having not tested these goggles myself for safety, I'm a little worried that I may receive a bb into my eyeball. I would recommend to look elsewhere for a cheap set of goggles

Displaying 13 to 18 (of 18 reviews)

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