Reviews: G&G M4 Carbine Special Editions M16 Combat Machine Airsoft AEG Rifle (Tan)

$150.00 $140.00

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Model: AEG-GG-CM-T
Location: L2-006 WSO6-M12 V4-M4

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by Michael V. on 2010-04-29 14:31:50
"well i just purchased this gun on 4/26/10. my first impression was that the gun is very light, and all the plastic is high quality and HARD.the stock is a bit wobbly, but nothing a few strips of electric tape cant fix. and the mag fits loosely in the magwell (though it still feeds flawlessly). i personally use MAG brand midcaps. they, too, are loose, but two times around with electric tape fixes that perfectly. other than the mag, stock, and mock bolt catch, the gun is as solid as a rock. there is no need for a metal body because this body is very sturdy. the front take down pin is a locking pin, but the back is not.the rail under the carry handle is plastic. the hop up is also a plastic one piece. the inner barrel is silver, but i cant confirm it to be a tightbore, thouh its very accurate. pretty much every black piece you see in the picture is metal. i suggest to use a 9.6v nunchuck battery. i have one and it shoots 16rps. it is also about 360-350 fps (this is all confirmed by evike's chronograph). all and all, this gun is a beast. and dont let the price fool you, it is a very high-end aeg.

light weight
G&G quality
sturdy beast
nice sounding internals
great rof with 9.6
good fps for field or cqb

wobbly mag, stock, and mock bolt catch

1000/5 stars
by DOUG B. on 2010-04-22 19:58:44
"Just got this gun and it is nice.What a steal at 140.00.Good range and shoots fast.Just blows my JG away.I love G&G and EVIKE.
by Cecil H. on 2010-04-19 18:45:34
"Good: Awsome Gun!. The body is Mad of Strong hard Plastic, Kinda fells like metal to me..Nice metal barrel and part of the butt stock is metal also. The sound of the gun sounds so Beast, its made my ears ring a little.

Bad: Doesnt come with a battery like it said. The battery has to be mini type. That's about it

Overall i Love the gun! Dont forget the "Holy Cow 1 cent 2xMag deal. The mags are full metal n sweet.

Displaying 13 to 15 (of 15 reviews)

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