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Model: AEG-AK-M60VN

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by James S. on 2013-02-19 00:55:15
"Definitely A FUN GUN.

Since all Airsoft AEGs anyways are just about shooting rounds down range with Hi-Cap mags and trying to score hits spraying, LMGs are really the most realistic AEG weapons. Although out of all of them, the M60VN is surely the best.

The 590mm Inner Barrel is the most accurate, even deadlier with a 6.01 Tightbore and Sniper Bucking. I enjoyed seeing my Completely Straight stream of BBs with no random fliers for a while until cheap BBs broke my bucking. (I resorted to cheap BBs after spewing 15K with that awesome steady stream)

Externals are great, still haven't had my carrying handle break, and I switched my bi-pod just in case since everyone says its fragile.

I bypass the MOSFET because I run Lipo, and the rate of fire is about 17 BBs/Sec at 365 FPS.

My trigger DID go bad, replaced it, and it WENT BAD AGAIN. I think the contacts for the trigger switch burns too fast, and there's really no way around it when you're constantly firing.

Its front heavy, so I love to work out my left arm to be able to aim it properly.

Oh, the Hop Up Unit... There are many answers in the internet, so just pick the one you're most comfortable with.

So with a few dollars in upgrades, the M60VN is a great weapon for A Man Willing To Utilize It.
by joshua r. on 2013-01-31 21:53:49
"I currently have 2 great platforms all around if your playing a support roll then this weapon is awesome the weight is exact. I play as many as 6 milsim games a year and this weapon has held up and never let me down. The only issue I had was that the screws came loose and the first one feel apart this must likely was becuase it was monted on a recon buggy. But had 3 years of hard game play before it went out. Also slamming to the ground hard enough will break the bipod off so upgradeing that will help the life of your PIG. Dont spend 2k on something you can get for 300.

Life length of the weapon
Upgrade ability
Puts fear into your opponent's

Loose screw right out of the box
Loose screws right out of the box
by Cody W. on 2013-01-19 15:44:33
"This gun is amazing full metal MOSFET works and
Full metal
Good for defending
Mag takes battery life when auto winding
by james t. on 2013-01-13 23:14:41
"If your lookin for a LMG for your team this guy is a fairly good choice. Its big, heavy and made of a lot of metal. It has a nice WOW affect when you pull it out of your car at the field. But as we all know looks can sometimes be decieving. This gun is a lot of fun but if you want to run and gun with a big gun get a 249.

Metal construction
Realistic look and feel
Makes you look like Rambo
Doubles as a weight set
Good price
Free battery (good for a loaner battery or backup batt)
Big METAL tip included in box

Lose screws, tighten all screws when you get it.
Box mag hangs by a strap on the side and can be broken very easy.
20+ pounds loaded with bb's and battery
ROF adjustment does not work very well, but you can disable it with a supplied jumper
Range is not as far as you would think
Double fires and short fires fairly often
by carlos m. on 2012-09-23 18:17:39
"i love this machine gun.the look the weight the power...just love it when am in the field everyone wants to me in my team...i gone tru mad rounds and still fires like is new .is a most for support fire ...A+ m60vn
by Richard W. on 2012-09-11 14:37:01
"I love this gun!!! it's so realistic, except that the feed tray opens differently.the RS version had two square button things, and this model has a latch.(my dad used this with the army rangers in the late 80's.Think he had a tear in his eye from remembering the times he had with this.)It's a Accurate replica of an M60A1. the box, however, has that plastic tube outer cover, that will come off if the box jiggles too much, which it will do. then, try not to crimp it shut trying to take it off, since It won't feed the gun and you'll have to McGuyver the box or buy a new box.

3000 rounds
Bipod and shoulder rest built in
auto winding mag hookup to the gun in addition to the battery plug-in.
Really heavy (no wonder my dad has bad knees, parachuting with this monster.)
plastic mag lip
Nothing else I can think of.
by Marshall W. on 2012-04-29 23:29:12
"I got this weapon in Feburary 11 and I got to say EPIC. The weight is awesome, the length seems natural for The Pig. But yet I was not 100% pleased. At first I noticed my feed tray was loose at the front, then after a couple weeks of test shooting and carrying it around it started to wobble at the midsection. The FIRST game the bi-pod broke the locking tooth on the left side and the barrel nearly fell out mid game. Im curious bout how long the gearbox will last due to the neccessary thinning of the sides to make it fit in the 60s narrower receiver. I love the variable ROF and I keep it low to stay true to the weapon and the drum is actually quite easy to work once you have the hang of it. Non-the-less I have to say for ANY Rambo guys or Nam buffs this is THE PIG for you.
Weight limits users
Length lends to accuracy
Variable ROF for true Pig feel or outragous ownage
Exterior construction leavs room for improvement
Concerns bout narrow gearbox crackin under heavy loads
by ken l. on 2012-03-15 02:29:12
"Love it-

4/5 stars.
(only because its not as accurate as it good be, but a 35 dollar barrel is no complaint, would recommend buying a matrix barrel ASAP will shoot accurate at 100 -150 feet no problems.

It has real steel weight to it unloaded, and the real steel m60 does not weigh 40lbs.. not even loaded..IDK where you got your facts from lol, I've held and fired the real steel at plenty of gun shows. and Navy SEALs use MK43's and MK46 LMG's the only place i've ever seen this used in any armed force world wide is, Vietnam police, Germany, Norway, and by Taliban..

REAL to AIRSOFT weight(real first)
Weight: 18LB, 17.5LB
Loaded weight:(RS w/100round box) 25LB, AEG(w/battery&full3000rnds) 23lbs

A quick con, dont fiddle with the charging handle gently drag it back then slide forward do not slam rack it is held on by a small latch system that will fall off. you should only pull it back when you are going to open the gun anyways. if you do however like doing this and your a complete full super glue it LOL... -derp face-

by Pete S. on 2011-06-18 20:24:36
"I bought this gun for chistmas, and it is an outstanding gun, and it has held up very well for me. the only problem i have is keeping the box on the side without it slipping off. It is very realistic... And there is no spring in the bolt, just like the actual thing. it's a great gun.. i run out of Battery before i run outta bb's because it holds so much. the other pro is that you can use any kind of small battery in it, because it just fits in right next to the Box of ammo
by robert g. on 2011-04-21 20:05:23
"perfect replica of the iconic m60 machine gun and the ultimate support weapon. better than my A&K m249 para at laying suppressing fire and making my enemy duck down and hug dirt.

great support weapon
great for vietnam reenacting
cheaper than inokatsu, escort, or top
reliable magazine auto wind
adjustable rate of fie

drains batteries

i would recommend this gun to anyone who wants a good support weapon and is willing to lug it around
by zach k. on 2011-03-07 15:59:31
"First off great gun the M60E1 is truly an iconic LMG. This gun fires slow and fast depending on what you have the mosfet chip turned to, if you put a 9.6 in it will fire faster though. This gun fires around 350-360 give or take right around the same as my FN SCAR HEAVY. It is made of full metal except the heavy duty nylon bottom hand guard below the fully metal heat cover also the stock is a heavy duty nylon which will not break on you. The flashider it comes with looks similar to the G&G version of it and it is full metal. The bipod is copied exactly just like the real steal version and looks breathtaking due to it only being $400 and being from A&K which is suprising after the M60E3 model. IT IS NOT HEAVY IT ONLY 16 POUNDS the real steal version is 40 POUNDS and the SEALS didnt complain. The box mag does not work well and what I mean by that is the awkward design of it hanging to the left but the box mag feeds flawlessly carrying around 2500 rounds Overall I recommend this gun to any one who likes big heavy guns if not stick to the FN M249.

Iconic LMG for $400 not $40,000 like the real steal thank god for airsoft
Full metal and very durable
very balanced FPS not like your going to use it for CQB though it is possible
Mosfet is amazing I keep it on a slower rate of fire to preserve munitions
and so on as I listed above.....

Box mag drapes to the left but its wont effect the rating i give the gun because that is the way it was designed.
by Aaron C. on 2011-02-01 22:15:17
"Two days into this gun, started as a 3 star, but with a little work it is a 5 star. It came with a small 8.4 volt NiMh, not enough to turn the motor much. I put in a 9.6 NiMh, works but unable to fully use it's features. Also a 7.4V LiPo kept the ROF low. This disappointed me at 1st, but I built a 12V NiMh, and it came alive. The MOSFET started working well and the ROF was very good. I had to clean the gear box a bit, but not much. I also found chips on the paint, painted over (overspray found on the gear box).

Extremely durable, heavy, and accurate build
Easy to maintain.
Easy to upgrade.
Adjustable MOSFET really works!
Ammo box can fit large batteries
Ammo box auto feed also works well

Cosmetics aren't the best
Needs a bit of work before getting it's full potential
Ammo box auto feed switch is backwards (continuous on auto, auto on continuous)

Overall, I love it. compare the next vendor's cost for this model is $2K, this is absolutely worth it. This might work better with a high speed motor, I believe it is a high torque installed, hence the slower rate of fire with lower voltage batteries, but don't quote me.

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