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Pre-Order ETA June 2017 JG VSR-10 G-SPEC Marui Clone Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle w/ Metal Trigger Box - (Package: Rifle)

17 Customer Reviews

by Malcolm M. on 12/26/2016
"i got this gun for christmas, and it is working amazing well. put in some .28's and with a little hopup adjustment it is shooting really accurately, aiming to use a Wraith kit to convert it to HPA instead of spring, but spring is working fine at this point. the hopup adjustment can be a bit annoying at times, and mags that did not come with the gun can be hard to get out, the first time you put the silencer in it is very difficult, but i think that was just the threads wearing in a little bit as every time after that it fit snugly, but went in/out a lot more easily. suppressor that comes with seems to work to some small degree.
overall a very satisfactory buy and gun.
by Davis F. on 03/02/2010
"I have the "Well" VSR-10, which is essentially a G-Spec. All of the parts are identical and swap-able with the JG-BAR, Marui and custom parts for all VSR models. This gun really surprised me. Even though it has a shortened barrel, it shoot at over 400 fps stock and was extremely easy to modify. In fact, it took me only a few minutes to take the whole thing apart. Playing in game after some basic spring, piston, and spring guide upgrades, I have shot people at ranges past 200 ft with relative ease. I plan to do a sear and barrel upgrade soon.

All of this guns internals are metal, except the piston and spring guide. The cylinder, bolt carrier, trigger, trigger assembly, sears, outer barrel, inner barrel, hop up, rails, safety, scope and mag catch are all some sort of metal, with the only plastic parts being the magazine and stock. Although the grease used on these parts is very bad, the parts themselves perform extremely well.

Accuracy: 8/10
Speed: 9/10
Ease of Use: 10/10
Quality: 8/10

A note to people who read the other reviews: Please disregard these. The people who wrote these reviews are idiots and clearly did not pass 6th grade english class, nor did they learn how to use spellcheck. Clearly, they did something idiotic when using this gun that caused it to break, or have such limited knowledge with airsoft that they were not able to troubleshoot or research the problem.
by Robert B. on 03/20/2009
"This is an extremely reliable gun, a very good buy. The only thing about this gun, is that you NEED to be an expierienced sniper and have expierence with taking apart guns etc. Ok, first thing is that it shoots 400 odd FPS with .20 grams right out of the box. So, when you get this gun basically you get a 430mm barrel and run it through the silencer so you will shoot straighter. Go and upgrade the spring till its shooting about 575fps with .20 grams (Yes, amazingly it will. This is one of the best sniper rifles on the market). Now, with it shooting 575 fps or so, it will be putting about a 10 inch spread at around 50 feet, which is kinda horrible. So, duh! You put in .30-35 grams, it should shoot about a 1 inch spread at up towards 200 feet, maybe 3 inch. Dead Accurate and powerful.
by Dustin B. on 11/15/2008
"The G-Spec model has a 302.5mm barrel stock, you could add a 430mm barrel though the silencer. hope that answers your question.
by scott f. on 11/01/2008
"hey does any1 no the maximum barrel lenth this thing can have??
by Gustavo G. on 11/01/2008
"i heard this was a good sniper rifle
so everything comes with it scope bipod etc???
by John M. on 08/21/2008
"This rifle comes with scope, scope mount and mock silencer. The rifle is also super quiet when firing. A must buy. Buy it from Evike to ensure you get the most updated version, some smaller retailers like my local shop only have the old model.
by Robert R. on 07/28/2008
"!Beware ~ very helpful huge wall of text!

Amazing. I had been looking up on the normal version of this gun for almost 3 weeks before I ordered it. The scope package was out everywhere and this was in stock so I picked it up. Turns out the scope was on back-order and I'll be getting it in a few days, customer service is amazing! The suppressor makes it sound so much more awesome, and the shorter barrel is a huge plus because it makes the rifle a lot more compact. This gun is dead accurate with no wind, I was debating on .25 and .28 bbs, I got .28 and its amazing, the hop up is really good. I highly recommend this rifle to everyone, its so amazing. The G-Spec has many plus' to the normal version, the fps is so high and its so accurate I don't know why you would get the normal one, it would only be a slight difference I bet. You dont have to pull the bolt NEARLY as much as you do on the normal version, 30 degrees less to be exact, it makes a big difference in shooting faster. I recommend lubing the whole silver cylinder, it makes it a lot easier to pull back. I am so glad I bought this.
by Nicholas M. on 07/21/2008
"YES this rifle is spring. NOT gas. Anyway, this is good for beginners and experienced players alike. It is high fps and accuracy and all around goodness. buy this gun.
by Jared H. on 07/21/2008
"It has to be spring powered because gas rifles are more expensive then this here. Also it says in the description air cocking which is spring
by Dave L. on 07/17/2008
"This is a very good sniper rifle out of the box with very identical finsih and look to the Marui G-Spec. The scope is a very nice illuminated scope that are so nice you won't believe it is a free accessory. The most amazing thing or one of the main reason why everyone is buying this JG Bar-10 is probably because of it's compatibility to Marui after market upgrade parts. The internal are sooooo identical to the Marui you can put all kinds of upgrade parts into it. Not to mention it is sort of pre-upgraded.
by Logan b. on 03/25/2014
"Amazing sniper!

This is a very good sniper. It's usable at close,medium,and long range! The bolt is smooth and the suppressor looks dabes! Over all a 4.5 out of 5.

smooth bolt
Light wieght
Comes with an illuminated scope w/ rings
Comes with sight rail
Metal sears (still upgrade)
Rubberized body
Fits all Vsr 10 parts!
Mags hold 25 I think

Rubberized body makes mags very hard to pull out (I use pliers sometimes)
Does not have a rail for bipods! Beware
Hop up is hard to change with the rubberized body until you take it apart and lube it
Front is heavier than the back so you get tired holing it
by Joe S. on 07/16/2013
"I used this as my base for a project. I sold all my other guns and used the money on this.

Initially, the stock gun is awful. The effective range is no more than 30-40 meters, or about 120 feet. AEG's also have this range when stock, and when paired to this, a sniper's rate of fire is pathetic. Upgrades are NECESSARY if you want to go to a skirmish with this. For backyard stuff however, this will suit your needs.

Upgrades I've done: Angel Custom Cylinder, Spring guide, SP150 spring, 90 degree piston, OMEGA Zero Trigger w/ the trigger guard, CNC Aluminum Hop Up Chamber (I plan on trying the NEO as soon as I have the cash), 590mm TBB with mock suppressor, steel bolt handle, and a 3-9x40mm illuminated scope.

Modifications: Had to shorten the cylinder head, modify my trigger guard screw, TDC mod for accuracy, IR-hop for insane range and accuracy, and modified the outer barrel to allow a longer inner barrel. I also put a nice camouflage paint job on it.

All in all, good gun but you can see the work and money that needs to go into it to hit a man size target at 100 meters. Be aware of this, as it costs $500+ and countless hours of work (for ANY sniper) to be effective in a skirmish and out-range any AEG/GBB. 4 stars because of the lack of compatibility with Angel Custom parts.

*If you want to be an effective skirmish sniper, use this as a guide. Otherwise, stick to an AEG.
by ben g. on 12/04/2008
"OH MY GOD PEOPLE!!! IF YOU WANT BETTER INTERNALS GET THIS GUN!!! THE OTHER GUN HAS WORSE INTERNALS, SO IF YOU WANT DURABILITY GET THIS ONE...also in serious airsoft events, 370 fps is a legal speed...and then you wont have to take a class
by ANDRE V. on 09/10/2008
"half of you guys call yourselves professionals when all you need to do is change the barrel length. i put a km 429 barrel im my gspec and im nailing targets at 100 yards. though i have upgraded it with all the laylax parts minus the zero trigger, using a 150 spring its clocked in at 520 fps.